Last Updated on February 8, 2022

Here’s the text from a recent feature update e-mail from New Zenler:

As you have probably noticed, based on the feedback, we have been doubling down on NZ Live features to become a full-fledged Live Class Management & Coaching platform.

We are back with another massive Announcement…

Now, you can run traditional View-only Live Webinars from within Zenler in addition to the existing interactive Live Webinars option.

Ever since we launched Live Classes and Live Interactive Webinars, the top #1 ask with webinars was the ability to be able to run non-interactive Live Webinars. 

Earlier, you had to work around this with Zoom settings and still, participants were visible.

Not anymore…

We are constantly working on your pains..we always work on secret stuff and this was not even on our roadmap and we have just addressed this pain point also for you…

Super excited to announce that we have once again partnered with Zoom and are now bringing to you Live Webinars that can be run traditional style i.e, non-interactive.

Live Webinars that are view-only where your attendees cannot turn their camera/audio on, see who the other attendees are, where you don’t want other attendees to see see how many attendees are on the Live, and so on…

If you want Live interactive webinars, that is still available for you too…

New feature: View only Live Webinars: True Webinar Experience

 ✅ Create and Run traditional style Live Webinars

 ✅ Customize Live Webinar Page/themes

 ✅ Non-interactive – view only where attendees can only see you the presenter on camera/audio

 ✅ Attendees will Not be able to turn their camera or audio on.

 ✅ Attendees will Not be able to see/hear each other

 ✅ Attendees can engage in Chat

 ✅ Simultaneous Live stream option available

 All handled for you with NZ Zoom Webinar – no need for your own Zoom webinar subscription

NZ Live = NZ Zoom Meetings + NZ Zoom Webinars

All of this at ZERO Extra cost for you founding members…

NZ Live = BIG Savings $$$

Zenler is the first and only Course platform to offer Live Webinars – all without needing an additional Zoom Webinars subscription 

Available on Pro and Premium plans now!

We are absolutely amazed by the lovely feedback ❤️ on the new Live Webinars feature..

Live Non Interactive Webinars feedback

From a Course Platform to a Live Class/Webinar & Coaching platform, we have indeed come a long way…🔥🚀

Take it for a spin and leverage the power of NZ Live…



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