Kajabi’s Creator Studio

By Learning Revolution.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

As creators and entrepreneurs, we all likely strive to work smarter, not harder. And with so many new tools on the market, the possibilities are seemingly endless with what we can now accomplish (thank you, AI)—particularly when it comes to content creation—or rather, content repurposing.

Repurposing your content lets you make the most of the valuable content you already have, and it’s a strategy that many top creators have been using for a long time to build successful businesses online.

To help with this, Kajabi – consistently one of our top online course platform and coaching platform picks –recently introduced a new feature: the Creator Studio.

Kajabi’s Creator Studio tool lets you take your existing footage and break it up into blog posts, emails, and other written content or shareable clips for social media, mini-courses, and marketing.

It’s a way to merge AI with your creative vision so you don’t have to spend endless hours crafting new content from scratch.

Read on to learn how you can harness the full power of Kajabi Creator Studio to take your content marketing to the next level. (And in case you aren’t familiar with Kajabi, read our full review here.)

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What is Creator Studio?

homepage of Kajabi Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a powerful AI content repurposing tool that helps creators maximize their existing content.

Launched in partnership with Adobe, Kajabi’s Creator Studio allows you to create a comprehensive marketing funnel with just one media file, such as a course video, coaching recording, live stream, community meetup, or webinar.

For example, you can upload a video file or select a Kajabi course video and then click a link to generate multiple video clips each featuring key moments from the video.

The generative AI can create up to 40 diverse marketing assets from one video, including:

  • Social media video clips
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Website pages
  • Email sequences
  • Community engagement posts
  • Mini-courses, etc.

The process is seamless, allowing you to directly publish your repurposed content on platforms like Kajabi or share it across social media channels.

By leveraging Creator Studio, you can effortlessly generate weeks’ worth of marketing materials to promote your course, podcast, community, or coaching services, all with just a few clicks.

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How Does Creator Studio Work?

Creator Studio uses AI to identify captivating video moments to generate high-converting emails, landing pages, and other marketing content.

As soon as you upload your video, the AI goes through it to create the transcription of all the text in the video, after which it’ll show you the transcription and then make suggestions for the best short-form pieces of content that you can create from that video.

Kajabi collaborated with successful creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers to incorporate proven strategies, frameworks, and best practices into AI-powered content generation.

You can use any video that is over one minute but shorter than 4 hours long, and less than 4GB in size.

Once you’ve chosen a video to repurpose, you can then transform it into different content to use all across the web.

Turn it into a huge menu of video clips or text-based content, such as blog posts and emails, and fully fleshed-out social media posts and even mini-course lessons with one click.

menu of what you can turn clips into 
two columns includes
blog posts
mini course
and more

Benefits of Creator Studio

Kajabi Creator Studio is a massive audience-building and marketing asset for all types of creators, particularly those who are just getting started and haven’t yet created a lot of content.

Here are some of the main benefits of using this tool:

  • Enhance Your Productivity: According to Kajabi, marketers using this tool save over 20 hours a week and reduce the time spent on content creation and marketing by over 90%. This means you can save time and resources and channel your energy toward higher-level tasks in your business, such as engaging with your audience.
  • Simplify Business Marketing: Creators can effortlessly transform course lessons, coaching calls, or webinars into captivating social media content, enabling them to share marketing assets across platforms with just a few clicks.
  • Boost Your Authority: Increase your content output and build your authority online. With Creator Studio, you can now reach more people in less time by creating relevant content for every channel where your audience hangs out.
  • Expedite Business Growth: The Kajabi Studio AI content creator and Adobe Express editing tool make it possible to grow your business faster by simplifying content creation. Use these tools in conjunction to build a polished brand, grow your audience, and convert more leads into customers with full-scale marketing funnels.

Creator Studio is a powerful tool that can help you create a cohesive learning experience. Every piece of content you own can be worth more with Kajabi, and you will be able to generate more AI insights with the powerful Kajabi-Adobe Express integration.

