10 Best Zoom Alternatives in 2024

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Don’t have the time to read the full post? Here are our top five picks for the best Zoom alternatives.

Best Overall

WebinarNinja logo circle


A powerful webinar solution for any content creator looking to build authority and accelerate lead generation

Most Advanced Features

WebinarJam logo circle


Advanced engagement features ideal for content creators & marketers looking to sell products during webinars

Best For Fast Growth

Livestorm logo circle


A world-class video engagement platform ideal for webinars, product demos, course launches, & educational sessions

Most User-Friendly

Demio logo round.


Modern and easy-to-use, Demio is perfect for generating leads with live, recorded, and automated webinars

Best Value

ClickMeeting logo round


A power-packed product for online meetings & webinars, ideal for content creators, startups, & even large companies

These are just some of the webinar platforms we chose to highlight. Read on for a detailed review of each of these (plus more!) to see which Zoom alternative might best meet your online course needs.

How We Evaluate and Test Online Course Platforms & Related Software

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If you’re looking for the best Zoom alternatives to grow your online business, we’ve got you covered.

Zoom, of course, is one of the most popular Webinar platforms. But it’s hardly the only game in town, and it may not actually be the best webinar platform for you. The fact is, there are many others that can work better for creators and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their audience and monetize their expertise. 

And Webinars, of course, are among the best content marketing tactics for course creators and other experts looking to build authority and generate leads.

They’re especially effective in answering your prospects’ questions and persuading them to buy from you when you’re selling high-ticket offerings.

But your webinar’s success mainly depends on two things.

  • Your content quality and delivery (not our topic today)
  • Your webinar software

In this article, we’ll share the best Zoom alternatives for creators and help you choose the right one for your business.

Let’s dive in.

7 Qualities of the Best Webinar Platforms

Before discussing the Zoom alternatives, here are the questions you need to ask when choosing a webinar platform:

Webinar Types & Features

  • How’s the video and streaming quality?
  • Can you offer pre-recorded and scheduled webinars?
  • What are the user engagement features?
  • Can you offer recordings and replays?

Number Of Participants

  • Can the webinar platform host all your audience?
  • Does its streaming quality deteriorate with more participants?
  • Can you manually add/remove participants?

User Accessibility

  • How easily can people join your webinar?
  • Do they need to download a new app or register for an account?
  • Is there a time limit for unregistered participants?
  • Does it support your target countries?

eCommerce Features

  • Can you sell products from your webinars?
  • What are the supported payment gateways?
  • What are the transaction charges?

User Experience

  • Is the platform easy to use and explore?
  • Is it cloud-based or device-based, or both?
  • Are the key options clearly highlighted?

Third-Party Integrations

  • Does it integrate with the top email marketing and lead generation tools?
  • Can you link it with your CRM?
  • What business apps does it support?

Pricing Structure

  • Is it within your budget?
  • Does it charge users a monthly/annual rate or per participant?

    The Zoom alternatives for Creators and Experts

    Let’s get straight to our list of the Zoom alternatives.

    1. WebinarNinja

    WebinarNinja home page with a paused informational video

    WebinarNinja is among the most popular webinar platforms designed specifically for content creators, coaches, trainers, and eLearning professionals.

    It’s packed with high-quality webinar hosting, management, and marketing features that empower even complete beginners to launch successful paid and free webinars.

    WebinarNinja offers four different types of webinars.

    Live Webinars: Host a live session with your audience

    Automated Webinars: Use pre-recorded webinars for lead generation and other business goals.

    Webinar Series: Launch a webinar series to cover a topic comprehensively.

    Hybrid Webinars: Use recorded webinars with live audience engagement features.

    WebinarNinja also offers a robust landing page builder for creating webinar sign-up and thank you pages.

    Immersed man working in his tool shop space

    Plus, it offers various signup and thank you page templates you can fully customize using the page builder.

    WebinarNinja provides you basic email features like notifications and reminders, integrates with numerous third-party apps, including all the leading email marketing solutions, and allows you to accept payments via its Stripe integration.

    In short, WebinarNinja is a powerful webinar solution for any content creator looking to build authority and accelerate lead generation.

