22 Best Generative AI Tools List For Content Creators (2024)

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

We are sharing some of the top generative AI tools for solving various content creation challenges. If you don’t have time to read the full list, here are some of our top picks for different AI tools by category.

Best for Content Writing
Jasper logo


A popular AI content writing tool with advanced training language models that create high-quality and unique content for specific audiences

Best Video Generator
Pictory logo


AI video generator that allows you to create, edit & repurpose high-quality video content without investing thousands of dollars in production equipment

Best Voice-Over Tool
Wondercraft AI logo

Wondercraft AI

AI voice generator built for podcasters who want to publish content at scale, with dozens of AI-generated voices in multiple languages

Best for Course Creation
Circle logo

Circle Community AI 

A robust online community management platform designed to help grow and manage your community while accelerating content creation

Best Website Builder
10Web logo


 An AI-powered website and landing page builder with a wide range of features & customizations to easily edit every aspect of your site’s design and content

How We Evaluate and Test Tools & Platforms

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Is it only us, or does it seem like a new AI tool is launched every day? With so many options, it can be daunting to try and find out which are the best on the market for content creation.

We know it can be daunting to figure this out, so we’re here to help.

Our expert team has done the research to find the best AI tools in different categories of content creation, which are covered in the rest of this article. Most of them offer free trials or free plans. So, play around with their features to find the best fit for your online business.

Best AI Tools For Creators | Our Top Picks

All the tools in this article are top quality. However, we believe the following are the best AI tools specifically for content creators, online course builders, and digital product sellers.

What Is Generative AI Software?

Generative AI is among the recent developments in consumer artificial intelligence that empowers users to instantly generate various content types using AI software products.

ChatGPT was among the first such tools launched publicly last year. Since then, hundreds of generative AI software have been launched worldwide, allowing users to write articles, create images, edit photos, generate videos, and create human-like audio.

For content creators, AI tools have simplified the most tedious and time-consuming parts of their work. You can use them to speed up your research process, generate images, and plan your content much faster, allowing you to focus more on your creative side.

However, there’s also a downside to these AI products.

With generative AI software going mainstream, regular internet users can now become professional authors, designers, painters, and content creators without being real-world experts.

So, it’s more challenging than ever for professionals with years of hands-on experience to stand out and command absolute authority in their niches.

However, magic happens when you combine real-world expertise with AI technology.

So, as an expert, you must make generative AI software a core part of your content creation process and use its capabilities to 10x your creativity and productivity.

The AI tools we share in this article will help you do that.

How To Use Any Generative AI Tool Effectively (Hint: Prompts)

Before we dive into the best AI tools list, you must understand how these products work.

Generative AI is a revolutionary technology. But its results depend entirely on your instructions, called prompts.

Prompts are instructions that describe what you want an AI tool to do for you.

You can use ChatGPT prompts for various course creation tasks. These prompts are flexible, so you change them according to your niche, target audience, and course topic.

For example, if you want to write an article about keyword research, an AI tool won’t produce quality results unless you tell it exactly how to do it.

Describe your target audience, the tone of your content, the depth of research you want in your article, and the detail in which you want to cover the topic.

So, in this case, your prompt could be something like this:

“Hey, ChatGPT, I want you to be a keyword research expert who’s also great at writing. I want you to write an article describing the step-by-step keyword research process.

My target reader already knows keyword research and has used Ahrefs and SEMRush. However, their biggest struggle is to find low-competition and high-traffic keywords for their website.

Here’s the outline I want you to follow.

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Heading 4
    • Subheading 1
    • Subheading 2
  • Conclusion

I want you to use at least one example under each sub-heading. Also, use relevant stats and quote research studies wherever it makes sense.

Keep the tone conversational and friendly but not too informal.

And most importantly, make the content actionable.

Now start writing.”

That’s a small example of a prompt for ChatGPT, one of the most popular generative AI tools.

But one prompt to get you there.

It usually takes 4-5 prompts to improve your content and generate the desired quality.

Most generative AI tools work that way, including image generators and AI writers.

So, when using these tools, you must adopt an iterative approach, continuously improve your prompts, and generate better results.

And before using AI content, make sure it goes through a human check to detect and correct any inaccuracies.

