Mighty Co-Host Review – Is This The Best AI-Powered Community Builder? 

By Learning Revolution.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

As many community managers will tell you, getting started is often the most difficult part of building a successful community online.

What’s more, engaging new members can pose a challenge, especially for those who are less acquainted with platform features, fellow members, community rules, and the overall setup of a virtual community.

But what if you had a platform that could help you not only build a thriving community, set up online courses, and create memberships, but also keep members engaged, and help you attract new ones – all while saving you a ton of work?

Mighty Co-Host is one such platform.

It’s the latest innovation from Mighty Networks, one of the most popular community platforms out there. It’s equipped with a range of powerful new AI features designed to facilitate the creation of vibrant and self-sustaining communities, benefiting both you and your members.

Read the rest of this review as we dive deeper into Mighty Networks’ AI-powered community builder, Mighty Co-Host, to help you determine if it’s the right platform to suit your needs.

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What is Mighty Co-Host?

Mighty Networks homepage with search tab for AI engine

Mighty Co-Host™ is an AI-powered community platform designed to help you build successful communities, memberships, and courses in just a few minutes.

The platform stands out as the pioneering AI community builder, harnessing the capabilities of Community Design and GPT-4.

Mighty Co-Host™ is available as part of the Mighty Networks package and is accompanied by a suite of potent new AI features which we’ll discuss below.

These enhancements are specifically designed to assist you in expanding your online community and fostering business growth.

This powerful feature is accessible on all plans and in addition to community building, memberships, and courses, you also get instant access to all the tools to automate routine community management duties.

This frees you up to focus on more rewarding tasks while enabling your members to form deeper bonds more quickly.

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How Does The Mighty Co-Host AI Integration Work?

The integration of AI capabilities aims to provide a more streamlined and effective experience in building and nurturing communities in the digital space.

The AI integration process functions as follows:

When engaging with an AI-powered feature, the selected information for that specific interaction is transmitted through OpenAI’s APIs.

Subsequently, the obtained output is processed through the platform’s Community Design framework before being returned to the Host or member.

Mighty Co-Host harnesses the power of ChatGPT-4 to transform even your rawest idea into a compelling vision for building community.

Simply input a concept – perhaps for an online course, membership site, or other group endeavor – and Mighty Co-Host will articulate it in a way that captures the heart of what you aim to create.

With this powerful tool, what once took hours, days, or even weeks to create can now be done in just a few minutes.

The community AI software also generates potential names and brand identities to bring your community to life. This gives you an easy way to clearly communicate your goals and choose an initial direction to share with others.

With an AI assistant handling these foundational drafting tasks, you’re free to focus on the human connections and relationships that will truly make your community thrive.

It’s important to note that none of the contributions from you or your members are utilized for the improvement or training of ChatGPT’s AI models.

Learn more about some other helpful generative AI tools.

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Who is Mighty Co-Host Good For?

As the first AI community builder powered by GPT-4 and Community Design, Mighty Co-Host is ideal for a wide range of users, including community managers, course creators, coaches, authors, and instructors.

How can you use Mighty Co-Host?

  • Content Creators: As a content creator, you can use AI to generate new ideas and help get unstuck. The community AI is so much more than a copywriter. It can also help you increase engagement and fine-tune your community design to grab people’s attention and attract the most motivated members to your community.
  • Community Managers: If you’re a community manager, you can use Mighty Co-Host to design communities that speak directly to people’s interests, passions, or goals to make them want to be part of your community.
  • Course Creators: As a course creator, Mighty Co-Host can help you build a compelling brand identity and launch a product that draws your target learners to your expertise. Use the AI tools to help you build engaging courses in minutes. 
  • Online Coaches: Use Mighty Co-Host to bring your content together under one roof, build a branded website, introduce a paid membership package, organize events, or offer live training.

Now that you know who this community software is for, let’s dive into a comprehensive breakdown of the AI features accessible to all Mighty Networks.

Mighty Co-Host Functionality

1. Ease of Use: Is Mighty Co-Host Easy to Use?

Mighty Co-Host’s AI features are easy to understand. The entire platform is designed to make it as simple as possible to execute so you have what you need to quickly create engaging content.

