Jasper.AI Review | How To Use AI Content For Online Courses

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on November 13, 2023

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What if you could create high-quality online courses and digital products 10x faster at much lower costs? 

With the latest advancements in AI content, it is possible.

In this article, we’ll look closely at Jasper, one of the leading AI content-creation tools. We’ll test its main features and see how it can improve the process of creating online courses and digital products. 

We’ll also discuss its use cases with examples and review its limitations and weaknesses.

Let’s dive in.

Should You Create Your Course Content With Jasper AI? | Quick Verdict

Don’t have the time to read the full review? Here’s our quick verdict.

Jasper will surprise you with its content quality, and I can honestly say it is one of the most sophisticated AI content creation tools I’ve seen. It will speed up your content creation process, help you find course ideas, create outlines, and write video scripts, landing page copy, and blog posts.

But it is not a replacement for a human writer. Any content you create with Jasper must be reviewed, improved, and finalized manually.

However, it still saves you hours in research and content creation and helps you get ahead of your competitors. So, it’s a no-brainer to start using it.

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What Is Jasper.ai?

Jasper home page: Create amazing blog posts 10X faster with AI.

Jasper is a leading AI content generator capable of creating high-quality content for websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, online courses, and for any other personal or business use within minutes.

Don’t confuse it with a content spinner or automated copywriting tool.

Jasper is a highly efficient AI content creator that uses GPT 3.5, a machine learning model trained using vast amounts of internet data to generate any type of text. This allows it to understand user intent and create human-like content on any topic with great precision and efficiency based on your commands. 

Think of it as a well-informed assistant ready to help you with content research, writing, and editing. It drastically reduces content production time and lets you focus on your core business tasks.

Here’s what you can do with Jasper.

  • Write short-form and long-form blog posts and magazine articles.
  • Research topics and understand audience needs.
  • Create course outlines.
  • Write email content and develop email marketing plans.
  • Write landing page and sales page copy.
  • Summarize books, videos, and other online resources and extract their core takeaways.

For example, I created a short blog post with Jasper in less than a minute.

Jasper One-Shot Blog Post, Blog Topic: "Best Pet Dog Breeds", Tone of voice: "friendly, informational", Intended Audience: "dog lovers, pet owners", with output of short blog post

We didn’t provide Jasper with any detailed instructions for this article, but it still produced a pretty impressive blog post based on my topic and target audience. Of course, with more detailed instructions, the output would be that much better.

This is just a small example of what Jasper is capable of doing.

Since content creation is a significant part of creating an online course or digital product, Jasper can be a real game changer for the e-learning industry. For example, you can use it to write video scripts, quizzes, templates, and content upgrades for your students. 

It can also write ad copy for your Facebook marketing campaigns or email sequences to keep your students engaged.

In short, you can use it in as many ways as you can imagine.

Let’s talk about some of its core features to understand how you can use it to create any type of content for your e-learning business.

How Jasper Works?

Jasper is an AI content generator trained over large data sets allowing it to accurately predict the content you want to create. But it’s still only a tool, and the quality and accuracy of its results depend on your input.

So, if you provide it with detailed instructions describing precisely the kind of content you want to create, your ideal reader, the problems you aim to solve, and the tone of your content, it will produce higher quality content.

But since Jasper’s primary target customers are marketers and content creators, it offers several features to help them create more accurate content.

Let’s take a closer look at these features and how you can use them for creating world-class content.

Jasper Templates

Templates are the fastest way to get started with Jasper and they allow you to create any type of content within minutes. 

Jasper’s library contains 65+ templates, including blog post outlines, blog introduction paragraphs, blog post ideas, articles, Facebook ads, Quora answers, video scripts, video outlines, and many other everyday use cases.

Templates menu, All selected, "Documents" and "Content Summarizer" highlighted in purple

Templates simplify content creation by asking questions to create a specific content type. So, once you’re inside a template, you need to fill in fields to tell Jasper about your content goals, target audience, and other necessary details like you would tell any human writer.

For example, let’s open the blog post introduction template to create an introduction paragraph.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph menu, Blog post title"7 Essential Email Marketing Sequences for SaaS Businesses", Audience "SaaS marketers, entrepreneurs, Tone of voice "casual, informative"

As you can see, it asks for your blog post title, audience type, and tone of voice. Then, once you click Generate, it instantly writes an introduction for your topic.