And all of this is possible with no marketing, design, or video editing knowledge required!

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Features of Creator Studio

creator studio page with lessons and left navigataion

1. Kajabi Creator Studio Is Easy to Use

The biggest selling point of Kajabi’s new Creator Studio is its ability to help you increase your marketing content output and grow your online business at the touch of a button.

The tool lets you generate unlimited content for free from one video per month. Customize the content and schedule it using Adobe Express – an all-in-one platform that makes content creation easy thanks to user-friendly design, photo, and video editing tools.

No design experience is required to build multimedia marketing campaigns out of individual content pieces. The AI-powered tool ideates blog posts, social posts, email campaigns, and funnels with the touch of a button.

Here are a few reasons why Creator Studio is so easy to use:

  • Kajabi’s Creator Studio aims to simplify video editing by allowing you to edit video content as easily as you would text documents.
  • It integrates directly with Adobe Express, providing access to thousands of professionally designed templates and assets.
  • Brand Kits in Adobe Express enable you to easily apply your brand fonts, colors, logos, etc. across any designs you create.
  • The Kajabi-Adobe Express integration streamlines the maintenance of brand consistency when repurposing video content into various other media formats.

Overall, Creator Studio combines AI-powered video editing/repurposing capabilities with simplified design tools to help creators like yourself efficiently produce on-brand content across multiple platforms.

Validate your business files

Note: If you’d like to repurpose more than one video per month, or access Adobe Express Premium for additional templates, design elements, or editing features, you can upgrade your Creator Studio Add-On (more about that in the Pricing section).

2. Seamlessly Integrate With Kajabi

Kajabi prides itself on being an all-in-one platform and has always been a market leader in providing AI tools to help you build your products and create marketing content.

According to the platform’s Product Manager, Sophia Sun, leveraging AI is one of the biggest trends for creators in 2024.

The platform surveyed Kajabi Creators who had made six figures and more on the platform to find out what sets them apart, and they found that the biggest differentiator was leveraging AI.

And now, Kajabi makes it incredibly easy for anyone to do the same through the built-in AI in the Creator feature.

Creator Studio seamlessly integrates with Kajabi, transforming your content into a marketing powerhouse. This feature consolidates content creation, customization, management, and publishing without requiring multiple separate tools.

This means that you can save time and money, and use a consistent brand voice across 40+ different types of content on your Kajabi platform.

You’ll be able to do everything in one place, diversify your revenue streams, build your brand, and convert your audience into customers.

So what types of content can you repurpose in Kajabi?

  • Course Lessons
  • Memberships
  • Podcasts
  • Kajabi Coaching Calls
  • Community Meetups
  • Podcasts
  • Livestream Recordings

Effortlessly promote courses, podcasts, communities, and coaching services for weeks through repurposed content. Dive into Creator Studio’s incredible benefits, and features that amplify your digital toolkit’s capabilities.

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3. Generate Multiple Marketing Assets

repurpose any video with line to creator studio that branches out into different things such as social posts, email, conversion pages, etc

As previously stated, Kajabi helps you create content for the entire sales journey. You can craft and instantly share content for the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel and deliver it in various ways depending on what best resonates with your audience.

Creator Studio facilitates audience growth and conversion by transforming existing videos into compelling marketing funnels.

You’ll be able to maximize content investment, engage leads more effectively, and nurture them into customers through a streamlined process for each of your projects.

Within Kajabi Creator Studio, a project is simply the video that you’re repurposing. You can paste a YouTube link, upload a video, or choose one of your course videos on Kajabi.

One single video generates unlimited content for your end-to-end marketing funnel:

  • TOFU Social Media Posts: Use the AI platform to generate top-of-the-funnel content, such as social media posts, to market your business. This is a great feature for anyone focused on building their audience and attracting new leads.
  • MOFU Landing Pages: People often start by finding your business on social media, and after that, you can use the AI-generated landing pages to move them further down your funnel so they can discover and sign up for your business. Kajabi has worked with many marketing experts to determine the best strategy and framework for landing page designs and layouts that highlight the value of your products.
  • MOFU Email Sequences: From those landing pages, people can sign up for your email list to learn more from you, and this is where AI can help you nurture that relationship. From a single video, you can create a series of emails to help your subscribers get to know your product and its benefits.
  • BOFU Conversion Pages: The Creator Studio AI can craft high-converting sales pages for any of your campaigns.

