Masterclass Action Plan

The Masterclass Action Plan

The term “masterclass” is getting both misused and overused these days, but done right, it’s one of the most powerful course options there is. For a course to truly be labeled a “masterclass”, it has to meet certain criteria. That’s why Learning Revolution founder Jeff Cobb created The Masterclass Action Plan, a free guide to help edupreneurs like you develop a thoughtful framework to jumpstart your efforts and create a successful masterclass offering.

Move from ideas to action

to create your own masterclass

The Masterclass Action Plan gives you a framework to consider – and plan for – the key parts of creating a successful masterclass.  Sign up now and get the ball rolling to build your very own masterclass! 

Based on the five key elements that define a true masterclass, this brief document offers a strategic way to focus your efforts on creating a well-designed masterclass offering – one that will really stand out in the crowded online course market.

Here are the five elements of a masterclass that the guide covers:
Taught by a true expert
On a relatively narrow topic
To highly motivated, focused attendees
Over a limited period of time
With opportunities for feedback

Remember, don’t just create a course and call it a “masterclass.” If you invest the time to create a masterclass that truly delivers on these five elements, you’ll create tremendous value, deliver high impact, and stand head and shoulders above the competitors in your market. 

The Masterclass Action Plan ensures that you effectively integrate the key components of a masterclass through an easy-to-use format for planning. Grab your free copy now and become a master in creating your first (or next!) highly impactful masterclass offering!

Take action and begin building your own masterclass.

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