You can also humanize AI content, which means infusing your AI-generated text with personality, value, and relatability.

Let’s now dive straight into some of the best AI tools that can produce jaw-dropping content for all kinds of online businesses.

The Best AI Tools For Content Writing

AI content writing tools allow you to generate different types of online content, including blog posts, press releases, online course outlines, landing page copy, and social media posts.

It’s the most popular software category in the generative AI space and has already seen hundreds of new products and tools.

However, AI content isn’t always unique or accurate, and its results depend on the quality of your prompts. This is why you should manually check AI-generated content and improve its quality to match your desired results.

Among free AI content writers, ChatGPT is the best option.

However, if you want to generate a large volume of AI content in higher quality, consider one of the following AI content writing tools.

1.    Jasper (formerly Jarvis)

Jasper homepage
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Core Functions: Generate tailored AI content for blogs, landing pages, and assets across the marketing funnel.

Pricing: Starts from $39/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, a 7-day free trial

Jasper is the most popular premium AI content writing tool, which has been around for several years. However, it has drastically improved its content quality since partnering with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and accessing GPT 4, the most advanced AI language model.

Jasper has trained its AI technology for specific use cases. For example, it has content creation templates for blog articles, product reviews, landing pages, social media copy, advertisements, and email campaigns.

Because of its advanced training language models, Jasper creates high-quality content for specific audiences. You can change your content tone and style and tell Jasper to format it according to your needs.

To make your task easier, Jasper provides a long list of pre-designed AI prompts you can use to generate exactly the kind of content you want.

If you run a large publishing business, you can train Jasper specifically to understand your brand’s voice, tone, style, features, and USPs. This helps you create much more accurate content tailored to your audience.

Read our complete Jasper review.

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2.    Frase

Frase homepage
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Smart AI for Smarter SEO
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Core Functions: Research, generate, and optimize AI content for SEO

Pricing: Starts from $14.99/month

Free Plan/Trial: No, but it offers a 5-day trial for $1

Frase is an AI content generator for content marketers and SEO professionals. It is specifically designed to generate accurate, well-researched, and fully optimized blog posts and landing pages.

Frase helps you at each step of your SEO content creation process.

Research: Allows you to analyze SERP competitors by highlighting word count, DA, headings, and other vital metrics.

Outline: Generates one-click outlines and content briefs by pulling headings and keywords from the top-ranking pages.

Write: Lets you generate blog post intros, conclusions, and content for specific headings.

Optimize: Suggest keywords to include your content based on SERP analysis for your target topic.

Whether you’re growing a blog, running affiliate sites, or working with freelance writers, Frase is an excellent tool to streamline your SEO content production in a collaborative environment.

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3.    Writesonic

Writesonic homepage
Best AI Content Platform for SEO Content

Core Functions: Generate, edit, and paraphrase AI blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, and online content across the marketing funnel.

Pricing: Starts from $19/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, offers a free plan with limited features

Writesonic is one of the most impressive AI content-writing tools on this list. We extensively used and tested its features and found it among the most accurate and creative AI content generators.

Writesonic’s core strengths are AI blog content and website copy. You can use it to generate content for your site’s homepage, landing pages, email campaigns, and blog.

It offers several unique content generation features. For example, its content summarizer can generate unique short articles from your long-form content.

Similarly, its SEO keywords generator analyzes the SERPs for your topic and suggests keywords and phrases you should include in your content.

Bulk content production and fact-checking are other impressive features that make Writesonic an ideal tool for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and anyone in the online publishing business.

Writesonic also provides templates for different types of content, including blog posts, social media ads, product descriptions, emails, landing pages, and newsletters.

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4.    GrammarlyGO

Grammarly homepage
Your Context, Your Voice, Your Assistant
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Core Functions: AI-based content editing and short-form text generator

Pricing: Starts from $12/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, GrammarlyGO is available in Grammarly’s free plan

Grammarly is the world’s most popular online grammar checker. It recently introduced GrammarlyGO, an AI writing assistant that accelerates your writing process by suggesting words, editing voice, and generating content passages.

Unlike other tools in this list, GrammarlyGO is a browser extension that works in any website’s text editor.

So, whether you’re using Gmail, writing a Facebook post, or publishing content on a forum, GrammarlyGO is there to help you.

