11 Best Teachable Alternatives for Online Course Creators (2024)

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Teachable is a top online course platform, but it’s not for everyone. There are plenty of great Teachable alternatives – like our five top picks:

Best Overall 
Thinkific logo circle


Best balance of rich features and ease-of-use for creating, marketing, and selling online courses

Best All-In-One
Kajabi logo circle


Everything you need to build your website, manage your customers, and sell digital products

Most User-Friendly 
LearnWorlds logo circle


World-class course creation, sales, and marketing features that are robust and easy-to-use

Best Community Building
Mighty Networks logo circle

Mighty Networks 

 A next-level online learning and community-building platform to grow your course business

Best for WordPress
LearnDash logo circle


Powerful course authoring tools and delivery capabilities right inside of WordPress

Want to know how we reached this verdict? Read on for detailed reviews of these alternatives to Teachable as well as others you may want to consider.

11 Best Teachable Alternatives For Online Course Creators

Did you know that the number of 7-figure earning course creators on Teachable increased by 48% in 2021? As one of the world’s leading online course platforms, Teachable helps thousands of professionals, experts, and specialists make money by teaching online.

But despite being a great product, Teachable isn’t perfect for everyone.

Thankfully, there are several equally impressive Teachable alternatives you can use to start, manage, and grow your e-learning business.

For this article, we’ve researched and reviewed various online course platforms in detail and shared their strengths and weaknesses to help you choose the best Teachable alternative.

Let’s get started.

Teachable Alternative #1: Thinkific

Thinkfic home page: "Turn your expertise into revenue with online courses"

If you’re looking for the perfect Teachable alternative, there aren’t many better choices than Thinkific. It is among the world’s most popular online course platforms with thousands of customers worldwide.

It is explicitly designed to help course creators focus on their content quality and stop worrying about the technical aspects of hosting and managing an online course.

Thinkific’s biggest strengths are its drag-and-drop website and landing page builder, student evaluation features, and an excellent user experience for course participants.

As a Grow Thinkific user, you get 25 courses, 5,000 students, drip courses, video content hosting, quizzes, surveys, etc. In addition, you can use features such as prerequisite lessons and mandatory video completion to increase your course completion rates.

Thinkific comes with solid marketing and sales features. For example, you can offer free trials, create discount coupons, build landing pages, or integrate your account with dozens of different marketing applications through Thinkific’s app store.

Overall, if you’re looking for near-perfect course creation and management experience, Thinkific is an excellent choice.

Thinkific Pricing & Free Trial

Thinkific offers a generous free plan along with three premium subscriptions.

  • Start – $74/month
  • Grow – $149/month
  • Expand – $299/month

Thinkific Pros & Cons

A user-friendly online course platform ideal for beginners and experienced usersDoes not offer native email marketing features
Excellent student management and evaluation featuresOffers a limited range of site templates
A robust drag & drop course builderDoesn’t have a mobile app (but offers a responsive mobile learning experience)
Numerous third-party integrationsNo live chat support
Supports Stripe, PayPal, and several other payment gateways 

Teachable vs. Thinkific – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Teachable and Thinkific are similar in many ways, which is why they’re excellent alternatives to each other. Teachable offers better site management, marketing, and student engagement features. On the other hand, Thinkific is more affordable and provides a better user experience.

Read our detailed Teachable vs. Thinkific comparison to learn more.

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Teachable Alternative #2: Podia

Podia home page

Podia is another excellent Teachable alternative that offers much more than simple course creation tools. It’s a robust online course platform designed to help beginners and experienced course creators alike.

It comes with an excellent drag-and-drop online course builder, which allows you to quickly upload audio, video, and text-based course content. Podia also offers plenty of customization options to help you structure your course exactly the way you want.

Podia’s site builder isn’t as robust as some of the other specialized course creation platforms. However, it makes up for this by offering native email marketing features along with limited sales funnel creation features. As a premium user, you can have unlimited email subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails per day in its most advanced plan.

Overall, Podia is worth considering if you’re looking for a decent course creator with strong marketing and sales features.

Podia Pricing & Free Trial

Podia offers a free plan along with two premium subscriptions.

  • Mover – $33/month
  • Shaker – $75/month

Podia Pros & Cons

Designed to help beginners launch their first course quickly and easilyNot the most feature-rich online course creator
Offers beginner-friendly pricing plansIts site builder offers very limited options
Impressive email marketing featuresDoes not offer surveys or certificates
Coupons and discountsIts sales funnel feature isn’t good enough for advanced marketers
Allows you to host video content and live webinarsOffers Stripe as the only payment gateway

Teachable vs. Podia – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Teachable is the better option if you’re looking for a solid course creator with everything you need to manage course content and evaluate students. But Podia is the right choice if you’re prepared to settle for a slightly weaker course creator that offers impressive email marketing capabilities.

