Teachable Coaching Review: Is This the Best Online Coaching Platform for You?

By Learning Revolution.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Coaching online is an excellent way to make your expertise more scalable. However, creating good coordination and workflows to ensure the success of your coaching business can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you are looking to transition your coaching business online, Teachable is a great option to consider. It simplifies the process, offering a unified platform where you can create and sell coaching packages, schedule meetings, monitor coaching progress, and conduct video calls – all within a single, convenient space.

While Teachable offers an all-in-one solution for building and managing your expertise-based business, this review specifically focuses on Teachable as a coaching platform. (You can read the full Teachable review here.)

In the rest of this post, we’ll look at all the features of Teachable Coaching to you determine whether or not this is the right solution for you.

You can also learn more about our other top picks for online coaching platforms.

What is Teachable Coaching?

Teachable homepage where you can join for free, image of a woman typing on a laptop next to a box with man on screen.

Teachable Coaching is an online coaching platform that allows you to easily create 1-on-1 and group coaching products to grow your business.

You can build a website, create milestones for clients, send messages, and share files. Schedule meetings and set up video calls – everything you need to run a successful coaching business is right at your fingertips.

You can offer coaching packages that consist of live coaching sessions, together with supporting materials such as courses, digital downloads, and other resources.

In short, Teachable Coaching is one of the best online coaching platforms designed to add more value to your online business and support your audience.

The Coaching feature is available to all paid Teachable members. Whether you’re a novice or aiming to expand, offering your coaching services on Teachable will help to facilitate quicker and smoother product exposure to your audience.

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Who is Teachable Coaching Best For?

Teachable is one of the best online coaching platforms for anyone who wants to easily create a digital coaching business or increase their business offerings by adding coaching packages to their existing products.

  • If coaching is your main business model, you can use Teachable to accept payments and deliver your services to a global audience. Use the coaching feature your way – offer quick consultations, 1-to-1 coaching, group packages, or premium coaching.
  • If you already have an online course, not only will you be able to use coaching to bring added value to your existing products, but you’ll also be able to use the product bundling feature to seamlessly offer coaching alongside your Teachable courses, thus eliminating the need for another platform.

You can tailor lessons to individual clients and choose flexible packaging options such as hourly rates, time-based sessions, or memberships. The versatility of the platform caters to diverse coaching services and audience preferences, providing you with the freedom to structure offerings according to your unique expertise and the needs of your clients.

This integrated approach streamlines your offerings, providing a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience for your audience.

What Are the Teachable Coaching Features?

1. Ease of Use: Teachable is Built With Beginners in Mind

As many coaches will tell you, building a business from scratch can be an overwhelming undertaking. Fortunately, Teachable automatically handles all of the tricky and complex moving parts in a single, convenient place so you don’t have to struggle.

The new coaching feature on Teachable is truly simple to set up. As you can see from the image below, it has a clean, user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

The Sweet Shop page in draft form with edit menu on left and image of person's hand holding an ice cream cone with text "Ice Cream for All!" and "Learn more" overlaying.

Similar to courses on Teachable, the coaching product has a feast of features, including its own sales page, checkout page, thank-you page, and intake forms.

No tech knowledge is required to create your coaching packages, and you won’t have to seek outside assistance to set up your account. The entire process is quick and intuitive, and there are templates to guide you every step of the way.

Teachable simplifies things for you and your clients. In just minutes, you’ll have a beautiful online coaching package ready for your audience to purchase, schedule, and get coached.

All it takes is three simple steps:

  • Step #1: Craft Your Coaching: This is where you create your coaching package and tweak the settings for selling and managing every aspect of your Teachable Coaching business.
  • Step #2: Upload Your Content to Teachable: The next step is to add and customize your content based on your client’s needs. In addition to text documents, you can also upload videos and audio, as well as presentations and images. Create quizzes and certificates, and offer it all on your own Teachable Coaching website with your unique branding. 
  • Step #3: Share Your Offer With The World: The final step is to market and sell your product with Teachable’s built-in tools like the customizable sales page which is automatically generated as soon as you create your offer.

Now, you’re ready to start earning money with coaching faster while building your audience.

And the best part? You can start for free.

All you need is your email and the name of your new coaching business. You can then start uploading your content and seamlessly access everything you need to create rich, interactive coaching packages.

Whether starting out or scaling up, coaching on Teachable streamlines launching and growing your coaching business.

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2. Use Intake Forms to Quickly Get to Know Your Clients

Teachable has various tools to help you provide your audience with a professional learning experience. One such tool is the intake form which you can use to tailor client intake flows without the burden of extra payment links.

