Landing Pages 101 for Selling Online Courses

Screen shot of lead magnet landing page example

Lead Magnet Landing Page Created with Thrive

Landing Pages 101 provides a brief introduction and “how to” for a tool I emphasize in a number of places in Leading the Learning Revolution is landing pages. These are the pages where you convince your Web site visitors to actually do something.

It may be the sales page for an online course or membership learning community.

Or, it may be a page where you persuade a prospect to sign up for an e-mail list – usually by offering some sort of special content as a “lead magnet.” Whatever your particular end goal, it’s a place where you communicate value as effectively and efficiently as possible and convert anonymous site visitors into identifiable individuals with whom you have a relationship.

A landing page is where the action is when it comes to selling products online. It’s usually the last place a visitor “lands” on your site before clicking the “Buy” button, and often it is the first place as well. If a user finds a particular course offering through a Google search, for instance, she may go straight to the page in your site with information about that course – i.e., the landing page for that course – and never see anything else in the site.

The stakes are high – you need to get that user to click “Buy,” or “Subscribe,” or something similar while she’s on that page, or you may lose her forever.

So what’s to be done? Here are ten “landing pages 101” tips for making sure your landing pages convert: [Read more…]