Jasper Blog Post Intro Paragraph example showing 2 outputs

There you go.

Jasper wrote two blog post introductions for my topic. Now, I can use them as they are or make a few edits before adding them to my article.

And in case I don’t like any of the results, I can click Generate again to get more introduction paragraphs.

Next, I can use the paragraph generator template to create the body content of my article.

Paragraph Generator template to "Generate paragraphs that will captivate your readers"

For this template, I can provide a more detailed description of my topic and what I want Jasper to write in a paragraph. Like before, Jasper gives me 2-3 paragraph results that I can use in my content.

You can use any of Jasper’s 65+ templates the same way.

Again, Jasper’s response depends on your input. So, tell it everything it needs to know to write the most relevant and high-quality content for you.

Jasper Editor (Documents)

Jasper Editor is for advanced users who like to create long-form content using a mix of different templates and commands along with their own text.

When creating a new Jasper document, you can start from scratch with a blank page or use pre-designed content workflows.

"Let's set things up: How do you want to start your document?" with option to start from scratch (freeform with any template) or start from workflows

Here’s the main difference between the two options.

Freeform (Blank Document)

If you start from scratch with a blank page, you get a list of all Jasper templates in your sidebar from where you can use them in your document.

Here’s how it appears.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph selected on menu with red box around menu options and red arrow pointing at compose area to write.

So, for example, if you create a blank page, you can use the blog intro template from the sidebar to create your introduction paragraph. Then you can grab the paragraph template to create your content. Or use any other template from the list to build your document.

Alternatively, you can write a few lines of your own content and ask Jasper to continue creating on the same angle.

Let’s ask Jasper to write an article about San Francisco’s tourist attractions.

Jasper blog post for "San Francisco Tourist Guide | How to Spend a Fun Week" with a description of what to include, red arrow pointing to "Compose" and red box around "Output length" with "L" (long) selected

As you can see, I told Jasper what I wanted from the content and who my target readers were, and it created an article for me in just a few seconds.

You can also control the output length, specifying if you want short, medium, or long-form content. 

Note that Jasper creates content in steps. So, when it writes a few lines and stops, see if it’s going in the right direction. If you like what you see, click the Compose button until it completes the article.


Workflows allow you to create any content type with Jasper by following pre-designed step-by-step guidelines. Each workflow consists of multiple steps, and at each step, Jasper asks you specific questions about your company, audience, content, and goals.

It then uses that information to refine your requirements and help you generate excellent content.

For example, let’s use the workflow for creating an email campaign.

Workflows menu in Jasper, Email Campaign selected, Step 1, form to complete company name, company information, and tone of voice

First, Jasper asks you to describe your company, its unique selling points, and any other essential business details. 

Just give it a few bullet points and click Generate for a more refined version of your company description.

For this example, I entered the sample details of Atoms, a sneaker-manufacturing company.

Next, Jasper generates the most relevant target audiences for your product based on your business description.

Target Audience(s) menu to select your command for Jasper, background info, and red arrow pointing at the output

It instantly gave me seven target users for my products and their descriptions.

Next, it generates the main pain points my company solves and the top reasons why customers purchase my products.

Pain Points form menu to enter your command for Jasper, background info and  output

Jasper is doing all of this based on my initial company description. Again, if you don’t like any of the auto-generated content, you can make changes or click Regenerate.

Once you provide Jasper with the initial information, it takes you straight to writing your emails. Here, you can offer a different description for each email to highlight your product strengths. 

Give Jasper a summary of what you want to say, and it will write it for you.

Jasper Email generator template

Don’t like the email? Change its description, provide more content, and click Regenerate. When you’re happy with the text, move to the next email in the sequence.

Write as many emails in a sequence as you want. 

And once you’re done, ask Jasper to give you a list of email subjects for each email in your sequence.

Jasper Email Subject Lines generator form with output of 5 possible email subject lines

If you’re happy with the results, Finish the workflow, and Jasper will copy all of your email content, subject lines, company information, and target audience personas to a new document that you can download and share with your clients or marketing team.

And guess what? That was just one of the workflows in Jasper.

