3 Valuable Resources from My “Do This Now” Folder – Marketing Edition

Do It Now

One of my personal “best practices” is to keep a “Do This Now” e-mail folder of tips and techniques that can help me grow my business. When I find something really useful and actionable, I e-mail it to myself, put it in that folder, and then act on it as soon as possible. (I also don’t let the folder grow beyond 10 items – at that point, something has to get done and removed before anything else is added.)

Naturally, many of the tips I collect are highly valuable not just for me but for anyone trying to sell online courses or other educational experiences, so I thought I’d share some recent items that I found very valuable. These cover three areas that I think are essential for effectively marketing educational products (each of which I cover in Leading the Learning Revolution): blogging, e-mail, and Google Adwords.

Here you go:

1. How to Breathe Life into Old Blog Posts and Improve Blog Traffic?
If you have been blogging for a while, then you have almost certainly created content that you could be getting much more mileage out of. Don’t let your valuable content just drift out to pasture: learn to reuse old blog posts as a tool for revving up your Web traffic. This post tells you how.

2. 11 Sure-fire Tips on How to Make Sure Your Email Marketing Works
I’m far from alone in arguing that your e-mail list is your number one asset when it comes to selling education products. If you want to make sure you are firing on all engines when it comes to connecting and converting, this post on JeffBullas.com is hard to beat. (And I highly recommend Jeff’s blog in general for highly actionable marketing tips.)

3. You’re Doing AdWords Wrong (Here’s How to Make It Right)
Organic search traffic (see #1 above) and effective e-mail marketing (see #2) are golden, but if you want to reach as much of an audience as possible – or test to see that you have an audience – you almost certainly need to be making use of Google Adwords. The problem is, it’s easy to dump a lot of money into Adwords without really getting a return. Don’t make that mistake: read this article first and learn to do Adwords right.

That’s it. Stick this in your own “Do This Now” file, and then get it done ASAP. I guarantee you will see results.

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