The Only Real Objection to Buying Your Online Course

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I was advising a friend recently on his course launch and he noted that a number of prospective buyers had told him the course was too expensive.

Others told him they didn’t have the time.

These are easily the two most common objections to buying an online courses, but neither of them is the real objection.

The real objection is that the prospect doesn’t see the value.

It’s true some people may really not have enough money to buy your course, but those people probably haven’t engaged with you in the first place. The same is true for time.

People generally have a way of finding both time and money when they see the value in something.

So, my advice to my friend was to put more work into demonstrating the value of the course.

The short term, immediate fixes included things like social proof in the form of testimonials. Since he was in the pilot phase, he did not have learner testimonials yet, but he had plenty of people – some of them fairly well known – who would be willing to vouch enthusiastically for his overall expertise.

He also needed to communicate his “major positive outcome” more clearly for the specific types of people to which his course is targeted. (For more on “major positive outcome,” see my recent post on How to Create an Online Course to Sell.”

Those were his major short-term fixes.

For the longer term, he’ll need to keep working on elevating his expertise and building his brand. And, of course, as students complete his course, he’ll want to get high quality testimonials that speak to how they achieved the major positive outcome.

None of this is easy, of course. Building an online course business in is no easier than building any other business. But it is simple: clearly demonstrate value, deliver that value, repeat.

Very few prospects will object to that.


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