Client intake forms offer a strategic way for you to start the customer journey and they give you full control over who and how you coach.

The customizable intake block and page editor are easy to use and allow you to only onboard qualified clients.

For example, say you’re offering online business coaching. You can use the form to get details from clients to find out where they are in their journey so you can personalize their coaching packages accordingly.

This type of information will help you tailor the sessions to different individuals to deliver a more valuable experience.

The coaching feature lets you collect upfront information from clients such as their name, background, and important details about their challenges or goals to help prepare you for that first call.

Here’s an example of a coaching intake form you can create with Teachable to easily guide your coaching sessions:

screenshot of form with text: "before your session" and fields to input email address, name, background info, etc.

When setting up your coaching package, you can choose whether or not to include an intake form. If you choose to have one, you can decide between two options:

  • An intake form that takes the user directly to the checkout page after completion; or
  • An intake form that requires you to approve the client before checkout is accessible.

Once the client has completed the intake form, they can either head to the checkout or you can configure it so that approval is required before they can make a purchase.

This way, you’ll able to determine from their responses whether or not they are suitable for that specific coaching product and ensure that you only work with clients who are the right fit for your service.

The diagram below shows an example of the client experience from Teachable (this varies depending on how your intake flow is set up).

diagram with green squares and teal triangles to walk someone through how the client experience works beginning with "Client lands on sales page"

If you decide to have no intake form, then customers who select your coaching product will be taken directly to the checkout stage.

All of this is possible without the need to include Google Forms or Typeform in your workflows, and all your client information will be accessible from one central location. 

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3. Integrate Calendly for Easy Scheduling

The Calendly integration is yet another Teachable Coaching feature that helps you easily manage clients and schedule coaching sessions.

Incorporating a scheduler into your Teachable Coaching space not only enhances the organization of your learners’ sessions but also offers them the flexibility to choose a convenient meeting time based on your availability.

This minimizes the risk of double-booking, preventing disappointments for both you and your clients. It also provides a clear overview of your upcoming schedule for the week.

screenshot of a meeting scheduler integrated with Calendly through Teachable - "Set up our first meeting" with option to select date for a 15 minute meeting.

The native integration on Teachable seamlessly incorporates your Calendly API key which ensures that all meetings scheduled through Calendly are automatically synchronized with your coaching space in Teachable.

This means that not only will your scheduled sessions be reflected in your personal and client calendars, but they’ll also be seamlessly accessible within the Teachable coaching space, providing a centralized and efficient management system for both you and your clients.

In this way, the scheduler becomes a valuable tool for streamlining session management, ensuring efficient time utilization, and maintaining a reliable and transparent coaching process.

Additionally, you can effortlessly integrate your preferred coaching tools and video conference solutions; email marketing, sales funnels, and other marketing tools streamlining the coaching process for enhanced efficiency and user satisfaction.

Teachable Coaching seamlessly integrates with video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Meet. Meeting links are automatically included in calendars for both the coach and the client.

This integration eliminates manually adding conferencing links, providing a smooth scheduling and video coaching experience.

Zapier Integration

Teachable has enhanced Zapier integration for coaching.

Now, you can employ Zapier to configure a “New Sale and Enrollment Record” action, linking it to various third-party triggers of your choice.

This allows for a more dynamic and customizable integration experience, ensuring that your coaching processes seamlessly align with other tools and platforms through the versatility of Zapier.

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4. Use Pre-Determined Milestones to Guide the Client Journey

Your coaching products allow you to manage one-on-one coaching through scheduling, video calls, and sharing assignments with clients.

Milestones make up your coaching products and can be used as communication points outlining upcoming events in your coaching schedule and tracking the learner’s progress.

In other words, you can use milestones to schedule meetings, set up Zoom calls, share files, send messages, etc. within your coaching product.

On the coaching user interface on Teachable, you can create tailored one-to-one coaching with pre-determined milestones.

These milestones are versatile; they can be anything and serve any purpose, such as:

  • Action items
  • Tasks
  • Check-in points
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Setting up video calls
  • Scheduling events
  • Hosting live streams
  • Facilitating comments
  • Incorporating additional content like files and PDFs

As soon as you create your coaching product, you establish the first milestone, which is typically a welcome message to prepare clients for the coaching session.

milestone window where you select on the enrollment date for milestone and then click on next

It’s important to customize your milestone to make it as relevant as possible to each client. Remember, this is the first thing they’ll access after purchasing your coaching product so aim to make a great impression.