One of our favorite things about GrammarlyGO is that it tailors its suggestions based on your voice, brand style, and content type.

Voice screenshot
Formality: Casual
Tone: Personable and Empathetic
Use this Voice button

Once you configure your voice settings, GrammarlyGO analyzes your content and suggests changes accordingly.

However, despite being the best online grammar checker and AI writing assistant, Grammarly isn’t perfect. So, don’t accept its suggestions without questioning them. Sometimes, its AI model can suggest irrelevant or isolated changes that don’t fit well in your content.

But overall, it’s a pretty handy tool to have as a content creator.

5.    Koala

Koala homepage
Blue botton to Try KoalaWriter for Free

Core Functions: Long-form AI articles for content-heavy sites

Pricing: Starts from $9/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, as a free trial user, you can create a limited number of articles.

Koala is another excellent AI content writer built for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and content creators.

If you run websites that earn from advertising or affiliate programs, you probably publish a lot of content every month.

Koala can drastically increase your content production speed, quality, and accuracy.

Built by bloggers and content marketers, Koala’s AI models are trained to create SEO-focused content in large volumes.

It allows you to analyze your SERP competition and target relevant keywords to create high-performing content in minutes.

Compared to the other tools we’ve covered in this article; Koala excels at long-form content. It uses GPT 4.0 to create tailored content for your audience using examples, data references, analogies, and any other features you want.

Plus, it includes content templates for comparisons, listicles, reviews, how-tos, and other article types.

In short, if you publish large volumes of content every month, Koala is worth considering as an AI content generator.

You can view Koala’s content samples here.

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6.    Copy.AI

Copy.AI homepage
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Core Functions: Generate AI copy for emails, landing pages, ads, and blog posts.

Pricing: Starts from $49/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, you can write up to 2000 words in the free plan.

Copy.AI is among the earliest AI content generators, along with Jasper. It is a 360-degree AI content writer that generates blog posts, emails, landing pages, ad copy, and other forms of written content.

In addition, it also has a translation feature that allows you to create multilingual content for your sites.

One of its advanced features is AI workflows that allow you to automate SEO blog creation by integrating Copy AI with your keyword research tool. But it’s still in its early stages.

We’ve used Copy.AI to create several test articles and landing pages, and its results are pretty impressive. However, you must provide the tool with detailed prompts and use its templates to make your job easier.

Otherwise, you might repeatedly generate thin or inaccurate content.

Compared to Koala and Jasper, we found Copy.AI slightly more complex, especially for creating long-form content. But once you understand how it works, you can use it as a reliable tool for creating accurate first drafts.

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Our Choice: Jasper

The other AI content generators do a great job as well. But Jasper is ahead of them in quality, ease of use, and features. So, if you’re an online course creator, we recommend choosing Jasper as your AI-content writing tool.

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The Best AI Tools For Video Generation & Editing

If you’re camera-shy, want to start a faceless YouTube channel, or publish videos in bulk, AI video generators and editors will do the job for you.

AI video generators specialize in different types of videos. Some create videos from simple text prompts, while others offer human-like presenters to engage your viewers. See our list of the best AI video generators and editors for creators.

Let’s discuss them in more detail.

7.    Pictory

Pictory homepage
Free Trial button
Video to see pictory in action

Core Functions: Text to AI-video generation, AI-video editing, voiceovers, and transcription.

Pricing: $23/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, the free plan allows up to 3 AI videos

Pictory is a classic example of how generative AI can transform an industry. It’s an AI video generator and editor that allows you to create, edit, and repurpose high-quality video content without investing thousands of dollars in production equipment or studio.

With Pictory, you can generate videos in various ways.

For example, you can provide Pictory with a script that it converts into a video using visuals, background soundtracks, and voiceover automatically selected by AI.

Pictory can also fetch your published articles and blog posts from their URLs and convert them into videos.

However, despite generating videos automatically, Pictory allows you to customize and edit your content at every step. For example, you can change the visuals for any scene or choose a different soundtrack from the one selected by AI.

Similarly, you can use your voice recording instead of an AI-generated voice for narration.

Other great features include auto-video summarization that converts longer videos into short clips.

Pictory isn’t perfect, of course.

It lacks the advanced editing features in Adobe Photoshop and other similar tools.