Although there are 40 types of content options available to you, in reality, you can create unlimited content from one video because, for each of those types of content, you can select multiple video clips and create multiple blog posts

All auto-generated posts from the video are then grouped by project for your convenience.

4. Create Engaging Video Clips

The new Kajabi video clip maker takes a long video and turns it into multiple short clips. The value of this type of content is that it can help viewers quickly digest your content.

It also makes it possible for you to use these bit-sized videos of your course or coaching products on platforms like TikTok and Instagram where it’s not possible to add long-form content.

This way, even audiences on these short-form video-sharing sites still get to experience key moments from your longer course videos. You can use these teaser-type videos to let them know what is available and they can click through to learn more or purchase your products.

To get started creating video clips, start a new project on your dashboard and select “Video Clip”. Choose a video from your Kajabi site or upload any video via a link or file.

To turn your video into clips, select “Clip Video”. This opens up the script editor where you can view the entire transcript of the video, and download the subtitles and transcript of the full video.

audience building tips with transcript lines highlighted in blue and highlights underneath video

You can select whatever length you want for your videos:

  • 60-90 Seconds: Ideal for Instagram Shorts, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok
  • 5-10 Minutes: Ideal for LinkedIn and Facebook
  • 15-20 Minutes: Ideal for YouTube

On the left-hand side, you’ll see the full transcript of your video. To create your highlight, simply select the sentences you want to include.

Video editing can be quite intimidating, but Creator Stuido is designed to simplify the process so that anyone can do it regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Editing video in Creator Studio is as simple as editing text.

As you click to add or remove sentences from your highlight clip, you’ll be able to see your video length on the right-hand side.

You have the full ability to edit everything. The AI is just there to serve as a starting point and guide you throughout the process, but you have ultimate control over the final result.

In other words, you can always start with the AI’s time-saving suggestions, but go on to refine them to suit your personal preferences and ensure that your creator’s voice shines through. 

All in all, Kajabi Creator Studio offers a great balance between automation and autonomy.

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5. Simplify Video Editing and Customization

Creator Studio integrates with Adobe Express, providing access to thousands of professional templates and design assets. Brand kits streamline branding by allowing easy application of your brand’s fonts, colors, and logos across all Adobe Express designs.

  • Edit Videos 10X Faster: Creator Studio edits videos like text, offering thousands of pro templates and stock images.
  • Build a Polished Personal Brand: There are tons of pre-built templates to choose from that help you personalize and polish your content so you can build a solid brand online. 
  • No Design Experience Necessary: Stand out online and grow your audience faster with professional content even if you don’t have design or marketing experience.

The built-in Adobe Express editing tools enable you to level up your content creation without the expertise.

You can fully customize your video clips to add your brand colors, fonts, logos, and other design elements using the simple drag-and-drop feature.

Make your videos more engaging by adding transitions, animations, and other visual edits. All of this requires zero technical knowledge. 

Here is the simple process for editing your videos:

When you click “Edit Video”, it opens up Adobe Express.

The first option here is to resize your video to align with the requirements of different platforms you might want to post to, including Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

When you select the platform you want, you’ll see which dimensions are eligible for that platform.

Resize video screen with story/reels size selected

Once you’ve selected the right video dimensions, you can start editing your video with Adobe’s vast suite of video editing tools, including frames, brushes, illustrations, and overlays.

Customize the video however you want – adjust the layout, add text, and upload your logo. Adobe also has templates, media, text, and stickers that you can use to enhance your videos.

For example, you can add your brand colors as backgrounds to videos. You can also add animations and transitions to your videos to keep viewers engaged for longer.