With your calendar app integration, you can add scheduling to the initial milestone. The Teachable Coaching feature also gives you the option to add assignments or meeting times as specific milestones for your clients.

Subsequent milestones are dynamically added as the coaching client accomplishes them. This flexibility enables personalized milestones tailored to each learner’s journey and enhances the interactive and adaptive nature of the overall coaching experience.

Pro Tip: You can save recurring milestones as a template which you can reuse later for any client.

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5. Offer Clients a Private and Secure Coaching Space

Each coaching space on Teachable is unique to the client, keeping communication and milestone messaging private. This eliminates the hassle of external communication tools.

In your Teachable coaching platform, you can easily track progress, share resources, and connect with clients from one centralized space. Streamlined communication means more time coaching and less time coordinating.

chat window between two people

In this space, you can upload worksheets for clients to fill out beforehand, add a calendar link to schedule coaching sessions, or immediately add a video conference link for your clients to access the virtual coaching.

Structure sessions, share resources, and set expectations to create an organized learning journey tailored to each client’s needs. Teachable’s coaching tools simplify session planning so you can focus on learner success.

You’ll be able to send progress messages without combing through emails or individual documents. Clients will receive email notifications whenever you create milestones or send messages.

This makes it easy to assign homework with instructions, due dates, and downloadable resources.

You can upload worksheets or workbooks and describe assignments. Set due dates. The entire learning process is structured in this space and you can track learner progress and provide all necessary resources in one centralized place.

6. Build Beautiful Web Pages With the Simple DIY Editor

As soon as you configure your coaching product, Teachable automatically generates four product pages: a sales page, a post-intake page, a checkout page, and a thank-you page.

Sales Page

The sales page serves as your coaching product’s landing page, offering a platform to showcase who you are, your expertise, and the benefits clients will derive from enrolling in your coaching offer.

It acts as a comprehensive introduction, providing valuable insights to potential clients and encouraging them to engage with your coaching services.

Once your sales page is created, use it to share your coaching offer with the world.

  • Send the link to your prospects;
  • Embed it on your website; or
  • Link to the landing page from your social media platform.

This way, there are no complicated tools to stitch together. Just a single link that covers everything from promotion and payment to scheduling, intake forms, and video call set-up.

sample sales page for ice cream making with options to watch promo or enroll in course and what the course covers

Post-Intake Page

The post-intake page is optional and comes into play when an intake form is integrated into your sales page.

Once clients submit their information, they are directed to this page to choose a pricing plan if multiple options exist.

In cases where an intake form requires approval, clients are directed here only after their acceptance as clients, streamlining the process and offering a clear path for them to proceed with their chosen pricing plan.

Checkout Page

This is the designated space where clients enter their payment information and proceed to make the payment for the chosen product. 

Thank-You Page

The thank-you page is where clients are redirected upon completing the payment for your product.

By default, it features a button guiding clients to the private one-on-one coaching space shared between you and the client, fostering a seamless transition into the coaching experience.

Thank you page with arrow pointing to Reset Preview and Save buttons
Teachable Offers Easy Customization

While these pages are pre-set, they are fully customizable.

This means you can personalize all your coaching products to align with your brand and messaging.

The sidebar editor allows you to meticulously edit and customize all information. You’ll be able to quickly tailor the overall look and feel of your new coaching website without ever touching a line of code.

Changes are reflected in real-time, providing a dynamic preview of how your pages will appear. This streamlined editing process ensures that your coaching product pages are not only personalized but also visually appealing to potential clients.

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7. Maintain Engagement with Built-In Client Engagement Tools

Teachable simplifies the process of engaging with coaching clients by providing each client with their own private coaching space where you can seamlessly communicate with them without extra emails.

Here you can also schedule sessions, add assignments, and provide links to replays and additional resources.

You can easily integrate your preferred coaching scheduling and video tools into this dedicated 1:1 space to streamline your workflows, eliminating the need for excessive emails and documents.

Two screenshots of what you see and what your students see

But perhaps the very best features of this space are the client engagement tools which allow you to improve communication, develop stronger relationships, and boost customer satisfaction – all of which lead to ongoing brand loyalty.

Here are some of the ways you can use your coaching space in Teachable to structure interactions, demonstrate progress, and organize client engagement:


Utilize the “Assignments” feature on Teachable by creating a milestone and providing clear instructions in the description of the task and completion process. Set the assignment date and due date within the milestone or align it with the due date.

