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What is the Learning Revolution?

If you are an expert – coach, consultant, author, speaker, trainer – the Learning Revolution is a huge opportunity to reach and teach the world with your expertise and grow your income dramatically. There are at least three key reasons we now live in a golden age for experts and expertise-based businesses.

Global Learning Economy

We now live in a global learning economy. To succeed, people need experts to guide them in learning and re-learning.

Gap in Education System

After elementary school and higher education, most people are on their own when it comes to their ongoing learning needs. Experts who are seen as valuable resources for learning will thrive.

Online Learning is Mainstream

Because of technology, a single expert with valuable knowledge to share can reach the world – and the world is now fully ready and willing to learn online.

Tools to Help You Launch and Grow

How will you share and scale your expertise for more reach, revenue, and impact? At Learning Revolution, we help you find the right technologies to become an edupreneur and take your business to new levels.

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Learning Revolution Reviews

“For those of us who are using the “old school” model of traveling to live speaking engagements, this is the perfect tool to help us update and broaden our offerings … a Godsend for those of us running as far as we can and struggling not to fall behind.  Thank you Jeff!”

Denise Ryan
President, FireStar Speaking

Leading the Learning Revolution shows how to provide real learning—and hence real value—to your intended audience—a must read for those looking to create successful learning programs.”

Tobin Conley
Past Chair
American Society of Association Executives
Professional Development Section

“We now live in a learning economy.  This may well be the best book written on the tremendous business opportunity that represents.  As a futurist I always look for leading edge thinkers.  Jeff Cobb is certainly in that category.”

David Houle
Futurist & Author of Entering the Shift Age
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