LearnWorlds Review 2024 | A Top All-In-One Online Course Platform

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on March 28, 2024

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Did you know the e-learning industry is a billion-dollar industry?

With the demand for online education skyrocketing, it’s time to harness the power of LearnWorlds, an all-in-one online course platform.

In this comprehensive LearnWorlds review, we’ll dive into the world of LearnWorlds and explore its many adjustable features and functionalities.

Whether you’re an educator looking to build an expertise-based business, a trainer, or an entrepreneur looking to create and sell online courses, LearnWorlds offers a user-friendly platform packed with innovative tools.

Let’s take a look at all the features that this standout all-in-one platform has to offer in this detailed LearnWorlds review.

LearnWorlds Overview: Exploring the All-in-One Online Course Platform

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online course platform that helps edupreneurs, coaches, and organizations create, sell, promote, and monetize courses. It comes with all the tools you need to build a course, including a course and site builder with pre-built templates, allowing you to easily design and customize your course website without the need for coding or design skills.

Plus, you can sell your courses directly on the platform, with varied options for pricing. It also provides built-in marketing tools, including landing pages, affiliate management, coupons, and lead magnets like eBooks to help you promote your courses and attract learners.

LearnWorlds is not just a course creation platform; it’s an all-rounder that offers a multitude of features. It boasts an impressive video player that supports interactive videos with auto-generated transcripts and subtitles.

Moreover, it stands out from other learning management systems by supporting EU-specific payment gateways, catering to a wider audience.

Another major standout feature? LearnWorlds is SCORM compliant. Being SCORM compliant means that LearnWorlds is compatible with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), a widely used standard for e-learning content.

LearnWorlds’ SCORM compliance enables you to seamlessly import and use SCORM packages, integrating with existing SCORM-compliant content and authoring tools (read more about the importance of SCORM in e-learning here).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s dive deeper into the platform to explore its extensive features and tools.

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LearnWorlds Features and Functionality: Unlocking the Potential

Course Creation Tools

Here’s a detailed review of LearnWorlds’ course creation tools:

1. Course Builder

With LearnWorlds’ course builder and site builder, you’ll quickly become familiar with the platform in just 15-20 minutes.

Once you’re comfortable, making adjustments, configuring course settings, and moving elements around becomes much more effortless.

As you open the dashboard, you must hit the “Create Course” button. It will initiate a step-by-step process that guides you through the course creation journey – from designing the layout to uploading content and configuring the pricing.

You’ll be prompted to enter your title and URL and configure the course access to determine how learners can access the course. These options include Paid, Draft, Coming Soon, Enrollment Closed, Free, and Private (more on this later).

If you opt for a paid course, you can set the price, and there’s also an option to offer a discounted price to incentivize learners to enroll.

One of the notable aspects is the inclusion of a preview of how it will appear and helpful tips throughout the course creation process. For instance, when setting the price, you’ll receive tips on effective pricing strategies to maximize your course’s value.

Course price screenshot
Give a price to your course
This is the starting price of your course.

Red box around Nice reading w3 different pricing strategies

After that, you’ll have to pick the cover image and the course description and choose whether you want to drip-feed your course. Content drip functionality allows you to schedule the release of course content over time. You can choose to drip by days (i.e., 1 week, 2 weeks) or by specific dates. And to schedule the timely release of your content, there’s an option to set up email reminders.

After this, you’ll see a preview of your course layout with different sections you can customize and edit.

LearnWorlds’ course builder makes it super easy to modify the layout of course pages. For example, you can choose from different page layout options, rearrange content blocks, and determine the placement of various course elements.

Screenshot of Page 
New Course
John Smith, Head of cz, salesforce
Alignment Center
LearnWorlds course site builder

You can also add different elements to your course pages wherever you want. The platform offers a range of visually appealing pre-designed elements for showcasing products, media and text, call-to-action buttons, events & calendars, FAQs, forms, pricing tables, and even creating pre-launch sections.

