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Last Updated on April 7, 2022

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3 thoughts on “The Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox”

  1. Dainis Graveris

    Hey Jeff, just heads up – love these resources – so nice that all is in one place, organised! Learning a lot here!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I have benefited a lot from your great contents, really appreciate you shared this information with us.

    I have a quick question for you, hope to get some suggestions from you.

    I’m mainly targeting China and Japan e-learning markets, those course authoring tools and platforms you recommended here such as Thinkific, Teachable and so on, are primarily for English speakers, and mostly, the contents would be presented in English too. I have contacted those platforms to get a sense of if they are compatible with contents in Chinese and Japanese too, the response I got from them was NO.

    And another problem is where do they actually store my contents such as audio, video, I know it is somewhere in the cloud, but my point is can my Chinese and Japanese clients access to my contents via those platforms, you know that China has an Internet Great Wall, limited all the great stuff outside, I did get messages from my Chinese clients stating that they can not access the links(Canada based) I sent them.

    So, with that being said, I would like to get some advice from you, do you know any platforms that are compatible with both English and Chinese, as well as Japanese languages. what are they?

    to solve my second problem, I did some research on finding platforms or service providers in China so that I can deploy my content on a server that is physically in China, not sure if you have heard it, called WeChat. Have you ever worked on a project that is running on WeChat platform? What would you suggest in terms of course authoring tools or LMS platforms in China?

    Thank you very much!


    1. Summer – While I am not generally a big fan of using Moodle for selling courses, I think that may be a good first option to consider in this instance – perhaps in combination with CourseMerchant. It has some of the more extensive language capabilities available for learning platforms and can handle both Chinese and Japanese. I would do some research to see if there is a Moodle partner in China, or at least in that region of the world. (Moodle itself originates in Australia, so there are bound to be some partners in that region that can handle Pacific rim countries.) I am familiar with WeChat, but it is not a platform I would typically think of in the area of course delivery. Perhaps it is possible, though, that you would be able to store your media files on WeChat and link to them within whatever course platform you end up using to structure the course experience – that’s an area, though, in which I don’t have enough experience to give meaningful advice. – Jeff

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