Telling Ain’t Training with Harold Stolovitch

Harold StolovitchDo you want to create educational experiences that result in actual learning? That bring customers back for more because you have truly had an impact?

Then listen in to this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast. Harold Stolovitch, co-author of the best-selling, award winning book Telling Ain’t Training is here to help you create great training and education.

In this interview, we talk about why it’s often so hard for experts to translate their deep experiences and knowledge into effective training. Better yet, we walk through a five-step model for creating terrific training sessions. If you are serious about delivering value to your customers and prospects, it would be hard to come up with a better way for you to spend the next 30 minutes.

So, click play below, subscribe on iTunes, or use an app like Instacast, but don’t miss this chance to tune into Harold Stolovitch.

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01:17 Introduction of Harold Stolovitch, co-author of the best selling, award-winning book Telling Ain’t Training and one of the most widely recognized authorities on developing effective training and performance improvement experiences.

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Talking Rapid E-learning with the Articulate Tom Kuhlmann

Tom-KuhlmannWhat if you could leverage a tool you probably already have on your computer and already know how to use as the basis for creating first-rate online education?

As many readers may already know, you can.

That tool is PowerPoint, and using it to create online education is one of the most popular forms of what usually gets referred to as “rapid e-learning.”

My guest for this episode has probably done more than any other single individual to make rapid e-learning a household term in the training industry. Tom Kuhlmann is the Vice President of Community for Articulate, makers of the popular Rapid E-learning Studio and Storyline products, and author of the wildly popular Rapid E-learning Blog.

When I say “wildly popular,” I don’t just mean wildly popular for a training blog: I mean wildly popular for any blog. Tom has built a base of more than 100,000 highly engaged subscribers over the past several years and has played a key role in driving the company’s growth.

In this interview you’ll find out more from Tom about the blog – like how on earth he got 100,000 subscribers for an e-learning blog! – and about his perspectives on e-learning and learning in general.

One of the things I ask Tom about – and this is something I quote him on in the book Leading the Learning Revolution – is his tips for how your average subject matter expert can create a decent piece of online education. Most experts, after all, don’t tend to be professional instructional designers or an e-learning developer.

Listen in for Tom’s advice.

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03:18 – Intro of Tom Kuhlmann, Vice President of Community for Articulate.

03:40 – What on earth made the Rapid E-learning Blog take off like it did?! Tom himself was surprised – he thought maybe 15,00Tom-Kuhlmann-20 would be a home run.

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Exploring How We Learn with Monisha Pasupathi

For this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast I am very excited to talk with Dr. Monisha Pasupathi, a psychology professor at the University of Utah and star of the Teaching Company course How We Learn. In our conversation we cover some common myths about learning, talk about how well prepared we are (or aren’t) to deal with a hyper-connected, information-flooded world, and consider the role of the lecture as a form of learning delivery.

For anyone who has listened to the previous episodes with Mike Stelzner and Dave Will, this one will definitely feel more toward the learning than the business side of the learning business equation, but it covers topics that are essential for differentiating your offerings from the competition.

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00:30: Hope you caught the last two episodes, focused on the marketing side of the equation.

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The “White Magic” of Listening to Your Market

Listen to Market - Image of hand cupped over ear

Stop jabbering like a magpie. Notice what’s actually happening, not just what you think is happening or wish were happening. Look and listen. – Epictetus

A while back a friend ¬†gave me a copy of Brian Tracy’s book on advanced selling principles. I found the book relatively useful overall, but one thing about it that stuck with me was Tracy describing listening as a sort of “white magic.” It’s an extremely powerful concept – one most of us understand intuitively but do not practice enough. [Read more…]