    WebinarNinja Pricing and Free Trial

    WebinarNinja offers four attractive pricing plans that provide immense value for money. Plus, each plan comes with a 14-day free trial during which you can extensively test the product.

    You can get started for as low as $29/month and host live and automated webinars for up to 50 live attendees. The higher-priced plans offer more participants and webinar types.

    All plans come with unlimited registrations, instant chat, additional presenters, eCommerce integration, email notifications, and tons of others features.

    Try WebinarNinja for free button

    2. WebinarJam

    WebinarJam home page with a paused informational video

    WebinarJam is another hugely popular webinar platform ideal for content creators and marketers looking to sell products during webinars.

    It offers advanced engagement features like in-webinar CTAs and pop-ups to allow your webinar participants to purchase your products.

    You can use WebinarJam to host live webinars or schedule recorded sessions with live engagement features. For example, you can invite a participant to your webinar’s virtual stage to speak to your audience. You can also run polls, share links, or chat live during webinars.

    WebinarJam’s video quality is among the best in the industry and works seamlessly across devices, even on weak connections.

    You also get a page builder for designing sign-up and thank you pages for webinars. Plus, you can enable automated email and SMS reminders to ensure maximum attendance in your sessions.

    Overall, WebinarJam is undoubtedly a contender for Zoom alternatives for small-intermediate level content creators.

    WebinarJam Pricing and Free Trial

    WebinarJam offers three premium subscription plans packed with advanced webinar creation, hosting, and marketing features.

    WebinarJam doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can activate its 14-day trial for $1. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

    Here’s what the three premium plans cost.

    All plans come with unlimited webinars, unlimited registrations, live chat, payment gateways, webinar recording, page builder, email notifications, third-party integration, and lots of other valuable features.

    You can get started with WebinarJam for as low as $39/month.

    Try WebinarJam Now button

    3. Demio

    Demio home page with a man smiling next to his laptop

    Demio is a modern, user-friendly, and feature-rich webinar platform perfect for generating leads and customers with live, recorded, and automated webinars.

    It’s a cloud webinar service with an impressive user interface and a host of webinar features. You can use it to host HD live webinars and switch from your camera to video or presentations during your session.

    It also has robust survey features and user analytics to help you understand your audience’s behavior. Demio also offers a drag and drop page builder, email notifications, advanced integrations, payment management, and many other great features.

    Demio’s sleek design and robust webinar features make it one of my favorite webinar software platforms.

    Demio Pricing and Free Trial

    Demio offers different premium subscription plans for different business types. Each plan also comes with a 14-day free trial.

    All plans offer unlimited storage, registrations, integrations, page builder, etc.

    This makes the Starter plan, which is priced at $42/month and can host up to 50 participants, quite attractive for small to medium-sized businesses.

    Overall, Demio is among the most impressive webinar platforms in this article.

    Try Demio for Free button

    4. Livestorm

    Livestorm homepage with a man looking towards his laptop

    LiveStorm is a world-class video engagement platform you can use for webinars, product demonstrations, company events, online courses, and many other business goals.

    It’s a powerful webinar solution that allows you to host live, on-demand, and recurring webinars with system video, screen sharing, and presentation features.

    You get many audience engagement features such as polls, Q&As, guest speakers, emojis, live chat, etc. Once a webinar ends, you can choose to send its recording to all the participants, use it as a recurring event, export it to YouTube, or use it as a lead magnet for your site.

    Livestorm also gives you robust email features with automated reminders, customizations, and email status tracking. You can also integrate Livestorm with your email marketing tool for lead generation and nurturing.

    Overall, Livestorm is a high-standards webinar platform ideal for corporate webinars, product demonstrations, course launches, and regular educational sessions.

    Livestorm Pricing and Free Trial

    Livestorm is one of the few webinar solutions that offer a free plan. As a free user, you can host webinar sessions of up to 20 minutes for up to 30 actie contacts/month.

    You also get all the essential features such as page builder, email notifications, live chat, and other audience engagement capabilities.

    The premium plans are priced based on the number of hosts and participants.

    For example, in the Pro plan, you get 100 participants for one host at $79/month, billed annually. You can increase these limits for an additional fee.

