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The Learning Revolutionary's Toolbox

The Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox

Whether you want to sell them or use them for content marketing, to create online courses and other educational products requires the right tools. For discovering the tools you need and which are the best for what you want to accomplish, there is no better source than The Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox.

The Right Tools

to create and sell online courses

The Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox covers the essential tools you need to successfully launch and grow an online course business – along with with tips and insights for how to get the most of out of them. Grab it and grow!

I update the pages at the links below frequently, so be sure to bookmark this page. Also, I encourage you to share this page with other edupreneurs and expertise-based businesses. (Hint: the social buttons on this page make that very easy to do. You can also click here to send a Tweet.)

If you are a speaker, trainer, consultant, or simply a subject matter expert who wants to share your knowledge with the world – and maybe generate some income from it – the resources I cover here will definitely jump start and turbo charge your efforts. The same goes for anyone who is in charge of creating content for a trade or professional association, training firm, or a business that wants to leverage educational content marketing.

I use nearly all of these tools myself, so I know from experience that they are useful. I also plan to add to the pages here over time as I find new tools that I think you may find useful. My aim isn’t to provide you with the longest list of tools possible, but rather to highlight the ones that I feel are most essential in your efforts to create online courses and other educational content.

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Do You Already Create Educational Products?

Please send me your suggestions for other great tools and I will be sure to share them here (and give you credit for the suggestion.)And if you have questions about anything you see here, feel free to comment below or on the specific tool page and I’ll do my best to help.  –  JTC

Affiliate Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. If you click on these links and end up making a purchase, Learning Revolution will receive a small commission. This does not add to the cost of the products for you and it provides  a small amount of income to help keep Learning Revolution going. You can view our full affiliate disclosure here.

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