Association Mavens & the Learning Revolution

Association Mavens - Learning Revolution

After a long pause, I am back with a new episode of the Learning Revolution podcast. In this one, the tables are turned, and instead of me interviewing someone, I get interviewed by Bryan Kelly of Association Mavens. We talk about how the Learning Revolution is impacting trade and professional associations, and in the process, highlight many of the key points from the book.

While associations are the focus of this episode, I’ll stress that the topics covered really apply to any of the audiences for the Leading the Learning Revolution – speakers, trainers, consultants, businesses interested in educational content marketing.

Finally, I’ll note that this is the final episode of the podcast. Having started it primarily as a way to publish the interviews I did for the book, I’ve decided that it has pretty much run its course. If you have not listened to earlier episodes, I certainly encourage you to do that. I also encourage you to subscribe (or stay subscribed), as I plan to announce a new podcast via this platform at some point in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, pop in those earbuds or slap on those head phones and listen in to the interview with Bryan Kelly.

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04:42 – Kick-off of Association Mavens and introduction of yours truly – Jeff Cobb – author of Leading the Learning Revolution and founder of Tagoras.

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Social Leading, Social Learning with SocialFish’s Maddie Grant

Maddie GrantInterested in launching a dynamic social learning experience for your audience?

Want to make the leap from social media not just as a tool for communication, but as a platform for leadership?

Then you will definitely want to tune into this episode of Learning Revolution with Maddie Grant. In it we discuss the new Private Community Management Certificate Program launched by Maddie’s firm SocialFish and dig into social as an approach to both learning and leading.

We also talk about how Maddie made the leap from being an association employee with a blog on the side to being a successful social media entrepreneur, teacher, and leader.

Get those earphones in a comfortable position, turn up the volume, and listen in!

(And don’t forget to share this episode with your tweeps.)

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01:58 – Introduction of Maddie Grant, Chief Social Strategist of SocialFish and co-author, along with Jamie Notter, of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

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