Read our detailed Teachable vs. Podia comparison to learn more. 

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Teachable Alternative #3: Teachery

Teachery home page

If simplicity and ease of use are your priorities, Teachery is an online course platform worth considering. Designed for beginner course creators, Teachery provides you with all the core online course creation and membership site management features.

For example, you can create modular courses with audio, video, and text-based lessons. Similarly, you can attach files to each lesson as additional resources for your students.

Teachery’s website and landing page builder isn’t as feature-rich as some of the other tools in this list, but it does the job. It provides you with a standard website template and a drag-and-drop interface which you can use to quickly set up your course website or landing page.

Teachery doesn’t host your content which means you’ll need to upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other third-party video hosting site and embed them to your Teachery lessons.

Similarly, Teachery doesn’t provide any student evaluation features such as surveys, certificates, or quizzes. 

Teachery Pricing & Free Trial

Teachery offers two subscription plans with a 14-day free trial.

  • Monthly Plan – $49/month
  • Yearly Plan – $470/year

Teachery Pros & Cons

No transactions feesOnly supports Stripe for payments
Ideal for beginners and non-technical usersNot designed for advanced users
Clear and clutter-free user interfaceNo student evaluation features like quizzes, assignments, etc.
Excellent user onboarding processDoes not offer content hosting
24/7 customer support and detailed help contentLimited third-party integrations

Teachable vs. Teachery – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Overall, Teachable is a much superior product to Teachery. But if you’re looking for an easy-to-use Teachable alternative with basic course creation features, Teachery can be a good choice.

Read our Teachery review to learn more about it.

Teachable Alternative #4: Xperiencify

Xperiencify home page

Xperiencify is an advanced online course creation platform that uses gamification to increase your course completion rates and ensure that your students actually consume your content.

Xperiencify’s co-founders Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray are seasoned online course creators who understand the challenges eLearning professionals face.

Unlike most other course platforms, Xperiencify uses automation to aggressively engage your students. For example, students get “XP” points for watching lesson videos and completing assignments or quizzes. The points accumulate to unlock different rewards.

Similarly, Xperiencify sends engaging chat and email reminders to students helping them navigate your course content and remove any hurdles in their path.

Other than gamification, Xperiencify offers a solid online course and website builder that uses drag-and-drop widgets and elements to help you create responsive course pages.

You can add different page elements such as countdowns, testimonials, icons, images, videos, text boxes, etc. to modify the look and feel of your course page. 

Other features include quizzes, surveys, certifications, assignments, community features, and affiliate marketing.

Xperiencify Pricing & Free Trial

Xperiencify offers three subscription plans, but it is free to use until you start selling.

  • Launch – $42/month
  • Growth – $117/month
  • Enterprise – $500/month

Xperiencify Pros & Cons

Impressive page builder with numerous customizations5% transaction fees + course subscription fees make it an expensive solution
Excellent user-experienceLimited templates in the page builder
Unique gamification featuresLimited direct third-party integrations
Automated messaging to engage studentsOnly offers Stripe for payment collection but you can use Zapier to integrate with other payment solutions
Robust community management features 

Teachable vs. Xperiencify – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Xperiencify is a seriously impressive online course creator which offers everything you get with Teachable (plus more). However, it’s considerably more expensive than Teachable and might not be a good fit for beginner course creators.

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Teachable Alternative #5: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds home page

LearnWorlds is among the most powerful online course platforms designed to help people convert their knowledge into a booming online businesses.

It allows you to create and sell all kinds of digital products such as digital downloads, online courses, membership sites, product bundles, consultancy services, etc.

LearnWorlds is packed with world-class course creation and marketing features. Its website builder is among the most robust in the industry and comes with dozens of different drag-and-drop elements and customizable themes to help you create stunning websites and landing pages.

In addition, LearnWorlds provides a high-quality student experience with responsive course pages and a resourceful mobile app allowing students to watch and consume your content on the go.

To make things even better, LearnWorlds offers in-depth analytics to help you evaluate your performance and integrates with dozens of third-party apps to ensure your course has all the features you want.

LearnWorlds Pricing & Free Trial

LearnWorlds offers three premium subscriptions with a 30-day free trial

  • Starter – $24/month
  • Pro-Trainer – $79/month
  • Learning Center – $249/month

LearnWorlds Pros & Cons

No transaction feesNo native email marketing features
Auto transcription and subtitles for videosLimited quiz formats
Free access to LearnWorlds AcademyNo gamification features
Payment gateways include PayPal, Stripe, Sandbox, and Shopify  
Multiple third-party app integrations 

Teachable vs. LearnWorlds – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

LearnWorlds is a strong challenger to Teachable and does a fine job in all the core aspects of online course creation and management. So, if you’re looking for a Teachable alternative, it has everything you need.

