The Best Learning Management Systems for Small Businesses to Sell Online Courses

[Updated June 14, 2018] The “learning management systems for small businesses” category has improved dramatically in the past few years for businesses interested in selling online courses. It used to be that if you wanted to sell courses, you either had to develop custom software or bolt e-commerce onto platforms that were built for corporate training or delivering college classes. Needless to say, this usually came with plenty of headaches and and a less than ideal experience for customers and channel parters.

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These days, many small businesses may be able to take advantage of the new breed of platforms geared toward solopreneurs and very small entrepreneurial businesses that I cover in 15 Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses. This is particularly true, for example, of Teachable, which has begun expanding its efforts to support enterprise customers, or Thinkific, which has implemented very strong features for selling to custom groups.

However, based on my own experiences and feedback from many small business owners, some of these platforms may not meet the more sophisticated demands of established businesses, particularly those that already have a significant base of face-to-face education customers. That’s why I decided to create a separate “learning management system for small business” page.  The following is my short list of platforms to consider.

Learning Management System for Small Business

Keep in mind that these systems will tend to cost a good bit more than many of the other platforms I list on this site. All of them, however, comply with major e-learning standard like SCORM, and they tend to be much better suited to scaling businesses that have relatively large catalogs and complex customer relationships. Basically, you get what you pay for.

LearningCart LogoWhile I don’t endorse specific platforms, I do understand that the range of choices can be confusing and it can be helpful for an expert to just say “look at this one, it’s a top choice” if you want to sell online courses. So, here’s one of my top choices for small businesses: LearningCart. LearningCart gives you the ability to manage and sell SCORM-based online courses as well as classroom-based training. It has a solid assessment engine and reporting, and it features one of the best e-commerce engines in this class of platforms. It is also highly customizable and integrates well with other key systems like Salesforce.  Finally, you can try out any of their plans for free for 14 days. – Jeff   Check it out >>


While most of the learning management system for small business options here have some level of content authoring capabilities, EZLCMS aims to take things a step further with its Adaptive Course Authoring PowerPoint Plug-In. The company says the plug-in ‘will convert your presentation into a mobile-friendly HTML based courseware product that can be delivered on computers and mobile devices.” If you happen to be delivering serious assessments as part of your offerings, EZLCMS also offers item analysis as part of its reporting capabilities. There’s a free 15 day trial and after that pricing starts at $199 per month.


Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk offers a variety of plans for getting courses online as well as production services to help you do it. If you’ve got the expertise, but don’t want to have to deal with the nuts and bolts of producing a course, this is a choice to consider.  The company’s lowest price plan starts at $25 per month plus $8 per course (which, based on their price calculator, appears to mean $8 per enrollment in course).



Inquisiq steps up the game quite a bit by offering features like multiple branded site instances (e.g., so that you can set up branded training portals for your business-to-business course sales) and a variety of discount code options for purchasers. Like Litmos, it also provides for issuing certificates to users who complete/pass courses. If you sell primarily to business (as opposed to individual) buyers, you want to be sure to check out this option. There’s a free trial available (for an unspecified period of time), then pricing starts at $200 per month.


Learning Cart

As the name suggests, Learning Cart is all about providing the e-commerce features you need to sell online courses. The platform can be used to sell just about any kind of online content, and I like the fact that it also has an integrated blog engine to help you with your content marketing and SEO. It also has a number of nice integrations – with GoToWebinar and Google Analytics for example. All in all, it is quite sophisticated for licenses starting at $179 per month.



One of the particularly strong features of LearnUpon is its capabilities for created branded client portals – a feature that is often weak in the learning management system for small business category. So, if you license your course out to customers who want their own branded user interface – and who may even want to offer courses of their own – this is definitely an option to consider. LearnUpon is also SCORM and TinCan compliant and supports classroom-based training as well as online. Starter pricing is $349 per month ($249 if paid annually up front) for up to 100 user.



Litmos offers a relatively full-featured LMS with built-in e-commerce options for selling your content (including SCORM courses). If you don’t care about having a marketplace for your content, and are looking for good flexibility for offering both live and on-demand training as well as integrating with other platforms (like, for example, Salesforce), it’s definitely worth a look. There’s a 14-day free trial followed by monthly pricing staring at $49 per month for the Starter edition.



SkyPrep appears to be a solid platform with a strong feature set. Pricing starts at $249 per month ($199 if billed annually) for up to 100 active users. (Note: Always make sure you know what a company means by “active user.” In SkyPreps case, it means each unique person who logs into your platform during the monthly billing cycle.)



I’ve seen TalentLMS emerge rapidly as one of the more visible brands in the “new breed” LMS market in recent years. The company offers a very full-featured system, including a very high level of brandability and wide range of pre-developed integrations via Zapier. You can sell  your courses individually or via subscription via PayPal or Stripe.  Perhaps best of all, TalentLMS offers a free option that gives you the ability to kick the tires. After that, the lowest price standard option starts at $39 per month (less with annual payment up front) and the lowest price “unlimited” plan starts at $109 per month (again, less with annual payment up front).


Thought Industries

Thought Industries bills itself as the world’s first “Learning Business Platform,” and clearly the company has put a lot of thought into supporting organizations that sell and market e-learning, as opposed to offering it only to an internal employee audience. The platform has user friendly course development and management tools, but also very strong e-commerce capabilities, including some of the best overall catalog design and management I’ve sen in an LMS. The company also offers a full range of services to get you up and running quickly. Pricing is not published on the company’s site.


If you would like high-quality, vetted reviews of learning management systems that are a good fit for small businesses that want to sell courses, be sure to check out ReviewMyLMS. It is the only LMS review site focused specifically on platforms that are a fit for market-facing education and training businesses – Jeff


So, that’s my short list in the learning management system for small business category. If you have used any of these systems and have constructive things to say about them, please comment. And also comment if you feel strongly there are other systems that should be represented here (keeping in mind that this post is focused on systems that are strong when it comes to selling online courses).

Please note: I get a LOT requests for advice on which platform to use, how to handle specific functionality needs, etc. I simply can’t justify taking the time to address all of these requests for free here in the comments – I have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay! There area couple of ways to be sure of getting a response from me if you have a learning management system for small business question:

  • For smaller questions, sign up for my newsletter and e-mail me. (You’ll get a number of resources as a bonus!) Within reason, I will answer questions by e-mail
  • If you need more extensive  help, you can set up a call with me through Yes, it costs money, but you are about to make a big decision. Isn’t it worth paying for a little expert advice?


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  1. You should also look into, they’re a learning management system and cost only 20$ per month and they are best when it comes to audio video quality even with multiple users.

  2. I agree they should be listed (I have them on another list on this site) and have added them. The “fraction of the cost comment, however, is not accurate. Review SkyPrep pricing at Thanks, Jeff

    • This is true – companies like Digital Chalk and Talent LMS (listed above) have cheaper starting plans than SkyPrep. Also not listed are platforms like CourseGenius and Thinkific, which also have cheaper starting plans. As always though you need to ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve with your platform, and which company offers you what you need at the best price point.

  3. You should also look into, they’re a learning management system but the fraction of the cost of the ones you’ve listed above.


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