Add section
Create your online course
LearnWorlds course page elements

And this is just scratching the surface.

Here’s everything else you can add (and customize) to your course layout:

  • Additional Pages: Customize pre-designed templates to add additional pages like About Us, Contact Us, Pricing, Blog, Thank You, etcetera.
  • Course Appearance: Change the appearance of the columns (including the font, alignment, colors, and overall layout.).
  • Conversion Funnel: Create a conversion funnel to visualize the flow and conversion path of potential customers into paying customers.
  • Popups: Add a popup using pre-built templates to collect emails, display promotional offers & Coupons, notifications & announcements, Welcome Users, and more.
  • Navigation Menu: Customize the navigation menu to suit your course structure and requirements. You can define the menu structure, including main sections, sub-sections, and links to important course components.

It also has a hierarchical structure to help you organize course materials into modules and lessons, ensuring seamless navigation for learners.

My New School
Course 2 Save
Red box around:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Arrow with red arrow to Add multiple sections for your course
LearnWorlds course section dashboard

You can start by adding various content types to your sections, including interactive videos, documents, presentations, images, PDFs, and audio files, directly into the Course Builder. This also includes embedding videos from hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia, as well as SoundCloud audio.

Here are other media types you can add to your course sections:

  • Conduct a 1:1 session or group session in your connected Calendly account.
  • Exams (including Graded SCORM, text assignment, file assignment, video assignment, or audio assignment). Or you can create something from scratch.
  • Live sessions (including Zoom meeting, Zoom webinar, and Webex meeting).
  • Self-assessment options
  • Forms
  • Certificates
  • Embed any external link in the course player
Add learning activity
Images and text of 
LearnWorlds multimedia elements

It’s also SCORM compliant and lets you create your own content using the built-in ebook authoring tool or the HTML editor.

Also, LearnWorlds latest innovation, the AI Assistant, utilizes the new cutting-edge generative AI technology to help youenhance course content creation and student engagement.

In summary, the course builder is user-friendly and offers impressive features. While the dashboard could benefit from a more modern look, the platform’s extensive range of features more than compensates for this.

Remember to use the code “LEARNREV2046″ when checking out at LearnWorlds and get 20% off the first 6 months of a Pro Trainer plan or higher!

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2. Learner’s Engagement and Interactive Elements

LearnWorlds provides an impressive interactive video editor that includes the automatic generation of transcripts and subtitles, resulting in an immersive learning experience. You can also include elements like text, CTAs images, thumbnails, watermarks, course player’s skin, offers, and navigational buttons inside your videos.

Course creators can also set custom completion rules – i.e., conditions a learner has to meet for this learning activity to be considered ‘completed.’ This will help both instructors and course viewers set a benchmark to measure their progress and success.

Another standout feature is the inclusion of gamified questions. Instructors can pose interactive questions in between the course and then allow LearnWorlds’ to change the flow of the video based on learners’ answers.

Aside from the interactive video editor, LearnWorlds’ allows you to add and create custom quizzes and assessments within your courses. You can design quizzes with various question types, including multiple choice (with text, image, as well as video options), drop-down, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, and the like.

Built-in tips by LearnWorlds with red arrow to
To modify the appearance of similar elements across the whole assessment go to Design > Typography
LearnWorlds assessment/quiz builder

Other assessment options include:

  • Match and ordering
  • Short text
  • Text assignment
  • File assignment
  • Record video/audio
  • Content blocks  

These assessment options can come in handy to test learner knowledge, reinforce key concepts, and provide immediate feedback to learners.

Of the various top online course platforms I’ve reviewed and used, LearnWorlds stands out as one of the top choices for its extensive range of assessment options and interactive video elements.

And that’s not it.

