Everything is a production event

It’s a simple but powerful rule to embrace when you are in the learning business.

Whenever you have a knowledge or learning experience to share with the world, consider the multiple ways in which you can reuse and repurpose that content whether as part of learning and education products you create or as free content you provide to demonstrate value.

With this rule in mind, starting with video is usually the best way to go, whether that means putting yourself in front of a camera, or recording a Webinar or Google Hangout session.

Once you have video you can:

  • Use the full video
  • Carve out useful chunks of the video to offer on their own
  • Combine whole videos or chunks from various videos to create a course or subscription product
  • Capture stills from the video to use as images in blog posts, eBooks, social networks, marketing materials, and other items you publish
  • Extract audio from the video and use it in the ways listed above (tools like Screenflow  will this for you, but there are any number of other options – just do a search on “extract audio from video)
  • Transcribe the audio into text and use the transcription as a product or value-add for the video or audio (There are a lot of good options for low-cost transcription these days. Just as two example, you might find a contractor on Upwork. Or, use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service
  • Use the transcribed text as the basis for blog posts and posts on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Take the transcribed texts from multiple videos and put them together into a book or eBook
  • Use your transcribed texts as the basis for scripting our a keynote or workshop
  • And, of course, video the keynote or workshop – and return to the top of the list

This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. But you get the idea. If you think of everything you do as a production event, you will always be thinking about the things you can produce and you will never be lacking for content.

Everything is a production event: It’s a simple but powerful rule that can make a huge difference in your business.


  1. Chris Wilson says:

    Great notes and totally true. I would say that Wistia’s transcription service is pretty nice and helps with your SEO as well if you take what is said and put it in on your site. I’ve used it in the past and found it to be very accurate and it even links to the content in the video so you can click on each word and it moves to that point in the video. Pretty sweet.

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