3 Valuable Resources from My “Do This Now” Folder – Marketing Edition

Do It Now

One of my personal “best practices” is to keep a “Do This Now” e-mail folder of tips and techniques that can help me grow my business. When I find something really useful and actionable, I e-mail it to myself, put it in that folder, and then act on it as soon as possible. (I also don’t let the folder grow beyond 10 items – at that point, something has to get done and removed before anything else is added.)

Naturally, many of the tips I collect are highly valuable not just for me but for anyone trying to sell online courses or other educational experiences, so I thought I’d share some recent items that I found very valuable. These cover three areas that I think are essential for effectively marketing educational products (each of which I cover in Leading the Learning Revolution): blogging, e-mail, and Google Adwords.

Here you go:

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Google Updates Since Publication

Google LogoGoogle factors into Leading the Learning Revolution in a number of ways. That was inevitable, but it was also inevitable that Google would change and, as a result, make parts of the book out of date pretty rapidly. I have been meaning to log some of the key changes that have happened since publication. Here they are, finally:

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Knowing and Growing Your Market with Adwords – Howie Jacobson and Kristie McDonald

howie-jacobsonDo KristieMcDonaldwant to use (or better use) Google Adwords to drive traffic to your products and services?

Did you know that Adwords is also one of the most powerful tools there is for testing your market and figuring out whether you are even offering the right products ans services – and who is likely to buy them?

Those are the kinds of topics covered in this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast. I’m joined this time around by Howie Jacobson and Kristie McDonald, two people who literally wrote the book on Adwords: Google Adwords for Dummies, 3rd Edition.

AdWords, of course, are those text based ads that appear to the right and top of Google search results. They can be very powerful not just for driving traffic to your offerings, but as Howie and Kristie will make clear, for really assessing and understanding your market.

Listen in for some insights and tips that will really help your grow your business. Also, pay attention for an offer I make to get a free copy of Leading the Learning Revolution: The Expert’s Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market.

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01:22 – Listen in for a special announcement and offer on the book Leading the Learning Revolution.

03:55 – Introduction of Howie Jacobson and Kristie McDonald, co-authors of Google Adwords for Dummies, 3rd Edition and principals of the digital marketing agency Vitruvian Way.


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