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How can you capitalize on the exploding global market for lifelong learning? Leading the Learning Revolution shows you how – and webinars are a big part of the game plan. As an attendee at the Webinar Master Summit, you can access to digital download of the full book and …

as a bonus, you’ll get access to the latest data from a survey 180 businesses on what that are charging for webinar registration and sponsorship fees and the benefits they are providing to sponsors. Just use the form below to grab the book and bonus.

More About The Revolution

With the majority of working adults now regularly participating in webinars, webcasts, and online courses, the lifelong education market has exploded—and competition is fierce.

Entrepreneurial companies and solo experts are grabbing huge chunks of this multibillion-dollar business away from traditional players such as trade associations, training firms, and departments of continuing education.

In some cases, these new players are out to generate revenue from the sale of educational products. In others, their education as content marketing. Most are doing both.

Leading the Learning Revolution shows you how to get in the game by building a successful life­long education business—or how to stay in the game crowded with agile newcomers.

Written by a respected consultant, entrepreneur, and 20+ year veteran of the e-learning industry, the book explains essential principles and approaches as well as practical strategies needed to bring them to life, including:

The web is littered with content from innumerable competitors, but few have the solid foundation required for building a sustainable business. Leading the Learning Revolution helps you weave together nimble technology, educational best practices, subject matter expertise, and a consistent focus on value to create unique, irreplaceable learning experiences that build strong con­­­­­­­nections with users—for a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on this powerful way to build your audience and build a business. Grab the book today!

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