Other workflows include blog posts, social media campaigns, ad copy, content rewrite, and blog post starter workflow.

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Jasper Recipes 

Recipes are another excellent Jasper feature that allows you to create different content types easily in a well-defined content structure.

Here’s how it works.

A Jasper recipe contains statements with variables you can replace with your project information. When you do that, Jasper generates tailored content for that part of the document.

Let me show you how.

When you go to the Recipes section in your Jasper account, you can run a default recipe or create a new one yourself.

Let’s start with the Cold Email recipe for this example.

Jasper Recipes menu options for starting from a featured recipe: Cold Email, Blog Post, The Idea Factory, Facebook Ad

The default recipes come with video instructions, so you know exactly how to replace the variable content.

When you run a recipe, it creates a new document in the Jasper Editor, where you can edit and modify it.

Recipe: Blog Post (in editor)

You can see a blog post recipe in the screenshot above.

As you can see, it consists of a series of instructions for Jasper with variables you can replace with your information.

For example, the recipe says, “write a brief for the {TOPIC}”. If you replace the variable {TOPIC} with your article title, let’s say, the best WordPress themes for writers, and press CTRL+ENTER, it generates an article description for you.

Jasper Recipe: Blog Post example showing brief written for topic when {TOPIC} is replaced with "best WordPress themes for writers"

Now copy this description to the Content Description box in the sidebar and use the next command in the recipe, “write blog title ideas,” to get a list of article headlines.

"Write blog title ideas" example with red box around 4 suggested titles

Now remove the description paragraph and choose one of the titles from the headline list for your article.

"Finding Your Perfect Fit: Comparing the Top 10 WordPress Themes for Writers" listed as headline for article

From there, it’s all too simple.

Just highlight a command and press CTRL+ENTER to generate content. For example, the next command is “write an introduction.”

"Finding Your Perfect Fit: Comparing the Top 10 WordPress Themes for Writers" with red box around  content generated for "Write an introduction"

Here’s your introduction paragraph.

And the next command, “create an outline.”

Jasper "Finding Your Perfect Fit: Comparing the Top 10 WordPress Themes for Writers" with red box around content generated for "create an outline"

Here’s your five-point article outline, which covers your topic comprehensively.

Now, if you look at the rest of the commands, they simply expand on each outline item to write the full article for you.

Once you have the complete text, manually edit it for any improvements, and it’s ready to go on your website.

That’s just one of the many recipes in Jasper.

You can also create your own recipes. For example, if you have a specific video content format in which you introduce a product, share its pros and cons, discuss its use cases, and share a verdict, you can turn it into a repeatable recipe and share it with your team to create video scripts with Jasper.

Jasper Chat

Chat is the latest addition to Jasper’s long list of features which has turned it into a much simpler tool.

Jasper Chat is an AI-powered conversational chatbot, similar to ChatGPT, that can take commands from you like a real-life assistant and produce content at scale. 

It is an easy way to use Jasper’s features without learning them in detail. For example, instead of opening and editing templates, you can simply ask Jasper Chat to write a blog post introduction.

If you’re struggling with ideas, ask Jasper Chat to share video content topics for a specific target audience. 

It has a standard chat interface and makes you feel like you are having a real conversation with a friend or assistant. Look at my conversation with Jasper Chat to see what it can do.

Jasper Chat: "Write the introduction script of a video about fun backyard activities" with generated response
Jasper Chat refining example with command to "Make it funny" and "write in GenZ voice"
Jasper Chat refining example with command "dont mention the word Gen Z" and "use Gen Z style"

In just a few interactions, it wrote the perfect video introduction for me. I can continue this conversation to create the video script for my entire course.

You can use this approach to create any content type, research your audience’s needs, and develop your digital products and online courses.

Jasper Art

Jasper also recently added AI image generation features called Jasper Art.

Powered by OpenAI’s DALLE.3, Jasper Art lets you describe your image in a text prompt box, and choose its style, colors, genre, and several other options.

Read more about Jasper Art and other top AI image generator tools.

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Jasper ‍Analytics and Insights

Now you will be able to see how your content is performing across a wide variety of metrics directly in the platform. It’s analytics and insights shows you what’s working and even generates evidence-based recommendations on how to fix what’s not. When a piece of content isn’t hitting, Jasper will offer suggestions to improve it. Then you can actually automate those changes into the piece with a single click.

