LLR-Toobox-Icon-smYou can swing a cat and hit a Webinar announcement these days. Nonetheless, it’s hard to build pretty much any business – much less a training or education business – if you aren’t proficient at using Webinars and Webcasts for delivery of content. As far as the tools go, my preference is to stick with one of the big three. Whatever you may like or not about them, they are familiar to most users, and that can make all the difference in delivering a great experience. Here’s what I consider the big three to be:

Another one that has been gaining quite a bit of momentum lately, and which I am considering switching all my Webinars to is Zoom – it’s got great video capabilities and is quite affordable.

ReadyTalk is also a solid, affordable option, and if cost is a big issue you may want to consider Google Hangouts. While not, strictly speaking, a Webinar platform, the Hangouts on Air feature does enable you to broadcast out to pretty much anyone who wants to watch/listen on the Web. As a bonus, your broadcast is automatically recorded for playback on YouTube.

Finally, if you want an easy route to get your Webinars up, running, and out into the market, you may want to check out WizIQ. Starting at $19 per month, the  company provides a platform for delivering free and recorded Webinar-type courses and then charges a 10% fee for anything you sell through its catalog.

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If you have questions, or want to share your own experiences with any of these tools, please comment below.

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