These leading-edge AI innovations are strategically crafted to empower both you and your members in cultivating flourishing communities that are so well designed that they exhibit a remarkable ability to self-manage.

AI features include:

  • Instant Course Outline
  • Profile Assist
  • Make It Better
  • Show Similarities
  • Suggested Hashtags
  • Start a Conversation
  • Icebreaker Suggestions
  • Activity Assist
  • Application Assist

To use them, simply toggle each feature on or off in Network Settings > Mighty Co-Host.

Mighty Co-Host Features web page with ability to turn on AI writing assistance features

You’ll then be able to start using Mighty Co-Host to streamline routine tasks and save time.

The platform allows you to continuously oversee community management without putting in more of your valuable time. Its ease of use also helps your members make relevant connections, faster.

This allows you to focus on your passions while fostering accelerated, stronger, and more meaningful connections among your members.

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2. Instant Course Outline

The Instant Course Outline feature is available to you, your Space Hosts, and Space Moderators.

It simplifies the process of constructing a course outline by prompting you to enter your idea for an outline and then specifying certain details, including the desired length of the course (e.g., 6 lessons), and the target student level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

You’ll get a detailed course outline based on your input. You can use it as is, or edit, reorganize, and add content to it until you’re happy with the result.

This streamlined approach makes the creation of course outlines a seamless and efficient experience.

3. Make Your Writing Better

This feature unlocks a new level of convenience. It caters to both you and your members, seamlessly integrating into Quick Posts, Articles, Chats, Events, and various other functionalities.

To enhance your content effortlessly, simply type a sentence or a few words, then highlight the text with your cursor, triggering the appearance of the “Make it Better” icon.

Feed with ability to fix spelling on a post before posting

Upon selecting the icon, you are presented with a range of options tailored to refine your content:

  • Fix Spelling and Grammar: Let the AI correct your spelling and grammar as you write so you can save time editing your text.
  • Elaborate: If you find it hard to express your thoughts, questions, or feelings, the “elaborate” function comes in handy.
  • Shorten: Write concise and engaging content by letting the AI condense your content to make it more easily digestible.
  • Change Tone: You can make it casual, fun, professional, witty, or sincere.

These choices empower you to easily enhance the clarity, style, and tone of your text for a more polished and engaging outcome.

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4. Profile Writing Assistant

Profile Assist serves as a valuable tool to assist both you and your members in crafting compelling “About Me” sections for member profiles.

Profile page where you put your name and image and can edit header image

This feature streamlines the process of profile creation, ensuring that members can present themselves in a captivating and expressive manner.

Opting for “Get Me Started” initiates a straightforward process involving three simple questions:

  1. What motivated you to join the community?
  2. What is something you can offer to the community?
  3. What is something unique about you?

Based on the responses, a fresh and personalized profile will be automatically generated.

If you wish to make adjustments or explore different options, a quick reset is possible by deleting the text in the “About Me” section, allowing for easy experimentation and refinement.

5. Suggested Hashtags

This feature is conveniently integrated into Quick Posts, Articles, and other functionalities, catering to both you and your members.

Suggested hashtags become visible in Spaces lacking Highlighted hashtags. Use them as your guide to easily enhance content within those Spaces.

dropdown list of ai generated hashtags related to art studio spaces to choose from

6. Show Similarities

The “Show Similarities” feature enhances the profile viewing experience of all users by helping you find shared characteristics between different members of your community.

When exploring someone else’s profile, a new prompt labeled “Show Similarities” will be visible. Clicking this option reveals a breakdown of commonalities between you and the other individual, providing valuable insights into shared interests or connections.

This feature is extremely helpful when connecting with someone you don’t know much about. Seeing your similarities can help break the ice and make it easier to get a conversation going.

7. Activity Assist

With this Mighty Co-Host feature, re-engaging members of your community is effortless. There are many different ways you can use it to reconnect with members.

For example, you can select the “Reach Out” option for any of your members, and this will open a private chat with the member.