But that’s not what it is designed to do.

Pictory’s strength is that it quickly converts your text content into videos and allows you to publish a large number of videos without showing your face or investing thousands in production.

Read our full Pictory review.

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8.    Fliki

Fliki homepage
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Core Functions: Text to AI-video generation, AI-video editing, voiceovers and transcription.

Pricing: $28/month, $21/month on yearly plan

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, the free plan allows you to create up to 5 minutes of AI video content.

Fliki is quite similar to Pictory and offers very impressive text-to-video features. However, its results aren’t as high-quality as Pictory.

Still, it’s a good option because it offers advanced audio processing features. You can call it a good AI video tool with excellent AI-audio capabilities.

For example, its text-to-audio feature allows you to create podcasts and audio files from your blog posts and scripts.

Similarly, it offers a wide range of AI voiceover accents and styles.

However, its video generator also does the job, but we found it slightly harder to use because it splits your script into separate scenes, which makes editing harder.

Overall, Fliki is an excellent option to consider if you want to create a faceless YouTube channel or grow your social media following with AI videos.

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9.    Descript

Descript homepage
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Core Functions: AI video editing, text-to-audio conversion, screen recording.

Pricing: Starts from$12/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, the free plan gives you limited access to Descript’s features.

Descript is a complete AI audio and video generation tool for modern creators. It automatically transcribes your videos and allows you to turn them into studio-quality audio podcasts and recordings.

Its video editor comes with multiple tracks for visuals and sounds, giving you complete control over your content’s appearance. In addition, you can use its vast stock library to add images, videos, and audio files to create eye-catching videos.

Apart from its AI features, Descript offers screen recordings and video publishing features. In short, it’s a one-window solution for all your podcasting and video generation needs.

Read our full Descript review.

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10.                   Synthesia

synthesia homepage 
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Core Functions: Realistic AI video presenters, voiceover, and editing.

Pricing: Starts from$22/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, you can create one video for free.

If you want to create engaging AI videos with human-like presenters without facing the camera yourself, Synthesia is the tool you need.

It is an AI video platform that converts your text content into videos and provides you with a wide range of avatars (AI presenters).

Synthesia is ideal for online course creators who want to present their content without showing their faces. You can simply copy/paste your script or pull content from a webpage and transform it into an AI video with Synthesia.

However, we still feel that creating complete courses or longer videos with Synthesia isn’t effective for now because, despite the realistic avatars and AI voices, its content sounds monotonous and robotic.

So, the better approach is to use it for short YouTube videos and repurposing content on different social media platforms.

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Our Choice: Pictory

Pictory offers the ideal balance between convenience and features. For online course sellers and content creators, it is the perfect AI video tool to quickly create videos and repurpose content for different platforms to grow their audience.

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The Best AI Tools For Image Creation & Photo Editing

Image generators and photo editors are the second most popular AI tools category behind content writers.

But they’re fascinating because they turn your text instructions into unbelievably realistic images and make complex editing changes to your work faster than you can blink.

Like AI text generators, image creators also require detailed prompts to understand your intent and create what you want.

So, which AI image generators and editors are the best? Let’s find out.

11.                   Midjourney

midjounrey homepage with blue swirls and logo on it

Core Functions: Realistic AI image generator

Pricing: Starts from$10/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, but it only works for free members when enough server resources are available (which never happens).

Midjourney is the most fascinating AI image generator that shows you the true power of this generative AI technology. It is based inside a Discord channel where you can simply describe the image you want, and it transforms your instructions into a realistic image.

Here’s an example showing how Midjourney works.

Midjourney Bot page with an image of a house

As you can see, Midjourney has created this image based on shingle line instruction from a user.

With more descriptive instructions, it makes better images.

Midjourney empowers you to create stunning visuals for social media posts, blog content, and digital products. Its capabilities are limited not by its features but by your imagination.

And the best part? It’s improving all the time.

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12.                   DALL-E 2

Dall-E2 homepage
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Core Functions: Realistic AI image generator

Pricing: Free

DALL-E2 is an AI image generator by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and the recent revolution in generative AI technology.

With DALL-E2, you can create unbelievably realistic photos, images, paintings, and illustrations by entering descriptive text prompts.