All you have to do is select where you’d like to add the transition or animation and then choose the style of the transition. Adobe also has a vast library of stock footage, which is handy if you’d like to add stock videos such as countdowns.

All you have to do is search for the stock footage you want and then drag it into your video. You can also add music to your videos from Adobe’s library of copyright-free music.

Once you’re done editing, you can preview your clip to make sure it looks okay before you save it to Kajabi.

Lead magnet launch checklist page with blue box around edit video

6. Share Your Videos Everywhere

Sharing your newly revamped content in multiple formats on different channels helps you stay top-of-mind. It allows you to show up consistently for your audience and helps them discover and enjoy the content on whichever platform they’re on, and consume it in whatever way they prefer.

Kajabi Creator Studio simplifies the process of publishing your newly repurposed content and getting it out on the web and social platforms for your audience to see.

The sharing feature on Creator Studio acts as a sort of social media assistant in a box. It allows you to easily share the content you create in various places across the web.

After all, what good is saving time on creating content if you just have to spend it sharing that same content on different platforms?

You can share directly to different platforms to grow your social presence effortlessly, including:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram Business Accounts
  • LinkedIn Profiles

You also can directly publish your video clips on website pages, landing pages, and blogs inside Kajabi to streamline the entire content distribution process.

In addition to the social media sharing features, Adobe also provides you with the ability to schedule your social media posts by clicking the “Share posts” button on the top right-hand corner.

You’ll have to connect your social profiles first, after which you’ll be able to schedule to the different social media platforms.

This is a feature that many other companies charge for, but you get it free with Adobe Express.

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7. Create Tons of Written Content With One Click

When creating written content, all you have to do is select the type of content you want to generate from the available options which include:

  • Social Media Text
  • Email
  • Blogs
  • Community Posts
  • Video Summary
  • Coaching Program Content
create your project page with last chance to sign up email boxed

The AI article creator then transcribes all of the text in the video to provide you with what you need to create different types of written content from your video.

It automatically creates highlights based on the speech-to-text script and aims to summarize the entire video.

The AI auto-highlights the text that it thinks is best, but as with the creation of video clips, you have the option to select different text to add to your new project by simply clicking on it.

Once the content is created, you can view it by opening the project and selecting the text thumbnail.

Edit and customize the content to align with your brand and messaging. You can also regenerate the content if you’re unhappy with it. You’ll be able to view different versions and choose the one you like best.

Now that you know how Creator Studio generates written content from your videos, let’s take a closer look at each of the types of content you can generate with the tool:

#1. Social Media Text

You can create written social media posts and marketing material such as:

  • Facebook Posts
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • YouTube Video Titles
  • YouTube Video Descriptions
  • Instagram Captions
  • X Posts
  • TikTok Captions
  • Hashtags
#2.  Email

You also get a lot of email options to help you create an entire email sequence from one video. These include: 

  • New Course Email
  • Course Discount Email
  • Last Chance to sign up for email
  • Newsletter

So, for example, if you have a course video, rather than just announcing your course, you might also send an email to your list offering a discount or craft a cart close email to give your audience one last opportunity to take advantage of your offer.

The Creat Studio AI can help you draft those emails to motivate more people to purchase your course.

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#3. Coaching Program Content

If you’re a coach, part of your process may involve crafting and sending notes to clients after you meet with them.

This provides a lot of additional value to your clients (and also reminds them of the value you have provided), but it also takes up a lot of your time.

The Kajabi AI can help you quickly create content for your coaching programs, including:

  • Coaching call summary email
  • Coaching call follow-up email
  • Webinar Summary email

This is a quick and easy way for you to recap what you discussed in your coaching session, including the next steps for the client.

#4. Blog Content

There are lots of different types and formats of blogs, and AI can help you craft the best types of content from each video.

You choose how you want to package the information in the video, and the AI will make suggestions on the best way to craft each post and what to include.