LearnWorlds has tons of other elements that you can add to your courses to create an interactive online school, including:

  • Surveys and Feedback Forms: You can create customized forms to collect feedback, opinions, or suggestions from learners. You can also use these forms to cross-sell and upsell, gather leads, collect NPS (Net Promoter Scores), analyze the demographics of your learners, and a lot more.
  • Discussion Forums: LearnWorlds offers discussion forums where learners can engage in interactive discussions with fellow learners. Instructors can also moderate and participate in discussions to foster a sense of active learning and peer-to-peer interaction.
  • Webinars and Live Streaming: LearnWorlds provides native integration with Zoom and Webex to help you conduct live sessions and meetings. It also enables course viewers to schedule a 1:1 session or reserve their spot in a group session in your connected Calendly account.
  • Set Custom User Roles: LearnWorlds allows you to create custom user roles with specific permissions and access levels. Some examples include admins, instructors, seat managers, reporters, affiliates, and any custom user role you want.
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3. Payment Gateways and Pricing Options

LearnWorlds provides an extensive selection of payment gateway options, including Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, PagSeguro, and Klarna.

Additionally, it supports popular options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, and Afterpay/Clearpay.

What sets LearnWorlds apart is its inclusion of EU-specific payment gateways like Bancontact, Sofort, Przelewy24, iDEAL, and Giropay, which is uncommon among even many top course platforms.

This diverse range of payment options makes LearnWorlds an attractive choice for course creators looking to reach a global audience.

LearnWorlds has also got you covered when it comes to handling taxes for your courses. They provide native integration with Quaderno, a worldwide tax compliance software. With this integration, you can sit back and relax as the system takes care of the nitty-gritty tax calculations for you.

When it comes to pricing options for your audience, LearnWorlds again offers a wide range of choices.

Let’s take a quick look at what pricing options you can set for your courses:

  • One-time payments: LearnWorlds allows you to set a one-time payment for your courses. Learners can pay a single fee to gain access to the course content indefinitely.
  • Free: The course will be accessible to anyone for free. Users will be able to sign up and study the course.
  • Subscriptions: You can offer subscription-based pricing for your courses, providing learners with ongoing access to the course content for a recurring fee. LearnWorlds supports different subscription models, including monthly, annual, and more.
Create subscription plan
Subscription plan name a)
Details b) price
Description C)
Courses to include d)
LearnWorlds subscription plan
  • Free Trial: You can also have a free trial period. You can also disable or enable requesting credit card details when you offer trial days.

4. Other Digital Products & Offerings

LearnWorlds offers multiple options for selling digital products beyond traditional courses. You also have the flexibility to monetize your expertise and content differently.

For instance, you can create bundles or packages that combine multiple courses or digital products together. This offers customers a convenient way to purchase multiple offerings at a discounted price, increasing the perceived value.

Our Great Offer
Course Bundle 1
add your short description here

Alignment - Center
LearnWorlds bundle page editor

You can also create membership programs where learners can access exclusive content using the subscription model, configuring drip content, and setting up different access levels. 

Here are some more digital products you can offer on the platform:

  • Ebooks and PDFs: You can create and sell ebooks or PDF guides on a specific topic to complement your courses or as standalone products.
  • Video Lessons: Apart from full-fledged courses, you can sell individual video lessons or mini-courses to cater to learners who prefer shorter content or specific topics.
  • Coaching and Consultation Services: If you offer personalized coaching or consultation services, you can use LearnWorlds to sell and manage these services alongside your courses.
  • Webinars and Live Events: LearnWorlds allows you to sell access to webinars, live training sessions, or virtual events.
  • Other Digital Downloads: You can also sell digital downloads like audio files and presentations that supplement your course content.

Just like with everything else, with LearnWorlds, you’ve got a wide variety in terms of digital products you can sell as well.

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Customization Options

Templates and Themes

LearnWorlds comes with ready-to-use outline templates that offer a structured framework that serves as a starting point for designing your course content.