    Livestorm is slightly more expensive than the other webinar platforms on this list, but it offers much higher quality features for corporate webinars, making it an enticing option. Plus, its free plan is ideal for small-mid-sized content creators.

    Try Livestorm for Free button

    5. GoToWebinar

    GoToWebinar home page with a man working on his laptop

    GoToWebinar is among the most widely used webinar platforms for corporate webinars, product launches, and online course promotion.

    It comes with a robust set of features that empowers you to host fully branded HD webinars without worrying about any technical stuff. In addition, it’s an intuitive product with tons of webinar hosting, management, and promotional features.

    For example, you can create branded pages for your webinars and launch using your system video, webcam, or presentations. Moreover, you can run polls, do live Q&As, or share handouts with your audience. You can also distribute completing certificates among webinar participants and allow them to watch webinar recordings for a limited time.

    GoToWebinar is also among the Zoom alternatives when it comes to third-party integrations. You can link it up with your email marketing tool, social media apps, business and productivity apps, calendar, and many other applications.

    If you want to launch paid webinars, GoToWebinar allows you to accept payments via Stripe.

    In short, GoToWebinar covers all the bases when it comes to webinar hosting and management.

    GoToWebinar Pricing and Free Trial

    GoToWebinar offers four premium plans that all come with a 7-day free trial.

    The Standard plan costs $99/organizer per month and allows up to 500 webinar participants. It comes with all the essential webinar hosting features and also allows you to charge for webinars. However, for webinar recordings, video editing, certificates, transcripts, and video embedding options, you’ll need to sign up for one of the higher-priced plans.

    Try GoToWebinar for Free button

    6. ClickMeeting

    ClickMeeting home page displaying "We help you stay connected"

    ClickMeeting offers the most value for money among all webinar platforms in this article. It is a power-packed product for online meetings and webinars ideal for individual content creators, startups, and even large companies with distributed teams.

    With ClickMeeting, you can host HD webinars and online conferences with hundreds of participants without any streaming or connectivity issues.

    It offers live, recorded, and automated webinars that you can embed to your website or host on beautifully created webinar pages.

    Participants can join your webinars from your public link, webinar invitation through SMS or email, or by dialing in.

    ClickMeting offers native integration with tools like GetResponse, HubSpot, and Zapier. You can also stream directly from ClickMeeting to your Facebook or YouTube audiences to increase your viewership. Similarly, if you want to get paid for your webinars, you can use ClickMeeting’s PayPal or PayU integration to accept payments.

    Other standard features like email notifications, page builder, custom branding, analytics, etc., are also available.

    Overall, ClickMeeting is among the most impressive webinar platforms on this list which is why it’s one of our top picks as well.

    ClickMeeting Pricing and Free Trial

    ClickMeeting offers a very generous free plan that allows you to host unlimited webinars and online meetings for up to 25 participants. It also offers up to 500 MB of storage and several other useful features.

    The pricing for its paid plans is based on the number of participants. Plus, all three paid plans come with a free 30-day trial.

    Here’s what they cost for up to 50 participants (you can increase the number)

    As you can see, for $26/month, you get unlimited webinars, HD recordings, eCommerce integration, multiple cameras, extended file storage, and a ton of other features.

    For companies that rely heavily on webinars, the Automated plan is even more enticing at $42/month. It offers all the fundamental webinar features plus advanced automation cycles.

    Overall, ClickMeeting’s pricing is quite flexible and makes it an affordable product for most businesses.

    Try ClickMeeting for Free button

    7. ON24

    ON24 homepage with a person typing on a laptop with a woman dipalyed on screen

    ON24 is an advanced audience engagement platform that offers various interactive video streaming options for medium to large-scale organizations.

    It is ideal for product demos, lead generation events, high-ticket course launches, and large online conferences with hundreds of participants.

    ON24 offers HD olive and recorded webinars with a stellar user interface. It allows you to create audience journeys similar to sales pipelines and provides advanced analytics that helps you make informed decisions.

    You can engage your webinar audience with quizzes, polls, handouts, and live chat. Plus, you can live stream your videos to several social media platforms simultaneously from your ON24 dashboard.

    Moreover, it empowers you with the relevant features to create attractive registration and thank you pages and offers a modern webinar experience to your audience.