Its results aren’t as realistic or accurate as Midjourney, but it’s still a mighty helpful product, especially considering it’s free.

Here’s a sample image created with a simple text prompt using DALL-E2

4 images of a cat snuggled w/a dog

You can use DALL-E2 to create unique illustrations and images for your blog content, online courses, and social media profiles.

It also has a photo editor but isn’t as robust as its image generator and offers limited options.

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13.                   Adobe Photoshop

Adobe homepage
Free trial and Learn more buttons
image of road into ocean into sky wiht an arrow over Generate

Core Functions: Professional photo editor and illustrator

Pricing: Starts from $20.99/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a 7-day free trial.

Adobe Photoshop has long been the top photo editing software for professional graphic designers, front-end developers, and creative artists.

So, unsurprisingly, Photoshop also leads the way in AI image generation and editing.

With enhanced generative AI features, the latest Adobe Photoshop allows you to transform images, remove/generate backgrounds, and make changes to your photos that weren’t easily possible.

For example, you can change a person’s expressions, direction, features, and image quality.

Similarly, you can use the Generative Expand feature to extend your images so naturally, no one could ever tell.

However, Photoshop is a professional design tool with a learning curve. So, if you’ve never used it before, you need to understand its features to use it effectively.

Try Adobe Photoshop AI for Free button

Our Choice: Midjourney

While there are numerous AI image generators, Midjourney is the best of them all, specifically for digital product sellers, online course builders, and content creators. It is the most convenient way to create stunning images and transform your thoughts into a visual reality.

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The Best AI Voice Generators And Podcast Tools

If you want to automate your podcast or create professional-grade audio without hiring expensive voice artists, AI voice generators will do the job.

Like other generative AI tools, the quality of AI voices relies heavily on your input and prompts. You’ll need to choose your tone, style, accent, and other details describing the kind of audio you want to generate.

Since podcasts play a vital role in helping you build your authority as a creator, these AI tools can drastically increase your content creation speed and help grow your audience base.

Let’s discuss our favorite AI voice generators and podcast tools.

14.                   Wondercraft AI

wondercraftAI homepage
image of microphone
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Core Functions: AI voice generator and podcast creator

Pricing: Starts from $29/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a free plan with limited features.

Wondercraft is any podcast creator’s dream platform.

It is an AI voice generator built for podcasters who want to publish content at scale. It provides you with dozens of AI-generated voices in multiple languages and allows you to transform your text content into HD audio files.

So, you no longer need an expensive studio setup to launch a podcast.

Simply grab one of your blog posts or email newsletter, and Wondercraft will convert it into an audio file.

But that’s not all.

Using generative AI features, Wondercraft can expand your blog posts and scripts and add new information while staying consistent with your style and tone.

You can even upload your audio recording, and Wondercraft will process it to create your AI-generated voice.

Once you generate an audio file, you can use Wondercraft to design an audiogram or publish your podcast directly to all the mainstream podcast directories.

In short, if you’re looking for a world-class AI voice generator, Wondercraft is worth checking out.

Read our complete Wondercraft review.

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15.                   Podcastle

Podcastle homepage
Podcasting made easy
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Core Functions: AI-powered podcast recorder, editor, and voice generator

Pricing: Starts from $11.99/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a free plan with limited features.

Podcastle is a specialized podcast recording and editing platform with thousands of customers worldwide. But now, it offers a wide range of AI features, transforming it into a complete audio generation platform for creators.

With Podcastle, you can record and edit your podcasts using AI features such as filler word detection, noise reduction, and volume leveler.

You can also use it as a voice generation platform by using its text-to-audio feature, which transforms your script or blog posts into AI-generated voices.

It also offers a voice cloner that copies your voice, tone, and style to create its stunning AI clone.

Other impressive features include an audio translator that converts your content into multiple languages and a text generator that transcribes your podcasts in minutes.

And, of course, it has all the standard podcast hosting, recording, and distribution features as well.

So, if you’re looking for a one-window solution to all your AI podcasting needs, Podcastle is the tool for you.

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16.                   LOVO AI

Lovo homepage
6 images on right of people
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Core Functions: AI-voice generator and editor

Pricing: Starts from $24/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a 14-day free trial

LOVO is among the most impressive AI voice generators we’ve seen. It offers dozens of high-quality AI voices for people of all genders and ages.