Blog post options include:

  • How-to Blog
  • Listicle Blog
  • Q&A Blog

You might even follow the example of one Kajabi Hero who uploaded an hour-long webinar and in a few minutes, created a year’s worth of blog posts which allowed him to save dozens of hours on content creation for his blog.

#5. Community Posts

If you have a community product, you can use the AI to craft different types of community posts, including:

  • New course announcement posts
  • Course discount announcement post
  • Webinar summary post
  • Discussion questions

These help make it easier for you to keep in touch with your community and announce any new products or offers you have.

The discussion questions are particularly helpful if you find it hard to keep the conversation going in your community.

Use them to help you maintain engagement among users by providing a consistent flow of interesting questions to kick things off and get your community talking.

#6. Video Summary

You can create short, medium, or long summaries from your videos, which you can then repurpose in many different ways, such as adding them to your YouTube video descriptions, lesson descriptions, and emails.

#7. Online Course

In addition to generating marketing content, Kajabi also helps you generate sellable products by creating new products from existing content.

If you haven’t yet created a course on Kajabi, but have some existing content such as a coaching program, webinar, or podcast, you can leverage the AI content creator to see if your content has the potential to be a successful course.

The AI tool does this by providing you with information that lets you see what that content would look like if you turned it into a course.

Here’s what you get:

  • Course outline
  • Course title and description
  • Lesson title and description

This is a standout feature of Creador Studio that lets you profit from content you already have by making it simple for you to package it into a course. 

This feature is awesome for repurposing any content you already have on YouTube or other video-sharing sites. 

You’ll be able to turn any video into an engaging mini-course that you can quickly edit and start selling or sharing with your audience. This is also a great way to understand market demand without having to create new content.

#8. Website Content

The Kajabi AI Creator Studio AI helps you craft the text and messages you put on your website, including:

  • Website pages
  • Sales pages
  • Lead generation pages
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#9. Transcripts and Subtitles

Closed captions make your videos more engaging and accessible. Adding them to your videos can have a huge impact on the user experience. However, it’s always a hassle to create video transcripts with one tool and then have to download and reupload the files.

Kajabi simplifies things for you by helping you not only generate subtitles with its transcript creator but also directly attach them to your content.

You can make any edits you want to the transcript, such as punctuation or grammar, and then click save. The same goes for the subtitle files. You can open up the file, make any changes you want, and then save those changes.

validate your business subtitles

Once this is done, you can add captions to the video by clicking the button in the top right-hand corner. As soon as you click that button, the AI detects your repurposed video and attaches your captions to that video.

Now, the closed captions are available to viewers, and if you repurpose that same video in the future, you won’t have to re-attach the captions to the new videos since it’s already done.

8. Built-In Tools To Enhance Your Video Content

There are lots of tools provided within the platform to help you quickly create a high-quality highlight clip, such as the keyword search tool, and the key moments tool. 

  • Searching Keywords: This makes it easy for you to create clips that are focused on specific keywords. You can search that keyword, and you’ll see all the times it comes up in the transcript, making it easy for you to select the sentences containing that keyword.
  • Key Moments: The AI recommends key moments to help you create an awesome clip, which is great if you don’t have any ideas for how you can transform that long video into engaging shorter videos. Depending on how long you want to make your video, you’ll get suggestions for key moments that fit into that timeframe.

How does the AI suggest key moments from your videos?

Here’s how it works:

Creator Studio transcribes videos, identifies full sentences, and then mixes and matches those sentences to generate concise summary clips within a desired duration that fairly represent the full video.

While the AI will aim to create a fair overall summary of the full video content, it does not intentionally favor or prioritize any particular sections.

However, if you as the creator happen to provide an exceptionally clear and concise summary during one part of the video, the AI may naturally gravitate towards using that well-summarized portion in the clip it generates.

But this is not by design.

Any particular section being chosen is simply a by-product of how coherently that section was originally presented.

The AI’s sole directive is to identify and stitch together the combinations of sentences that can create the most accurate yet concise overall summary within the desired clip duration.