Alternatively, you can choose the “Suggestion” option which will generate a relevant and fully editable Mighty Co-Host message for you. This message draws on your Network’s Big Purpose and introductions of yourself and that particular member. If you have any Top Posts in your Network, the message will include them as well, with a prompt for the member to check them out.

If you are not 100% happy with the message, you can simply click “try again” and the AI will give it another go. Once happy, simply click send.

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8. Start a Conversation

This AI engagement feature caters to both hosts and members to help initiate conversations.

When opening a direct message or group chat with members you haven’t interacted with before, the option “Suggest a Conversation Starter” will be presented.

Opting for this feature provides you with a draft message based on profiles and shared similarities. You have the flexibility to send it as is, make edits, or select “Try Again” for an alternative suggestion.

This is an invaluable tool that streamlines the process of breaking the ice and initiating meaningful conversations within your community.

AI Engagement Network Settings to turn on different engagements
Last one Activity Assist turned on

Icebreaker Suggestions

The Icebreaker Suggestions feature is yet another AI engagement tool that you can use to keep the conversation alive and facilitate engaging interactions within your community.

This feature enhances community engagement by providing a structured and enjoyable way for members to connect through shared interests and discussions.

Upon selecting the option, a suggested question will be presented. For additional ideas, choose “Suggest Ideas” and customize the tone of the question to suit the atmosphere you want to create within the Space.

Pricing – How Much Does Mighty Networks Cost?

Three pricing tier  boxes with details on what you get

Mighty Networks offers a 14-day free trial that lets you test out all the platform’s core features risk-free. All plans include Mighty Co-Host, as well as unlimited members, admins, and spaces.

Here’s what you get:

  • Courses Plan: $99/Month: This plan has everything you need to build, grow, and sell your courses. It also has features that allow you to explore and membership model. It comes with live streaming capabilities and includes events, Zoom integration, chat messaging, and premium analytics.
  • Community Plan: $41/Month: If you are just getting started, you can try the Community Plan which provides you with all the basics you need to start a community or move an existing one from a chat app or social media group. Features include an activity feed, featured content, rich member profiles, video, and live streaming features. However, this plan comes with limited AI features.
  • Business Plan: $179/Month: The Business Plan has everything you need to build your brand and scale your course business or online community. This includes features such as white-labeled emails, configurable SSO, unlimited custom profile fields, and automated questions and polls. While Community Plan users only get eight AI features, Business Plan users get nine.
  • Mighty Pro: Custom Pricing: This plan has everything your business needs to take its engagement and revenue to the next level on your own branded iOS and Android apps. It comes with a dedicated community strategist, branded notifications, and migration and launch services.

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What Type of Support Does Mighty Co-Host Offer?

Mighty Networks provides strategy and support for all plans via chat and email. Simply click the “Need Help” tab in the Host Help section to speak to the platform’s Customer Advocacy team at any time from within your Mighty Network.

You can also access the customer-only private group where the platform hosts masterminds. Here you’ll connect with like-minded users to share product roadmaps, spotlight member wins, and learn from each other. 

Wrapping Up – Is Mighty Co-Host Right For You?

Mighty Co-Host jumpstarts building new online communities, memberships, and courses. The platform organizes all your branded content and assets into a sleek, customizable website and apps that readily scale into any community, course, or member platform when the time is right.

The AI software helps you craft compelling messaging to promote your products and spotlight your specialized knowledge and ideas so you can draw in more learner sign-ups. Use it to instantly populate a landing page with text and suggested images.

You can also use the AI tool to strategize introductions so members experience thriving communities that they are willing to pay for.

Not only does Mighty Co-Host streamline technical creation, but it also uses smart matching to enable members to discover the most relevant human connections faster within all your groups and offerings.

With Mighty Co-Host as your AI assistant, you can build a committed following and an AI-empowered community that virtually runs itself.

This way, you can focus fully on teaching, leading, and enriching these special circles that further your purpose in the world.

Are you ready to launch your community faster and easier with the power of AI? Sign up for a 14-day free trial to get started right now.

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