Screenshot of Jasper Insight Dashboard with green box around highest performing content and red box around lowest performing content

Campaign Acceleration

Campaign acceleration is a new feature that is an AI-native approach to project management. This feature is for enterprise marketing teams so they can move a project through status updates and revisions in a more productive way.

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Jasper & SEO | Does Jasper Create Original & Unique Content

Jasper and other AI content creation tools allow you to quickly create valuable content.

But is AI content SEO friendly? Will Google index and rank auto-generated content? Or is publishing AI content inviting trouble with Google penalties? And more importantly, is Jasper’s content unique and original every time?

Let’s answer the second question first.

Jasper claims to produce 99.99% original content all the time.

But in reality, its content quality and uniqueness depend on user prompts. For example, if multiple users ask Jasper the same questions, it will produce similar or identical content for them. This means there’s always a risk of content duplication with these tools.

The solution? 

Write detailed prompts describing your audience, content goals, and other critical information so that Jasper responds with unique content.

But don’t simply copy/paste it to your site without editing and value addition.

Violating Google algorithms is another potential risk of using AI content.

Google’s content guidelines clearly mention that it considers auto-generated content spam. But Google’s executives have clarified that if an auto-generated content piece has been fact-checked by an actual human and is written to provide value to the readers instead of ranking for specific keywords only, it can be used.

Simply put, don’t completely rely on Jasper’s content for SEO. Instead, use it as a part of your process to speed up research and first draft creation, but always have a real human review and improve its content before publishing it on your site.

Jasper’s Limitations And Weaknesses

Here are some of Jasper’s other limitations.

1. Jasper Content Is Detectable

If you search Google for “AI content detectors”, you’ll find dozens of tools that can tell if a piece of content is written by a human or an AI tool.

Naturally, we can assume Google can also detect AI content easily.

Why worry?

Two reasons:

  1. Your students won’t be impressed if they discover that a bot, not you, created your course content.
  2. If AI content spamming becomes mainstream, which will probably happen, Google might bring AI content-specific penalties to downgrade sites in search results.

So, whatever content you create, be careful not to rely entirely on AI.

2. Jasper Is Not Always Factually Correct

Jasper is a content creator, not a fact-checker. It means that it is not always correct, can use made-up facts, and even pull fake numbers to fit the narrative of your content.

So, don’t take its word without double-checking the facts.

3. Jasper Often Produces Mediocre Content

Despite its content creation skills, Jasper often produces mediocre content you must improve before using it in your digital products, online courses, or blogs.

So, think of it as a content assistant that can speed up your work instead of a replacement for your expertise.

4. Jasper Uses Outdated Data

Jasper has been trained on data up to 2021. This means it is unaware of the current events. But you can still teach it to write content about the latest topics by giving detailed instructions. 

Jasper Pricing & Free Trial 

Jasper offers three pricing plans and the Creator and Teams plans start with a free seven-day trial during which you can test Jasper’s features and decide if its content is up to the mark. But you must enter your credit card information to activate the free trial.

Here’s what Jasper’s subscription plans offer.

Creator – $39/month when billed annually

The Creator plan provides powerful AI features to create & improve your content everywhere you work online. It starts from $39/month when billed annually, or $49/month if billed monthly.

Teams Mode – $99/month when billed annually

The Teams Mode has advanced AI features to create content for multiple brands & collaborate on campaigns.

It starts from $99/month and includes 3 seats and 3 brand voices.

Business – Custom plans

The business plan offers personalized AI features with additional control, security, team training & tech support. 

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Is Jasper Worth Using For Online Course Creation?

In a word, yes!

Jasper’s content is as good or bad as your input prompts. If you know how to use it, you can create surprisingly high-quality content in no time.

But it’s still not good enough to replace you or an expert writer on your team. So, use it as an assistant rather than a replacement for your content needs.

Also, be very careful when using it for blogs or any content you want to rank for SEO keywords because Google’s treatment of AI content is still a mystery. So, it may penalize sites that rely too much on auto-generated content. 

But to create your course outlines, generate ideas, and first drafts of articles, email sequences, and landing pages, Jasper is a fantastic tool to have.

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