    ON24 Pricing and Free Trial

    ON24 has not listed its pricing plans on its website. To get an exact quote based on your organization’s business needs, you’ll need to get in touch with their sales representatives.

    Try ON24 Now

    8. BigMarker

    BigMarker homepage with desktop screen displaying a woman wearing an augmented reality glasses

    BigMarker is a specialized platform for interactive, live, recorded, and automated webinars. It’s a fully web-based webinar platform which means you or your audience doesn’t have to download any application to use it.

    You can use BigMarker to host webinars for large audiences, groups, and distributed teams. Its biggest strength is its interactive video player, which comes with several advanced engagement features. For example, you can display CTA buttons and pop-ups during your webinar. Similarly, you can embed the player to your website, run polls, or show submission forms to your viewers within the video player.

    It is an ideal webinar platform to host virtual summits and large online conferences. You can include multiple hosts to a webinar, share your screen with the viewers, and offer webinars as paid products.

    BigMarker also offers advanced automation features which you can use to create an automated webinar series based on your audience behavior. Plus, you get access to detailed analytics for audience insights.

    BigMarker also offers a ton of different third-party app integrations. It supports almost every popular email marketing service and integrates with various social media, eCommerce, and landing pageapplications.

    BigMarker Pricing and Free Trial

    BigMarker offers three different paid webinar plans but doesn’t provide pricing for each.

    Try BigMarker for Free button

    9. Zoho Meeting

    Zoho is a modern video conferencing and webinar solution ideal for small businesses and eLearning professionals with a limited audience.

    It has an intuitive user interface and robust webinar features that allow you to host live and recorded webinars with various engagement features.

    To optimize your webinar performance, it offers a bandwidth preservation mode that you can switch on when using a weak connection.

    Although it’s not as advanced as some of the other products we’ve listed in this article, it’s still a good option if you’re on a tight budget or do not require advanced webinar features.

    Zoho Meeting Pricing and Free Trial

    Zoho has a simple pricing model that primarily depends on the number of webinar attendees.

    It also has a free plan that allows you to host webinars for up to 10 participants with limited features.

    If you choose the annual billing option, you can get started with Zoho webinars for as low as $9/organizer/month for 25 attendees.

    The good thing with this pricing model is that you get most of the basic webinar features even in the lowest price tier. Then, as your audience grows, you can switch to a higher plan.

    Try Zoho Meeting for Free button

    10. GetResponse

    GetResponse homepage with a man and other webinar builder examples

    GetResponse is a leading email marketing and automation platform that also offers world-class webinar features comparable to many other top webinar platforms.

    It offers unlimited webinars for up to 1000 attendees, 2-3 presenters, and up to 20 hours of webinar recordings. You also get audience engagement features like polls, emojis, Q&A, etc.

    When you combine these features with Getresponse’s email marketing capabilities, landing page features, site builder, themes, and automation features, it becomes a desirable option.

    It is particularly useful for content creators and online course sellers looking for a high-quality webinar service at an attractive price.

    However, large teams and enterprises with advanced webinar requirements may find several limitations in this product.

    Pricing and Free Trial

    GetResponse offers its webinar builder as a part of its regular subscription plans. This means you’ll need to subscribe to one of their premium plans to access webinars.

    All GetResponse paid plans come with a free 30-day trial. However, webinars are not a part of the trial or the Email Marketing plan.

    You get access to webinars in the Marketing Automation plan starting from $59/month. For more participants, you’ll need to switch to a higher plan.

    Try GetResponse for Free button

    Which is the Best Zoom Alternative for Your Business?

    We’ve given you a detailed account of the best Zoom alternatives in the world. To choose the right product for your business, evaluate your business goals, budget, the number of attendees you need, and the features you’re looking for in a webinar product.

    For us, these are the five best webinar platforms from this article.

    • WebinarNinja – The best overall solution for course creators
    • WebinarJam – The most advanced features at a very affordable price.
    • Livestorm – The best alternative to Zoom for fast-growing businesses
    • Demio – The most user-friendly webinar platform with advanced marketing features.
    • ClickMeeting – The overall best value for money.

    Many of the webinar platforms we’ve discussed in this article offer a free trial. So make sure you take them for a ride before making the final call.

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