9. Adobe Express Add-On Library

Adobe Express comes with a lot of bells and whistles. The company has partnered with many other brands to bring together various editing tools in the context of Adobe.

These include:

  • TikTok Creative Assistant: This tool provides you with trending topics on TikTok to give you ideas for scripting and crafting your video. It also provides you with examples of successful videos on the platform based on the topic.
  • Social Preview: This is yet another handy add-on that lets you see exactly how your video will look on social media before posting it so you can avoid errors such as text that overlaps with the like or comment button. This way, you can adjust the text accordingly before posting your video.
  • Import From Device: This tool lets you easily take content on your phone and import it into your computer just by scanning the QR code on your Adobe dashboard.
Add ons page with a QR code

These are just a few of the many tools available on Adobe Express for fine-tuning your video and making sure that it looks exactly the way you want.

A thorough exploration of this free tool will reveal a wealth of visual elements that you can use to enhance your video content and produce a more polished and professional result.

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Pricing: How Much Does Creator Studio Cost?

creator costs with three columns

The Creator Studio features shown in this guide are available to every Kajabi user for free.

Regardless of your Kajabi subscription or plan, you can create unlimited content from one video every month and get access to the Adobe Express tools.

You only have to upgrade if you want to repurpose more than one video per month. However, for most creators trying to build an audience and grow their email list, one video month is more than adequate as a starting point.

Here are the options available if you want to repurpose more videos:

  • Creator Studio Basic: $9/Month: You can create unlimited content from four videos, which translates to 4 projects/month – each with unlimited content and access to Adobe Express to customize your content. 
  • Creator Studio Premium: Repurpose up to 30 videos per month. This plan also comes with a complimentary subscription to Adobe Express Premium which comes with tons more templates and stock videos to help you maximize Creator Studio.

How is Kajabi Creator Studio Different?

When looking at how Kajabi Creator Studio compares to other similar platforms, it’s clear to see that the platform differentiates itself from dedicated platforms such as Veed, Descript, or HeyGen which are specialists in social media content creation.

Although somewhat basic, Kajabi still comes with most of the tools that the majority of creators should require. 

There are two main ways in which Creator Studio is different from other marketing platforms out there.

Creator Studio Has No Limitations

When using other marketing tools for free, they usually come with credits, calculations, and watermarks. For instance, some platforms only allow you to repurpose one video but only export a limited number of videos from that content.

In contrast, Kajabi allows you to repurpose one video and there’s no limit to the amount of content you create from it. This means you don’t have to keep track of the limits on the different types of content you create.

Other platforms also have limits concerning things like video length when repurposing content. Some limit you to a 30-minute video, which is not ideal for course creators or coaches, as most of their videos are longer than that.

This means you’ll hit a wall in your marketing efforts and probably be forced to upgrade to a more expensive plan to get the amount of content you need.

Other platforms also have limits on video storage, or even if you can add collaborators. Sometimes, you even have to compromise on video quality!

Fortunately, these are all things you never have to worry about with Kajabi Creator Studio. There are no credits and no calculations – just unlimited content to use as you please.

Creator Studio Helps You Build Your Entire Marketing Funnel

Another big differentiator is that Kajabi not only generates social media clips but also helps you with your entire marketing funnel so you can make an impact on your business.

You can use social media clips to build your audience, but you also get a ton of other content that lets you stay on top of all the touchpoints for the entire journey of your customer.

From social media, email, and community posts, to your website and landing/sales pages – you have all the content you need to nurture and engage your audience.

This allows you to transform them from passively interested audience members to loyal repeat customers who rave about your products.

With such a powerful process for building funnels, not only do you increase conversions, but you also boost the lifetime value of each of your customers.