These outline templates include:

  • Assessment Courses
  • Presell Courses
  • Orientation Courses
  • Mini Courses
  • Live Courses
  • Demonstrations/Workshops
  • Professional Training Courses
  • The X Days Challenge Courses
  • Certification Courses
  • Spotlight/Niche Topic Courses
  • Traditional Academic Courses
  • Drip Feed Courses
  • Conceptual Change Courses
  • Hybrid Courses
  • Series of Invited Talks Courses
  • Selling Digital Goods or Extra Services
  • Complimentary to Physical Products Courses
  • Bonus Courses

Aside from course outlines, LearnWorlds also provides a wide range of elements and themes for your course pages. These templates provide a solid foundation for your course content and can be customized to match your branding and style.

You can also add as many pages as you want (and make them your own with minimal tweaking).

For example, you’ll get attractive pre-designed templates for pages like:

  • Landing page
  • 1-Click Sales Funnel
  • Courses
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Pricing
  • Blog
  • Error
  • Thank You
Create Page Screenshot
LearnWorlds course page templates

With LearnWorlds’ layout designer, you can fully customize the look and feel of your online course.

You can choose from various color schemes, fonts, and layouts or create your own unique design. This allows you to create a branded learning environment.

An impressive feature of the editor is the ability to modify the layout while simultaneously previewing the changes, resulting in a seamless and cohesive editing experience.

With red arrow pointing to Layout
LearnWorlds course layout editor

And as we’ve already discussed above, you can add various elements such as text, images, videos, and interactive elements directly using the course builder.

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Branding and White-Labeling

With LearnWorlds, you can easily upload your logo and customize the color scheme and typography throughout your online school.

The white-labeling option also lets you remove LearnWorlds’ branding and logos from your online school. This gives you complete control over the branding and allows you to present the platform as your own.

However, note that full white-labeling is only available with the relatively pricier “Learning Center” plan that starts at $249 per month.

Once you opt for the Learning Center plan, here’s everything you’ll get for complete white-labeling of your course:

  • A fully white-label mobile app
  • No trace of LearnWorlds branding
  • A custom domain
  • Branding in login/signup screens
  • Branded email notifications

If having complete control over branding and presenting your online course as entirely your own is a priority, then this is definitely worth considering.

However, if you have a smaller audience or are just starting out, you can upgrade to the higher price of the “Learning Center” plan later on.

Third-party Integrations

LearnWorlds integrates with various third-party tools and platforms to enhance its functionality and provide users with a seamless experience.

These integrations include major payment gateways, analytics platforms for tracking user behavior, customer service tools, email marketing platforms for automated campaigns, CRM platforms for effective customer management, and more.

And if you still can’t find your preferred tool, LearnWorlds offers integration with Zapier to help you integrate thousands of apps and services. With the Zapier integration, you can create custom workflows and automate tasks between LearnWorlds and other supported applications.

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E-commerce and Marketing Tools

1. Conversion Funnel

One aspect that stands out about LearnWorlds is how versatile they are when it comes to course page elements, student assessment options, themes, and now even conversion funnel templates.

You’ll get to choose from multiple ready-to-use marketing funnel templates that cater to different scenarios and marketing goals.

For example, if you want to capture leads and build your email list, there are templates specifically designed for creating lead magnets or opt-in forms.

Or, if you’re selling a course or hosting a webinar, LearnWorlds provides templates to streamline the registration process and generate excitement for your event.

Create Funnel
Sell a course
Sell a course 2
LearnWorlds conversion funnel templates

What’s more, these templates have a modern and visually appealing design. The great thing is that if there’s anything you don’t like or want to change, you have the flexibility to easily move elements around and add your personal touch.

2. Email Marketing Integration

LearnWorlds does not have an in-built email marketing system of its own.

However, it seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, and Moosend.

This integration allows you to leverage the advanced features and functionalities of these platforms directly within your LearnWorlds account.

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3. Coupons & Discounts

Like everything else, LearnWorlds makes it easy to create and customize coupons to offer discounts to your learners.

You can control the coupon’s name, code, discount value (percentage or fixed amount), expiration date, redemption limits, and more.

