Google Releases Course Builder – Free Massive Course Tool

Update, September 2013: It appears that Google will be ditching CourseBuilder as part of a collaboration the company has announced with EdX. Read more about the Google-EdX partnership.

Here’s another tidbit related to the Massive model (which I mentioned in my previous post on Steven’s Blank’s Udacity course): Google has released Google Course Builder, an open source version of the software and technology used to build its Power Searching with Google online course. You have to have some tech chops if you want to get up and running on it yourself, but if being a Webmaster isn’t your thing, I don’t think you would have any trouble finding someone to help you out with this on Elance or ODesk. I’m betting, too, that it won’t be too long before some hosting providers start offering it as an option.

Here’s Peter Norvig from Google giving a brief introduction to Google Course Builder:

There are also some good tips for designing an online course on the Google Course Builder site. Let me know if you decide to take it for a spin.


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