Telling Ain’t Training with Harold Stolovitch

Harold StolovitchDo you want to create educational experiences that result in actual learning? That bring customers back for more because you have truly had an impact?

Then listen in to this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast. Harold Stolovitch, co-author of the best-selling, award winning book Telling Ain’t Training is here to help you create great training and education.

In this interview, we talk about why it’s often so hard for experts to translate their deep experiences and knowledge into effective training. Better yet, we walk through a five-step model for creating terrific training sessions. If you are serious about delivering value to your customers and prospects, it would be hard to come up with a better way for you to spend the next 30 minutes.

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01:17 Introduction of Harold Stolovitch, co-author of the best selling, award-winning book Telling Ain’t Training and one of the most widely recognized authorities on developing effective training and performance improvement experiences.

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