Create Course/Bundle Promotion
LearnWorlds coupon builder

LearnWorlds also allows you to generate multiple unique coupon codes in bulk. This feature is particularly useful when you want to distribute coupons to a large audience or run marketing campaigns where each recipient receives a unique code.

4. Affiliate Management

After creating your course, one of the most challenging tasks is building awareness and reaching the right target audience. Seems like LearnWorlds understands this, and that’s why they offer an affiliate management program to help you promote your courses.

This way, existing learners can become your brand ambassadors and bring more customers to your online course.

You can define the terms and conditions, commission rates, and payout rules for your affiliates. This allows you to incentivize others to promote your courses and earn a commission for every successful referral.

Another bonus is the LearnWorlds affiliate dashboard to help you track your affiliates. You can view data on revenue, clicks, commissions, and overall affiliate performance.

Affilates performance screen
Revenue Sales Ref Link clicks
Referred customers Leads Affiliates
12 Jun 2024 revenue: $0
LearnWorlds affiliate performance dashboard

5. Analytics and Reporting

LearnWorlds has separate dashboards for various course metrics.

For starters, you’ll get insights into user progress, user segments, revenue, canceled sales, and a lot more. You can also track exam results, generate grade reports, and monitor learner progress to provide feedback on their performance.

You’ll also get access to detailed course-level analytics, giving you a deep understanding of how your courses are performing. You can track metrics like the number of enrollments, top courses, most dropped-out courses, and the like.

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LearnWorlds Customer Support

To begin, LearnWorlds provides a robust knowledge base that serves as a self-help resource for creators.

It contains a wide range of articles, tutorials, and guides that cover various topics related to using the platform. Users can search for specific topics or browse through the categories to find answers to their questions.

They also host daily live webinars and sessions about various features, best practices, and new updates. These sessions offer valuable insights and tips to help users make the most of the platform and enhance their courses.

There’s also 24/5 e-mail support available regardless of the subscription plan. As you upgrade your subscription, you’ll also get premium onboarding support, a dedicated customer success manager, and 24/7 premium support.

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds offers four paid plans to cater to the needs of different creators and their needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

●     Starter Plan:

The Starter Plan starts at $24 per month (billed annually) or $29 monthly (billed monthly). There’s also an additional fee of $5 per course sale.

This plan includes essential features like unlimited courses (only paid) and the ability to create knowledge products, paid courses, eBook builder, exams and quizzes, 1-on-1 and group sessions, drip courses, and limited site builder.

●     Pro Trainer Plan:

The Pro Trainer Plan costs $79 per month (billed annually) or $99 monthly (billed monthly).

The Pro Trainer plan includes all the features of the Starter plan plus additional features like the complete site builder, survey builder, customizable course player, 20 SCORMs / HTML5, Zapier integration, and more.

●     Learning Center Plan:

The Learning Center Plan is LearnWorlds’ most comprehensive plan, starting at $249 per month (billed annually) or $299 per month (billed monthly).

The Learning Center plan includes all the features of the Pro Trainer plan plus additional features like interactive videos, auto-transcripts & subtitles, full white-labeling, API integration, and premium onboarding from their customer service team.

There’s also a 30-day free trial with all the plans and a custom plan for high volume and corporate use. The fact that all plans offer unlimited video hosting is another bonus.

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LearnWorlds Pros & Cons

LearnWorlds Pros:

  • Intuitive Course Builder: With pre-designed templates and ready-to-use elements, LearnWorlds course builder makes it easy to create and customize engaging online courses.
  • Interactive Learning Elements: The platform provides a range of interactive learning elements like quizzes, assessments, and assignments. These features enhance learner engagement and help you assess their progress effectively.
  • Impressive Video Player: LearnWorlds’ video player supports interactive videos with auto-generated transcripts and subtitles. This feature improves accessibility and facilitates navigation within the video content.
  • Diverse Payment Gateways: LearnWorlds integrates with various payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, and EU-specific options. This flexibility allows you to offer different payment options to your learners and reach a global audience.
  • Built-in Marketing Tools: LearnWorlds includes built-in marketing tools like customizable landing pages and affiliate management. These tools help you promote and sell your courses effectively.
  • Mobile App: LearnWorlds offers a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This allows people to access your course materials and complete activities conveniently from their mobile devices.
  • SCORM Compliance: LearnWorlds is SCORM compliant, which means you can import SCORM content into the platform and deliver interactive e-learning modules with ease.


