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By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on November 9, 2022

Chad Barr

Do you want to build a Web presence that will really convey the value you have to offer? That will build your brand and keep customers coming back over time?

Are you struggling with how to tame the “content beast” while still creating Web content that will have an impact?

We cover those questions and more in this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast with Chad Barr. Chad is an internet and business strategist and co-author, along with Alan Weiss, of Million Dollar Web Presence. He also specializes in helping experts and organizations create what he describes as a “digital empire.” You will get some great insights and tips in this show for how he does that and how, in general, you can build a much more consistent and high value presence across the Web.

Drawing on listener feedback, I also comment briefly in this show on why Learning Revolution does not tend to feature the “usual suspects” when it comes to talking about education and the education business.

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00:50 – Comments on feedback from Michael in Australia – it’s not just about the “usual suspects” here on Learning Revolution. I’d love to hear from you too. Just use the contact form to send me an e-mail.

03:20 – Introduction of Chad Barr, co-author of Million Dollar Web Presence and architect of digital empires.

04:05 – Chad discusses the top four mistakes that experts and organizations make with their Web presence.

Million Dollar Web Presence

04:24 – #1 Stagnation: they get started and then go silent.

04:48 – #2: Unremarkable content that gets a “so what” reaction.

05:30 – #3 Not leveraging content once it is created: an article, for example, can be used in many places

05:50 – #4 Lack of “evolution” – one small piece of content like a Tweet can grow into something much bigger.

07:30 – What makes for a $1M Web presence – and what’s the difference in the first place between a Web site and a Web presence? Chad provides his insights on this question.

07:471 – When Chad hears “Web site” he feels the thinking is already wrong. Don’t’ think “site,” think “ultimate repository of remarkable, provocative content.” A Web site is only one vehicle for driving your overall presence.

08:30 – Focus first on your overall strategy. Too often people focus on tactics and technology first.

09:00 – Ask “what is the remarkable content I/we can provide and what is the “wow” factor”- i.e., the look and feel of the Web site – that will attract people and encourage engagement. It’s all about leveraging content, building a platform.

09:19 – Chad discusses six elements that help with leveraging the Web site and creating a million dollar Web presence. #1 is the database/e-mail list.

Chad Barr on Leveraging Your Content

11:23 – Are there other keys to taming the content beast? How do we create effective content without driving ourselves crazy?

12:10 – The content has to be pragmatic – tips, how to’s, actionable advice. And it has to actually align with the customer’s/client’s best interests.

13:25 – Chad offers a wealth of advice on how to actually get content created. Interviewing thought leaders -as in this podcast – is part of the mix. Partnering with someone – a colleague, trusted adviser, or a professional service to get help “extracting” the content in a natural way is also a powerful approach. (Listen to the interview for others.)

17:50 – What about monetization? With so much content out there, is it getting harder to monetize content?

18:27 – Chad notes that most of the content out there is “blah.” If you are creating remarkable content in multiple formats and you do it constantly over time, then the monetization opportunities will be there. Focus on growing and strengthening your brand, and then the magic will happen.

21:38 – Chad discusses some of the tech trends he is most excited about right now. He still feels one of the most exciting things the Web offers is the ability to forge connections and build relationships. The ability to connect, form relationships, and get questions answered quickly through a global network makes “the learning experience, the developmental experience superior, therefore making it a better world for everyone.

24:10 You can find Chad at  and by e-mail at chad @ Be sure to also check out Million Dollar Web Presence and Digital Empire Creation.

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download | iTunes

The theme music for Learning Revolution is The Information Age by Anthony Fiumano, available on the Podsafe Music Network.

P.S. – If you are going to build a digital empire, you need to be serious about your home base website and put good hosting in place. Be sure to check out our round up of the best web hosting services.

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