Teachable Alternative #6: Kajabi

Kajabi home page

Kajabi is the ultimate all-in-one eLearning platform designed to help professionals and hobbyists create, manage, and sell online courses, membership sites, digital products, product bundles, and various kinds of information products.

It stands out from other online course platforms and eLearning solutions due to its world-class course creation features, intuitive website and landing page builder, and advanced native email marketing features.

Kajabi’s drag-and-drop page builder allows you to create attractive, responsive, and fully customizable websites and landing pages for your courses. 

Similarly, its course builder allows you to create modular courses with lessons containing audio, video, text, and attachments. It also provides superior student management and evaluation features to most other platforms.

With Kajabi, you don’t need a separate email marketing tool. Instead, you can use its automation features to create email sequences and sales funnels to engage and convert your traffic into customers.

Kajabi Pricing & Free Trial

Kajabi offers three premium subscription plans with a 14-day trial

  • Basic – $119/month
  • Growth – $159/month
  • Pro – $319/month

Kajabi Pros & Cons

One-stop solution for all eLearning needsExpensive tool for beginners and mid-level marketers
Unlimited landing pagesToo advanced for beginner course creators
Unlimited emailsOnline one content type per lesson
Up to 10K email subscribers in its lowest tier planNo free plan
Supports live webinars 
Sales funnels and email automation 

Teachable vs. Kajabi – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Kajabi is ideal for anyone looking for advanced marketing and email automation features in an online course platform. But it’s an expensive solution for beginner course creators who might still go for Thinkific or Teachery as potential Teachable alternatives.

Teachable Alternative #7: New Zenler

Zenler home page

Zenler is another all-in-one course platform that offers everything from course creation and management to email marketing and automation.

It stands out because of its intuitive user interface and robust course creation and marketing features. With Zenler, you can create courses, membership sites, digital downloads, and product bundles. It supports audio, video, text, and PDF content, and also offers live webinar features for lead generation and user engagement.

One of Zenler’s other strengths is its community feature which you can use to create closed learning groups for your course participants. You can use these groups to engage with your students, answer their questions, share feedback, and for general communication.

Zenler is a relatively new product and some of its features are still evolving. So, it’s still not a finished article.

Zenler Pricing & Free Trial

Zenler offers a free limited version plan along with two paid plans.

  • Pro – $67/month
  • Premium – $167/month

Zenler Pros & Cons

Drag & drop landing page builder with 1K+ building blocks and lots of customization options.Still in beta with occasional software bugs and glitches
Native certificate designer with ready-to-use templates and customizable designs.Only one default website theme.
Lead magnets and videos for list buildingNo mobile app right now.
No transaction fees 
Advanced marketing automation features and drip campaigns 

Teachable vs. Zenler – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Zenler is a good Teachable alternative for users looking for email marketing and automation features along with strong course building tools. But Teachable is the more affordable solution and offers better value for money.

Teachable Alternative #8: WizIQ

WizIQ home page

WizIQ is an established learning management system and live teaching platform designed to help professionals and organizations deliver effective online training and courses.

It allows you to create your online school where you can host multiple courses with audio, video, and text lessons. WizIQ’s strength is its live learning platform that you can use to deliver workshops and masterclass sessions to small groups of students.

To improve your school management, you can assign multiple admins from your team while maintaining owner-level rights. In addition, you can brand your school and customize its look and feel to offer a personalized experience to your students.

WizIQ Pricing & Free Trial

WizIQ offers a 14-day free trial along with two premium plans for online course creators.

  • Elite
  • Infinite

WizIQ’s premium plans start from $25/month (billed annually), but the pricing page doesn’t reveal the exact monthly cost. So, you’ll need to contact their sales team for a custom quote.

WizIQ Pros & Cons

Offers multiple choice questions, assignments, and course completion certificatesMore suitable for established course creators, not for beginners
Gives you the option to set lesson prerequisites.Lacks powerful marketing features
Mobile application for instructors and studentsNo website or landing page builder
Dedicated customer success manager 

Teachable vs. WizIQ – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

If you’re an established course creator with multiple courses and a team of instructors, WizIQ is worth considering. But it’s not the perfect Teachable alternative since it lacks some of Teachable’s site building and course creation features.