LearnWorlds Cons:

  • Limited Email Marketing: Although LearnWorlds integrates with popular email marketing platforms, it does not have an in-built email marketing system. This means you’ll need to rely on third-party email marketing tools for more advanced email campaigns.
  • Learning Curve: While the platform is user-friendly overall, some users may experience a learning curve when starting with the course builder and advanced features. That said, there’s a detailed knowledge base to help creators if they get stuck somewhere.
  • Transaction Fee: LearnWorlds charges transaction fees in its “Starter” plan, but this fee is not applicable to higher-tier plans. This may be a drawback for users on the lower-priced plan who want to minimize transaction costs.
  • Limited Site Builder in Starter Plan: The “Starter” plan also has limited site builder capabilities compared to higher-priced plans.

These pros and cons provide a snapshot of the LearnWorlds platform. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, making it a favorable choice for creating and selling courses.

However, if there are specific cons that are non-negotiable for you, there are plenty of alternative platforms available to explore. It’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when making a decision.

LearnWorlds Alternatives

To help you give a more comprehensive picture of LearnWorlds, we compared it to some of its counterparts. Let’s see how it stack up against other platforms on the market.

Here’s a quick overview of LearnWorlds alternatives:


Thinkific needs no introduction in the learning community. It’s one of the most popular online course platforms that allows users to create, market, and sell engaging courses and online communities.

It offers a range of features, such as customizable templates, quizzes, surveys, certificates, and the ability to create custom landing pages for their courses.

Overall, Thinkfic focuses more on marketing and selling the course, while LearnWorlds has an edge in terms of diverse assessment options.

Pricing plans start at $49 monthly ($36 per month when paid annually). There are no transaction fees, and even the starter plan allows you to create unlimited courses, enroll unlimited students, have a custom domain, and more. There’s also a free plan that allows you to build one course and an online community.

To get an in-depth insight into Thinkific, read our Thinkific review.

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Teachable is another popular alternative to LearnWorlds that provides a comprehensive platform for creating and selling online courses.

It also has a bunch of features to engage students and assess their progress, including certificates, coupons, 1:1 coaching, and graded quizzes. It also has integrated email marketing, so you don’t have to rely on third-party marketing tools to run email campaigns.

However, LearnWorlds again has an edge if your priority is to create a video-centric course thanks to the sheer number of interactive video functions.

Teachable’s pricing plans start at $59/month (or $39 per month when paid annually). The starter plan has a 5% transaction fee and allows up to 5 published products of each type (course, coaching, downloads). There’s also a freemium plan for 1 published product of each type.

For a comprehensive understanding, you might want to read our detailed Teachable review.

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Kajabi has a visual builder that allows you to easily customize your course content and design. It also provides a variety of templates and themes to choose from, enabling you to create professional-looking course pages and sales funnels.

Kajabi also includes integrated marketing tools, such as email campaigns and landing pages, to help you effectively promote your courses and engage with your audience.

In addition to course creation, Kajabi provides features for website building, email marketing, membership sites, and digital product sales. This makes it an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs looking to build and scale their online businesses.

LearnWorlds focuses on creating engaging learning experiences with a site builder, a white-labeled mobile app, and a social network community. In contrast, Kajabi offers native email marketing tools, automation, a separate mobile app for community engagement, and supports a wider range of digital products.

