Association Mavens & the Learning Revolution

Association Mavens - Learning Revolution

After a long pause, I am back with a new episode of the Learning Revolution podcast. In this one, the tables are turned, and instead of me interviewing someone, I get interviewed by Bryan Kelly of Association Mavens. We talk about how the Learning Revolution is impacting trade and professional associations, and in the process, highlight many of the key points from the book.

While associations are the focus of this episode, I’ll stress that the topics covered really apply to any of the audiences for the Leading the Learning Revolution – speakers, trainers, consultants, businesses interested in educational content marketing.

Finally, I’ll note that this is the final episode of the podcast. Having started it primarily as a way to publish the interviews I did for the book, I’ve decided that it has pretty much run its course. If you have not listened to earlier episodes, I certainly encourage you to do that. I also encourage you to subscribe (or stay subscribed), as I plan to announce a new podcast via this platform at some point in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, pop in those earbuds or slap on those head phones and listen in to the interview with Bryan Kelly.

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04:42 – Kick-off of Association Mavens and introduction of yours truly – Jeff Cobb – author of Leading the Learning Revolution and founder of Tagoras.

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Entering the Shift Age with David Houle

David Houle photoWant to know what the future holds?

A driving force of the Learning Revolution is the fact that change is happening with greater speed, scale, and scope than ever before. As a result, those with clear insights into where the world is headed next are bound to have an edge. Fortunately, the guest for this episode of Learning Revolution is someone who can help listeners get a bead on the future.

David Houle is a futurist,  thinker, speaker, and author of the new bestseller Entering the Shift Age. In addition, he is an old friend and colleague, co-author of one of my previous books (Shift Ed), and the person I look to for insights into “what’s next.”

But wait! There’s more – David is also the son of Cy Houle, one of the true luminaries in the adult lifelong learning field. In the interview, we talk about David’s father, about how David pursues his craft, and of course, about his vision of the future as we enter the Shift Age. You won’t want to miss this one, folks.

Listen in, and don’t forget to share this episode with your tweeps.

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01:58 – Introduction of David Houle, futurist, thinker, speaker, and author of Entering the Shift Age.

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Are you ready to MOOC? A conversation with George Siemens

In this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast I talk with George Siemens, one of the leading thinkers on how technology is impacting learning and education.

One of the areas the areas that George has become known for, along with his collaborator Stephen Downes, is massive open online courses, or MOOCs.  You may have noticed that MOOCs have become quite trendy lately. MIT and Harvard are among the very well-known institutions that have gotten into the MOOC game. Start-ups like Udacity and Coursera are also grabbing a lot of attention. And The New York Times has even called this the year of the MOOC.

I actually conducted this interview (like all of the other initial interviews on the podcast) several months ago as I was writing Leading the Learning Revolution. I knew MOOCs were an emerging phenomenon that I wanted to be sure to cover in the book, but I had no idea how popular they were about to become.

In any case, in this interview I talk with George about the massive online course phenomenon – including what kind of business models might emerge for them. We also discuss the challenges of learning, in general, in our high speed, hyper connected world and highlight some of the trends that George finds most exciting.

Click play, and enjoy. (And if you like what you hear, I’d be really grateful for a tweet!)

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00:44 – MOOCs are all the rage these days. MIT and Harvard are doing it, as are start-ups like Udacity and Coursera.

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