Like the other tools on this list, LOVO allows you to generate audio from your script, blog posts, and different types of published content.

It also has an excellent voice cloner for users who want to generate audio in their voice. If you’re short of ideas, LOVO’s AI writer can help you develop or polish your podcast’s script.

In short, LOVO can fully automate your audio generation and podcasting business, allowing you to publish at scale.

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Our Choice: Wondercraft

Wondercraft is our choice because of its ease of use and a perfect mix of features and affordable pricing for content creators. It allows you to repurpose your existing content into podcasts, audio, and video clips and speeds up your content creation process.

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The Best AI Tools For Courses, Memberships & Communities

The AI tools we’ve discussed so far help you with various aspects of content creation. However, using generative AI, dedicated online course platforms, and membership site builders have also introduced new features.

Since these tools are tailored for online course sellers and digital product creators, their AI results are more relevant and high-quality.

Let’s discuss some of the best AI tools for course builders.

17.                   Circle

Circle homepage
spot to enter email address to start your 14-day free trial

Core Functions: AI-powered online community platform for course creators

Pricing: Starts from $89/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a 14-day free trial

Circle is among the most robust online community management platforms designed to help creators sell courses, memberships, and consultancy, while growing their audience.

Community AI is a set of generative AI features in Circle that allows you to accelerate content creation, increase content discovery, and enhance user management.

Here are the three main AI features in Circle:

Content Co-Pilot – An AI writing assistant to generate ideas, write posts, create outlines, and respond to community messages.

Auto-Transcription – Generate captions and transcriptions for your videos making them searchable in your community.

Activity Scores – Identify your most active and relevant community members based on their activities, interests, and engagement with your content.

Together, these features enable you to grow and manage your Circle community much more effectively and create timely content that resonates with your audience.

Read our complete Circle review.

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18.                   Kajabi AI Creator Hub

Kajabi AI Creator Hub homepage
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Core Functions: AI-powered online selling platform

Pricing: Its AI tools are free

Kajabi is one of the most feature-rich online course creation platforms with robust sales and marketing features.

But now, it also has AI-powered content creation features to help you beat your creative clock and publish courses faster.

Kajabi’s AI Creator’s Hub consists of the following generative AI tools.

  • Course outline generator
  • Lesson generator
  • Landing page copywriter
  • Sales email copywriter
  • Video script writer
  • Social media content writer

As the names suggest, these tools simplify content creation for various stages of the course creation and selling process.

For example, if you’re struggling to structure your course, use the outline generator to get a starting point for your course.

Similarly, if you can’t think of the main points to cover in a course lesson, let Kajabi create the content for you.

Its video scriptwriter and email copy generator are also quite useful in quickly writing text to match your business goals and audience interests.

However, this is still an evolving product, and you might need to generate text multiple times to reach the final draft. Plus, use it for idea generation only, and don’t rely on it entirely for your course content because it doesn’t cover any topic in much depth.

Ultimately, like any generative AI tool, Kajabi AI’s results are determined by your prompts. So, use descriptive prompts to help it understand what you want.

You can learn more about Kajabi’s AI tools in our detailed review.

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19.                   Teachable AI Hub

teachable homepage
Start for free button
image of a guy with laptop open

Core Functions: Online course selling platform with helpful AI features

Pricing: The AI features are free

Teachable is another one of our favorite online course platforms with world-class course creation and student management features.

It also offers several free AI tools to help you create more engaging course content for your students.

For example, it has an excellent AI quiz generator that creates different types of quizzes for your course participants based on your objectives.

We’ve covered quizzes in detail on our site because they’re a great way to enhance your course’s value and increase its completion rates.

Another excellent AI feature in Teachable is auto-generated summaries. Using this option, you can give your course participants an executive summary of a lesson or your whole course, saving their time while highlighting the gist of your content.

Other useful tools include an AI writing assistant for content creation and auto-generated subtitles for videos you upload to a Teachable lesson in your course.

If you’re already a Teachable user or plan to sell courses online, these features will come in handy.

Read our full Teachable AI review.

