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Last Updated on May 23, 2022

Grow a Thriving Education Business! 

The global demand and need for lifelong learning is bigger than ever – and that represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals and organizations. Leading the Learning Revolution describes that opportunity and – more importantly – shows you, in detail, how to capitalize on it. This free download from the book includes:

  • Intro and Chapter 1: The New Learning Landscape – An overview of what’s changed and why the opportunity is so large. 
  • Chapter 2: Finding and Understanding Your Lifelong Market – A detailed look at how you can identify the market for your courses and other educational products. 
  • Chapter 6: Tools and Competencies – Practical guidance and tips on the tools and skills you need to create and sell successful educational products.

Grab these free chapters today and get a dose of tremendous value from the leading book on how to launch and grow a thriving education business. 

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