Teachable Alternative #9: LearnDash

LearnDash home page

If you’re looking to build an online course business using WordPress, LearnDash LMS is one of the best options out there. It’s a premium WordPress tool considered by many as the number one LMS in the world. 

LearnDash is not a cloud-based online course platform like Teachable. But it adds world-class LMS features to your site allowing you to host audio, video, and text courses.

With LearnDash, you can use the flexibility and customizations of WordPress to provide a memorable user experience for your students. You can use it to create an attractive and fully responsive online course environment branded according to your site’s look and feel. 

LearnDash stands out because of its student management and evaluation features. It offers eight quiz types, graded assignments, completion certificates, and several other features to provide a more controlled learning experience.

In addition, LearnDash supports Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Woocommerce, and several other payment gateways.

LearnDash Pricing & Free Trial

LearnDash does not offer a free trial or plan, but you get a 30-day money back guarantee with its annual subscription plans.

  • Basic – $159/year
  • Plus – $189/year
  • Pro – $329/year

LearnDash Pros & Cons

Converts your WordPress site into a world-class LMSNo free plan or trial
Offers a modern and responsive student learning experienceSetting it up might be a bit confusing for beginners and non-technical users
Much cheaper than other online course platformsNo page builder or email marketing/notifications
Offers detailed student management features 

Teachable vs. LearnDash – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

LearnDash is a good Teachable alternative for advanced WordPress users looking to build a modern online school. However, Teachable is the better and more hands-off option for beginners.

You can learn more about LearnDash in our detailed LearnDash vs. LifterLMS review.

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Teachable Alternative #10: Mighty Networks

MightyNetworks home page

Mighty Networks is a next-level online learning and community-building platform that allows you to sell online courses, digital products, subscriptions, memberships, live sessions, and various other info products.

It is quite different from Teachable and most other platforms I’ve shared in this article.

It allows you to create your own closed social network where your members can communicate, post statuses, pictures, videos, and other life updates.

You can use its community building features to develop a loyal group around your brand and sell them courses and info products inside your network.

Mighty Networks comes with an intuitive drag and drop landing page and course builder, text and video chat features, and multiple payment gateway integrations.

Overall, it’s an excellent community building tool that can help you exponentially grow your eLearning business in a very short time. 

Mighty Networks Pricing & Free Trial

Mighty Networks comes with a free 14-day trial along with its three premium subscription plans

  • The Community Plan – $33/month 
  • The Business Plan – $99/month
  • Mighty Pro – Custom quote

Mighty Networks Pros & Cons

Native live streaming and video featuresLacks student evaluation features like quizzes and graded assignments
Native social networking and community featuresStripe is the only supported payment gateway
Excellent drag & drop page builder 
Sell memberships, product bundles, digital downloads 

Teachable vs. Mighty Networks – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Mighty Networks is an ideal Teachable alternative for course creators looking to build a community. But Teachable offers better course creation and student evaluation features.

Teachable Alternative #11: Pathwright

Pathwright home page

Pathwright is a unique online course builder that allows you to simplify your students’ learning journey by defining learning paths instead of throwing a bunch of content on them.

You can create a more meaningful learning experience by grouping your content based on its outcome. 

For example, if you have dozens of tutorials and videos on the various aspects of copywriting, you can create a learning path for email copywriters or web copy writers using Pathwright. Each learning path would only include the videos and lessons related to your end goal.

Pathwright Pricing & Free Trial

You can use Pathwright for free as long as you want but you’ll need to choose one of its paid plans when you start selling.

  • Starter – $89/month
  • Essentials – $179/month
  • Completer – $449/month
  • Enterprise – $1,349/month

Pathwright Pros & Cons

Allows you to offer an enhanced learning experienceNot designed for beginner course creators
You can run learning cohorts for smaller groupsVery expensive and only suitable for large eLearning companies
Live classes 
Multiple admins 
In-depth analytics 

Teachable vs. Pathwright – Which Is The Better Online Course Platform?

Pathwright is a decent Teachable alternative for eLearning companies and online schools with large groups of students. For individual course creators and small eLearning businesses, Teachable alternatives like Thinkific, Podia, or LearnWorlds are better options.

Try Pathwright for Free

What’s The Best Teachable Alternative For You?

All the online course platforms I’ve discussed in this article are good Teachable alternatives in different ways. But what’s the most suitable choice for your business? It depends on your business goals.

But here are our recommendations for different business types.

  • Thinkific – Best overall Teachable alternative
  • Kajabi – The best all-in-one course platform
  • LearnWorlds – The most modern and user-friendly course platform
  • Mighty Networks – Best for community building
  • LearnDash – The most suitable LMS for WordPress users 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

By Jawad Khan for Learning Revolution

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