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20.                   Thinkific AI Creator Tools

Thinkific homepage
Black woman with glasses holding a camera
Free AI tools for ceators
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Core Functions: AI tools to help eLearning professionals create better content faster

Pricing: Free

Thinkific is among our favorite online course platforms because of its robust online learning and content creation features.

It recently introduced a set of handy AI tools to help course builders with idea generation and quick content creation.

Here are the free AI tools Thinkific offers:

  • Business Name Generator
  • Course Name Generator
  • Community Name Generator
  • Social Posts Generator
  • Group Topic Generator
  • Course Idea Generator

All these tools help accelerate your course creation process by generating quick ideas. We tested them and especially liked the Social Posts Generator and Course Idea Generator.

These tools ask you questions about your course idea, expertise, and target audience to generate their responses.

Thinkific just launched a course outline generator and plans to launch an AI logo creator and quiz generator soon.

However, as a leading online course platform, Thinkific needs to build more valuable AI tools that help course builders write better content, create high-quality videos, and understand audience needs.

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Our Pick: Circle

We extensively used Circle’s AI features and found them to be accurate and high-quality. Plus, with Circle, you can not only grow a community and build membership sites but also sell online courses, digital products, and consultancy services. So, it’s a complete e-learning package.

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The Best AI Tools For Website & Landing Page Design

Starting your own website is one of the best ways to grow your brand authority and sell high-ticket products.

Unfortunately, website designing is a specialized skill that takes years to master.

But with AI website development tools, you can create landing pages for your sales campaigns and websites for your portfolio with just a few AI prompts.

Let’s discuss our favorite AI tools for website creation.

21.                   Durable

Durable homepage
Generate your website button
Image on right
Copy on left says Build a website in 30 seconds with AI.

Core Functions: AI-powered website and landing page builder.

Pricing: Starts from $12/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a free plan with limited features.

Durable markets itself as an AI website builder. But in reality, it’s a complete business solution powered by generative AI features.

With Durable, you can create stunning business websites by answering three simple questions – your business type, location, and name.

Using AI, Durable suggests multiple website designs with images, website copy, and even a contact form.

Here’s a design we created with Durable in less than 10 seconds.

screenshot of website built in durable
Transform Your Career Today
Our Services

You can customize its designs or click regenerate to get more options.

In addition, it provides you with detailed audience analytics and a robust CRM system to manage your business leads.

Plus, it also includes an AI writing assistant to help you create different marketing assets, lead magnets, and online content.

In short, it’s a dream platform for any content creator that simplifies website creation.

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22.                   10Web

10Web homepage
Images on right
Text on left with Generate Your Website button

Core Functions: AI-powered website and landing page builder.

Pricing: Starts from $13/month

Free Plan/Trial: Yes, it offers a free plan with limited features.

10Web is a solid website builder that has been around since 2018. However, they recently transformed into an AI site builder, completely automating the website creation process.

When we tested 10Web, we were surprised by its wide range of features and customizations. It uses generative AI technology to create the first draft of your site design based on your prompts.

Then, it redirects you to its website builder, where you can customize and edit every aspect of your site’s design and content.

One of our favorite features in 10Web is the ability to replicate other websites. This allows you to quickly create sites you admire and customize them according to your business.

Apart from website creation, 10Web also gives you an AI content writer, marketing strategy builder, and eCommerce site assistant.

In short, if you’re looking for a robust AI website builder, 10Web is a great option.

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Our Choice: 10Web

It was a close call. 10Web is our preferred choice because of its more robust features and powerful AI capabilities for different site types. But Durable is also a fantastic option.

Read our full 10Web.io review.

Which Of These Top AI Tools Do You Use?

We’ve given you a short introduction to the best AI tools we’ve used. If you want to grow your online course and digital product business, you must embrace the AI revolution and learn to use these tools to your advantage.

Here are our top picks once again.

If you look closely, many of these tools work in tandem. For example, you can use the best content-writing tool to generate scripts. Then, use the best voiceover or podcast tools to create an audio version of your content. And then finally, upload your audio to a top video generator to create an HD video with closed captions.

In short, there has never been a better time to become an online content creator because of all the tools we have. So, forget about the technicalities of content creation and find different creative ways to publish awesome blog posts, videos, podcasts, and online courses using these AI tools.

Head shot of Learning Revolution Founder Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb, Founder of Learning Revolution

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