Kajabi’s paid plans start at $149 per month (or $119 when billed annually). The starter plan has a range of features, including no transaction fees, up to 3 products and 3 funnels, unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing emails, a contact limit of 10,000, and more. There’s no freemium plan.

Read this in-depth Kajabi review for a better understanding.

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LearnDash is a popular learning management system (LMS) for WordPress, allowing you to create and manage online courses directly within your WordPress site. It offers a range of features, such as drip content, quizzes, assignments, certificates, and advanced reporting.

One key difference between LearnDash and LearnWorlds is the level of customization and control. LearnDash gives you complete control over your course content, design, and branding since it operates within your WordPress site. This can be advantageous if you prefer a more personalized and customized learning experience.

Paid plans start at $199 per year for 1 site license.

Consider reading this LearnDash review for more details.


Podia is a suitable online course platform for relatively smaller companies that prefer a simple interface and less comprehensive features. That said, Podia offers almost everything you’d need to create, market, and sell your courses.

Key features include drip-feed content, 1:1 coaching sessions, member community, affiliate program management, and more.

Additionally, Podia offers unlimited everything, including unlimited courses, products, customers, and email marketing, regardless of your plan.

Paid plans start at $33 monthly (when billed annually). While Podia does offer a freemium plan that allows you to draft your course, it’s important to note that the ability to sell your course is available only with their paid plans.

Read our detailed Podia review to learn more.

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Whether it’s the comprehensive features of Thinkific, the email marketing prowess of Kajabi, the flexibility of Teachable, or the customization options of LearnDash, each alternative brings its own unique strengths to the table.

By evaluating these alternatives based on your specific needs and goals, you can find the perfect fit to bring your online courses to life and achieve success in the ever-expanding e-learning landscape.

LearnWorlds Unleashed – Your Path to Course Creation Success

LearnWorlds is one of the best course sales software that offers an impressive range of features and a plethora of customization options.

Whether you’re a seasoned course creator or just starting, the all-in-one platform provides the tools you need to create and sell engaging online courses.

From its intuitive course builder and interactive video editor to its extensive collection of templates and themes – all make LearnWorlds a widely diverse platform.

While it may have minor drawbacks, like transaction fees and limited site builder capabilities in the starter plan, the platform’s overall value and exceptional customer support team make it a standout choice.

Another area of improvement is the modernization of the dashboard’s appearance. However, given the overall value and features offered at its price point, any aesthetic shortcomings can be easily overlooked.

So, if you’re looking to bring your online courses to life and reach a global audience, LearnWorlds has got you covered.

And don’t forget to use the code “LEARNREV2046″ when checking out at LearnWorlds and get 20% off the first 6 months of a Pro Trainer plan or higher!

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Learning Revolution founder Jeff Cobb is an expert in online education and the business of adult lifelong learning. Over the past 20+ years he has built a thriving career based on that expertise – as an entrepreneur, a consultant, an author, and a speaker. Learning Revolution is a place where Jeff curates tips, insights, and resources to help you build a thriving expertise-based business.

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8 thoughts on “LearnWorlds Review 2024 | A Top All-In-One Online Course Platform”

    1. It would provide for a basic certificate, but you need to go up to the next level if you want to be able to customize certificates.

  1. Lawrence W. Stanfield, Ph. D

    I was a professional educator for many years. I am now retired and I am interested in creating e a complete online ministry learning environment for churches, individuals and all cultures in many languages.
    I have published several books and written professional learning materials during the 1970’s for a Christian publishing company called Alpha-Omega Publications in Tempe, Arizona.
    My wife is somewhat tech. savvy, not myself. I desire to expand the school to satellite sites globally and will therefore need much assistance walking this project out unto finalization.
    I look forward to your comments.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful review. Veri helpful.
    However, there are two aspects you didn’t talked about:
    1. Multi-idiom – I have students from more than one language. I have carefully sought for the multilanguage feature and didn’t find it.

    2. Regarding payment gateway, what are the options?

    What you can say about that?

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