If there are accompanying worksheets or workbooks, upload them as downloadable attachments in a message for easy access by your students. This ensures a seamless and organized approach to managing assignments within your coaching program.

Check-in Journals

Create a milestone for client check-ins, prompting them to share thoughts, progress, or any relevant journaling. Typically scheduled between sections, this practice helps track their progress.

Clients can submit entries directly under the milestone as messages. Upon completion, you receive a notification and can respond privately within the designated space, fostering seamless communication and progress tracking in your coaching journey.


Enhance scheduling efficiency by creating a milestone with your availability scheduler, allowing clients to pick a suitable time seamlessly. While any scheduling link works, Teachable offers native integration with Calendly.

By linking a paid Calendly account with your Teachable account through an API key, scheduled meetings using the scheduler automatically generate meeting milestones.

These milestones conveniently include titles, descriptions, and Zoom links, streamlining the scheduling process and providing a cohesive experience for both you and your clients.

Meeting Appointments

Meeting appointment milestones provide clarity by indicating the date, time, and location (via a video conference link) for the scheduled meeting.

When the meeting time arrives, clients can easily click on the button within the milestone, effortlessly connecting them to the designated video conference link for a seamless and straightforward meeting experience with you.

Coaching Session join zoom meeting link
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8. Optimize Conversions and Sales With Built-In Marketing Tools

If you can spread the word about your coaching business, the clients will come. Don’t worry if they don’t purchase coaching right away – as long as you can get them into your marketing funnel to prime future sales. Nurturing your audience over time through your funnel will lead to coaching clients.

Teachable Coaching helps you in this regard by providing you with a range of built-in tools to help you optimize conversions and make more sales.

These include the following:

Product Bundling

You can bundle together several different products to create high-value offers for your coaching program.

For example, you might pair your six-week coaching program with a seven-day mini-course, as well as digital downloads for additional resources. Of course, this is subject to your plan’s limits (more on that below).

Product bundles serve as an excellent way to furnish supplementary materials and information for your coaching clients, enabling them to access and reference it whenever needed.


Your Coupons dashboard

To utilize coupons, a subscription to a paid Teachable plan is necessary. This feature empowers you to generate discount coupons for your products.

Consider offering coupons as part of introductory promotions to incentivize new students to sign up, thereby enhancing engagement and encouraging enrollment.

Important Note: Please be aware that the coupon creation feature is limited to percentage discounts; you cannot generate coupons with a fixed monetary value.

Order Bumps

Order bumps are a great way to boost your average order value (AOV).

Order bumps refer to additional purchases strategically placed on the checkout page of your coaching product. For instance, you might present a discounted rate for a relevant course or offer a bonus coaching session at a special price.

The primary goal of these offers is to tempt customers into adding them to their initial purchase, thereby boosting your overall revenue. It’s a targeted approach to enhance the value of the customer’s transaction while increasing the profitability of each sale.

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9. Enjoy Flexible Product Pricing That Appeals to a Wider Audience

Pricing in Teachable Coaching is flexible. You can charge for your product in many different ways, including the following:

  • Free: A free pricing plan allows prospective clients to access coaching at no cost after signing up on your site. Free sessions are useful for sales calls, discovery calls, and building comfort with your coaching style. This enables prospects to preview offerings and potentially convert to paid coaching plans.
  • One-time Purchase: One-time purchases allow clients to pay a single fee for your coaching product. This works for individual sessions or multi-session coaching programs spanning days or weeks. Clients pay upfront and access the full program. Be clear on expectations such as the number/frequency of sessions, duration, and other details.
  • Subscription: Subscription pricing allows clients ongoing access to coaching while paying a fee each month. Coaches can be put on retainer, with clients scheduling sessions based on coach availability. Subscriptions also enable longer coaching programs, though clients can cancel before completion. It provides flexible recurring access as long as payments continue.
  • Payment Plan: Payment plans allow clients to split costs for larger coaching programs into smaller installments over time. This provides flexibility for high-value programs that require a bigger commitment. Clients can pay incrementally, making costly coaching more accessible. Payment plans help attract clients who can’t pay full price upfront
Set a price window with Free, one time purchase, payment plan and subscription options

Pro Tip: You can create multiple pricing plans for a coaching product. This allows incentivizing clients towards preferred plans through deals. Having varied plans also enables testing which pricing model attracts the most clients. With multiple options, you can appeal to different preferences and budgets to maximize sales.

