Getting Change and Innovation Right with Seth Kahan

Seth-KahanHave you noticed how much and how fast the market for education and lifelong learning has changed over the past several years?

Would you welcome practical insights to help you not only keep up, but innovate and provide new value to your audience?

In this episode of the podcast, change and innovation expert Seth Kahan offers valuable advice on how to get change and innovation right. This is knowledge the successful Learning Revolutionary most definitely needs.

This episode also marks a turning point in the podcast. The interview with Seth is the last of those I conducted while writing the Leading the Learning Revolution.  The podcast will go on, though. For starters, I’ve got Harold Stolovitch, author of the perennial best-seller Telling Ain’t Training lined up for the next episodes.

I’ve got plenty more interviews in mind, but I’d also really like to get you input. If you have questions, issues, or people you would like to have featured on the Learning Revolution podcast, please e-mail me or use the handy “Send Voicemail” button off to the right.

In the meantime, enjoy the session with Seth Kahan.

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03:20 – Introduction of Seth Kahan. Seth is a well-known thought leader, consultant, and author of the best-selling book Getting Change Right. He also has new book on the way soon Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Create Inflection Points that Drive Success in the Marketplace.

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Lifetime CLEs for $799! Commodity vs. Community with Dave Will

One of the business models I focus on in Leading the Learning Revolution is what I call the P2 Community – membership learning communities driven by a combination of passion and purpose.

In the book, I highlight some of the successful learning communities I have participated in – like the A-List Blogger Club (which has since closed its doors to new members) and Alan’s Forums. But given that I do so much work in the association world, I was also eager to find some signs of life for community learning models in the context of membership organizations. My search led me to Dave Will, Chief Executive Peach of Peach New Media.

I’ve known Dave for several years and already had an appreciation for his views on trends in the lifelong learning business. In this podcast interview, we talk trends in the market for lifelong learning and what it takes to create successful learning experiences. Enjoy – and be sure to subscribe on iTunes to get all past and future episodes.

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Show notes

00:21 – Be sure to catch the previous episode with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner

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