The Logical Secret Behind $100K Courses

100K courses - Image from cover

One of the online course platform vendors (Thinkific) recently released a report on how to make your first $100K from online courses.

It got me thinking. [Read more…]

15 Ways to Grow Your Course Business Today

hand drawing graph chart with upward line - grow course businessWant to take your learning business to new levels? Here are 15 ideas you can take action on today. [Read more…]

5 Steps To Succeed As An Online Course Entrepreneur

If you have expertise in any topic or skill, one of the most exciting opportunities open to you these days is the opportunity to launch and grow an online course business.

The global market for e-learning is projected to grow to more than US $240 billion by 2023, and solo entrepreneurs and small training businesses are claiming a significant chunk of that market.  If you have ever been tempted to try your luck as a course entrepreneur, now is definitely the time.

In this post, I take a look at the process for creating a successful course business and provide tips to help you position yourself for success. [Read more…]

The “Triple Your Price” Exercise

If you want one simple action to improve your course business over night, it’s this: raise your prices.

To understand why this is true, I’d like you to go through the mental exercise of tripling the price of one of your main (or perhaps your only) course. If you don’t have a course yet, simply triple whatever you are currently planning to charge for your course. [Read more…]

Qualities of Good Affiliates for Selling Your Courses

affiliate marketing green blue squares - find good affiliates

In a previous post, I mentioned affiliate marketing as an opportunity for you to create additional revenue streams (along with expert networks and packaged consulting).

In that case, I was talking about you being an affiliate for someone else’s products. But, of course, the reverse is also true: you can find people to market your products – including your courses – in exchange for a commission on any sales they make.

On the surface, that sounds fantastic. After all, what’s not to like about other people selling your courses for you? [Read more…]