10. Accept Global Payments with Easy Payment Processing Integration

As a Teachable Coach, you can accept all major credit and debit cards via PayPal or Stripe. If you’re not ready to commit to these payment processors, you can opt for the free option, Teachable:pay.

This is an automated way to sell your coaching, manage payouts, and get paid. It’s a simple, yet reliable checkout system that comes with fraud protection and tax-inclusive pricing. You also get automatic payouts and global currency conversion.

There are no transaction fees on the Teachable payment gateway for users on the Pro, Pro+, and Business plans.

11. Email Notifications

Teachable’s email notification system sends several automatic messages, for both admins and clients, regarding the purchase and management of a coaching product.

Email notifications sent to coaches include:

  • New enrollment notifications: This email is sent to coaches when a new client enrolls in one of their coaching products.
  • Intake form submission notification: Sent when a user submits an intake form. The email contains the information in the user’s responses.
  • New Milestone message notification: This is sent when a client sends a message on a milestone. The email also contains a link to the coaching and milestone page.

Client email notifications include:

  • A copy of the user’s responses submitted on the intake form
  • Notification of intake approval containing a link to the checkout page
  • Receipt of successful purchase of your coaching product
  • Notification for new milestone added to the coaching space
  • New message added to milestone

You can toggle the on/off notification settings to enable or disable each of these automated emails for any of your coaching products.

12. Online Course Integration

Teachable is a top all-in-one platform to seamlessly combine your online coaching and course businesses. This means you can sell your digital coaching services as a stand-alone product or as a powerful companion to your online courses and digital downloads.

Combining your online coaching and courses is a great idea because coaching comes at a premium price point, and it’s a valuable upsell to offer learners after they’ve purchased your online course.

The best part is that you don’t even have to offer complete coaching packages if online courses are your main business model – you can simply offer a few 1-on-1, hour-long sessions in targeted areas of your course.

This lets you easily generate extra income while providing your clients with the support they require to succeed.

If you don’t have a course yet but are planning on creating one, you can use Teachable to kickstart your coaching journey, simultaneously growing your audience and refining your course content for profitability.

Upcoming Features of Teachable Coaching:

Teachable Coaching is a relatively new feature that continues to evolve and improve. Currently, the platform’s developers are working on the following features to add to Coaching:

  • Enhanced Zoom Integration: Zoom integration automatically saves coaching session recordings to the cloud. Soon, you’ll be able to add a Zoom meeting link to direct clients to live sessions and generate viewable links to recordings, eliminating manual uploading and emailing.
  • More Seamless Coaching and Course Bundling: Teachable recognizes the value of pairing coaching with courses and aims to improve these combined offerings by making coaching more seamless and integrated with your online courses. This will strengthen the coaching and course combination.
  • Milestone Templating: Coaches can create templates with preset milestones for coaching programs. These templates can be easily applied to coaching products, eliminating the need to customize each client’s space. An upcoming feature is standardized templates that save time while providing structure for progressing clients through coaching programs.
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Pros and Cons of Teachable Coaching

Like any other coaching software, Teachable Coaching comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Here’s a quick look at some of its pros and cons to give you a better idea of the platform’s capabilities and limitations.

Pros: What We Like About Teachable Coaching

  1. Easy to Use: This is an important consideration when choosing a new tool, and Teachable is designed to help you get your coaching product uploaded and published in minutes.
  2. Intake Forms: The coaching feature comes with fully customizable intake forms that deepen the audience experience and allow you to coach on your terms.
  3. Milestones: These are powerful tools that indicate what your clients can expect at each stage as they progress through your coaching product.
  4. Hassle-Free Sales Pages: No need to integrate a third-party tool to build your coaching sales pages. Teachable auto-generates a beautiful, custom-branded landing page for each coaching offer.
  5. Powerful Content Delivery: Teachable Coaching lets you add PDFs, worksheets, videos, and any other content you need to deliver to your clients.
  6. Flexible Coaching Options: Create group coaching, live online classes, or cohort-based packages. You can even offer packages with a mix of 1:1 and small-group coaching.

Cons: What We Don’t Like About Teachable Coaching

  1. Limited Coaching Features: Compared to dedicated coaching platforms like Upcoach and Satori, Teachable Coaching has fewer specialized features. It’s perfect if you want an all-in-one platform to manage your entire business, including online courses, digital downloads, etc. However, if you’re focused solely on coaching, you may find the platform’s features lacking some vital coaching features, such as native live streaming, sales funnels, and analytics. 

Pricing: How Much Does Teachable Coaching Cost?