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Important Considerations About Kajabi AI Models and Content Usage

It’s important to understand how Kajabi Creator Studio handles your data on the platform. Here are a few key points about Kajabi’s AI models and content usage:

  • Kajabi’s AI models are trained on OpenAI’s large language model, which was itself trained on data scraped from the internet.
  • If Kajabi customers opt into using the company’s AI tools, they are automatically also opting in to allow Kajabi to use their content to further train its AI models.
  • However, Kajabi states that there is an opt-out option available for customers who do not want their content used to train the AI models.
  • This allows users to weigh the convenience of using Kajabi’s AI tools against any concerns about their data potentially being used for AI training purposes.

Providing an opt-out shows that Kajabi is trying to balance leveraging customer data while still giving users a choice over how their content gets utilized.

The opt-out option gives customers more control, but using the AI likely requires allowing some training on user data by default. Kajabi seems to be taking a somewhat typical approach to consumer AI products.


Creator Studio is one of the coolest features on Kajabi, and features like these are why Kajabi describes itself as “the best place for creators to make money”.

The platform is very intentional about the feature sets included in Creator Studio to redefine the way creators approach their craft.

In just a few clicks, you’ll generate an abundance of marketing materials to promote courses, communities, or coaching services for weeks on end. You’ll never run out of content ideas and you can get more mileage out of your existing content and maximize your content marketing.

Creator Studio allows you to get started faster, automate most of your marketing, and save 20+ hours on content creation each month – time that you can reinvest into growing your business or doing other things you love.

Are you ready to create tons of amazing marketing content in a fraction of the time it usually takes? Click the link below to get on the waitlist to sign up for Creator Studio. Live studio access will soon be available.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Kajabi Creator Studio

What is Kajabi Creator Studio?

Kajabi Creator Studio is a powerful marketing tool that you get right inside your Kajabi dashboard. It comes with AI-powered tools that streamline video content creation and distribution, enabling creators to build audiences efficiently while saving time and mitigating burnout risks through automated processes.

What types of content does Creator Studio generate?

Creator Studio repurposes video highlights into shareable clips for social and websites. It also generates transcripts, subtitles, emails, blogs, pages, posts, questions, courses, summaries, titles, descriptions, captions, and hashtags across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, X, and TikTok. The platform maximizes content through automated repurposing and distribution.

Can I use Kajabi Creator Studio for free?

If you’re already a Kajabi user, you can use CreatorStudio and Adobe Express for free. You’ll find the Creator Studio tab in your Kajabi dashboard. If you haven’t yet signed up for your Kajabi account, you can test out the platform risk-free for 14 days by signing up for a free trial.

How is Creator Studio different from other marketing platforms?

Kajabi Creator Studio makes it easy for you to use assets that already exist within your tool to build an audience on the web and social platforms, and then bring that audience to your business.

You can quickly create content and then easily market that content through the platform, as well as drive transactions to your products. Manage everything in one place for your convenience. This is the biggest advantage of Creator Studio compared to other standalone content creation and marketing tools.

What does unlimited content mean?

Unlimited content means that you can transform any video into as many different types of content as you want, including short clips, social posts, blog posts, emails, landing pages, and mini-courses.

If you want blog posts, you can have list posts, how-to guides, and Q&A posts. You can also turn that same video into multiple short and medium-length clips for social media. Kajabi even helps you transform your existing content into an online course by providing you with a course outline, title, and description based on the video content.

Can I use Creator Studio with no design, marketing, or video editing experience?

Creator Studio simplifies video editing like text editing. If you can point, click, and drag elements on a page, you can use Creator Studio. The software also integrates with Adobe Express, a video editing tool that is just as easy to use, providing thousands of templates and design assets.

Brand kits ensure consistent branding across fonts, colors, and logos in any Adobe Express design which takes away the need for design expertise and streamlines video repurposing and content creation while maintaining brand identity.

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Jeff Cobb, Founder of Learning Revolution

Jeff Cobb is an expert in online education and the business of adult lifelong learning. Over the past 20+ years he has built a thriving career based on that expertise – as an entrepreneur, a consultant, an author, and a speaker. Learning Revolution is a place where Jeff curates tips, insights, and resources to help you build a thriving expertise-based business. Learn more about Jeff Cobb here.

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