4 pricing tiers Free - Pro+ with option to select one

Teachable is an all-in-one platform for creating, marketing, and selling your digital products. It comes with a range of tools to help you develop and sell your courses faster, including a drag-and-drop editor, pre-made templates, automated sales pages, customizable checkouts, payment processing, and more.

So, when you sign up for a Teachable account, you get all of those features, in addition to the Teachable Coaching feature.

With that said, each plan offers different levels of access to the coaching feature and it’s important to choose the right plan according to your specific needs.

Here’s what you get:

  • Free Plan: $0/Month: 1 coaching product
  • Basic Plan: $39/Month: 5 coaching products
  • Pro Plan: $119/Month: 50 coaching products
  • Pro+ Plan: $199/Month: 200 coaching products
  • Business Plan: $499/Month: Unlimited coaching products

You can try the free plan to get started building your coaching service online – and start earning – at no cost to you.

Note that if you want Live Group Coaching, you’ll have to upgrade to the Basic plan, which costs $39/month (billed annually).

Support: How Strong is Teachable Coaching’s Customer Support?

Teachable offers customer support in various ways. Regardless of which plan you’re on, you can get in touch with the support team directly from your dashboard, or send an email via the website’s contact page.

Emails are answered the same business day, Monday-Friday and you’re assured of a knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough response every time.

If you’re on the Pro plan and above, you get live chat support, as well as coaching calls to help you understand how to leverage the Teachable Coaching software in your business.

There’s a well-curated knowledge base on the website, filled with tutorials and guides for beginners. Teachable even provides you with resources to help you promote your coaching online and make your first sale.

You’ll find additional support resources to help you get started:

  • Teachable:u: This is a mini course library where you can learn best practices for building your course, creating videos, and marketing your products.
  • Teachable:blog: Read Teachable’s blog for your weekly dose of creative chat and Teachable updates. The blog has a wealth of information on every conceivable topic about the Teachable software and includes in-depth how-tos, guides, and creator interviews.
  • Teachable:hq: Join thousands of coaches on the same journey as you to network, share success stories, receive product and marketing updates from Teachable, and trade strategies on how to build a successful coaching business.


There you have it. Everything you need to know about Teachable Coaching.

This is the ideal solution for you if you want to combine coaching and courses. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Teachable has best-in-class course creation tools for developing interactive courses, and the Teachable Coaching feature gives you flexible coaching options, including group coaching, live online classes, and cohort-based packages. This allows you to run your coaching business your way.

Furthermore, you can price your products however you want, whether you want to give free consultations or offer one-time purchases, subscriptions, or payment plans.

All the tools you need to manage and grow your coaching business are available in one place, and there are easy integrations with all your favorite marketing and sales tools.

All in all, Teachable is a powerful online coaching platform that does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to creating, selling, and managing your online coaching business so you can focus on your clients’ learning experiences.


Does Teachable have a coaching feature?

Yes, Teachable has a coaching feature that provides a comprehensive toolkit for setting up intake forms, milestones, and customized checkout and sales pages tailored specifically for your coaching products.

Can I use Teachable Coaching for free?

Yes, you can sign up for a free account on Teachable to use the coaching feature for free. No credit card is required and you’ll get instant access to the platform’s core features for creating your first coaching product and selling it online – all for free. There’s no time limit, which means that you only have to upgrade when your business grows.

Can I livestream coaching sessions in Teachable?

While Teachable doesn’t support direct live streaming of coaching sessions, you have the option to embed a live stream link from a third-party app, like YouTube or Twitch. This allows you to conduct live sessions seamlessly within the Teachable platform.

What are the best Teachable Coaching alternatives?

Some of the best Teachable Coaching alternatives include Upcoach, Coaches Console, and Satori. These are dedicated coaching management systems with robust features such as built-in marketing tools, lead magnets, and DIY coaching program builders.  

Why should I choose Teachable Coaching?

One of the benefits of using Teachable’s coaching feature is that it automatically creates product pages for your coaching offer, including sales pages, post-intake pages, checkout pages, and thank-you pages. This helps you get up and running quickly. All you have to do is customize the pages to match your brand and style. Teachable is also a high-rated online course platform, which means you can create engaging courses and bundle them together with your coaching services to boost your income.

What type of coaching can I sell on Teachable?

Teachable’s no-code platform enables the creation of one-on-one and group coaching products. You can build customized milestones to schedule meetings, set up video calls, send messages and files, and more. The easy-to-use tools provide flexibility for structuring engaging coaching experiences.

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