LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant: Transform Your Content Creation Process

By Learning Revolution.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Creating a course to educate your audience is a noble idea. But the overwhelming process, starting from preparing an outline to writing marketing content, can become a bit tiring.

Enter LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant – a famous online course platform that will help you create content throughout your course-building journey, from idea to finally preparing a well-structured course.

No more grappling with tedious outlines or struggling to engage your audience. We’ll discuss all the key features that LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant offers and how they can help you.

LearnWorlds AI Assistant Overview

LearnWorlds is a powerful online course platform that helps you in every aspect of your course creation process – from creation and marketing to sales and management.

Their latest innovation, the AI Assistant, takes this support to the next level. Utilizing the new cutting-edge generative AI technology, it helps you enhance course content creation and student engagement.

The AI assistant comes powered with the GPT-3.5 large language model from OpenAI, which enables it to generate high-quality content, including course outlines, eBooks, and well-structured sections.

This assistant isn’t just about academic content – it can also help you create engaging course quizzes and exams, simplifying the assessment creation process with just a few clicks.

And there’s more. The LearnWorlds AI Assistant isn’t just limited to course-related tasks. It also helps you market your course. Aside from your course and assessment content, it’s also useful for creating marketing and sales material for your marketing emails and landing page copy.

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LearnWorlds AI Assistant Key Features

LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant helps you with every aspect of your course’s content – starting from the outline to the marketing materials. Let’s discuss these features in a bit more detail.

1. Build your course outline with LearnWorlds AI assistant

Building a course outline is a crucial starting point when you’re crafting a course. It can also be one of the most tedious parts.

Enters LearnWorlds AI assistant, which makes it process a breeze. When you sign up for the account and begin your course-building process, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you want to use AI to create your course outline or take the traditional route.

Once you pick the AI option, LearnWorlds will lead you to a plethora of questions and some details related to your course. For example, you’ll need to enter what your course is about, the type of learning activities you intend to use in your course, and various optional specifics.

These optional details cover the number of sections, activities per section, specific key topics, course level, and your target audience, among other plethora of questions. You can also set a specific tone of voice for your outline – with around 20 options available, including attention-grabbing, casual, and empowering, among others.

While not every detail is mandatory to be added, the more specific and more details you add, the better course outline the AI will create. After all, generative AI’s output hinges largely on your input – the better your input, the better result you’ll likely get.

Once you enter all these necessary details, the LearnWorlds AI assistant will take only a few seconds. And voila, you’ll have your course outline ready with proper sections and subsections.

Red box around Create Outline with Section 1-3 and red box around next steps with Insert Content button
Course outline created by LearnWorlds AI assistant

If you don’t like the outline, you have multiple options to edit it to tailor it precisely the way you want.

You can either regenerate with existing prompts with a single click.

Alternatively, you can enhance the existing prompts before regenerating. If you fancy certain parts but desire changes in between, the AI assistant allows you to add new sections/subsections, delete specific sections, change the order, and make tweaks as you require.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply follow the step-by-step process, click through a few options, and input your course details. In no time, your outline is ready and waiting for you.

2. Create educational ebooks with AI

The AI-powered assistant within LearnWorlds will particularly come in handy for edupreneurs, course creators, or those involved in employee training looking to supplement their courses with educational ebooks.

After creating your course outline using the AI tool, you can find the ebook creation option in the “Activity” section. When you start to write your ebook content, you’ll again have the option to create an ebook from scratch, import existing content, or leverage AI assistance.

When you pick the “Start with AI” option, you’ll be asked how you want to start. You’ll see about 24 diverse options that cater to different content styles, including:

  • Write a text to build chapters, case studies, and articles.
  • Creative story to present concepts with storytelling.
  • Create Q&A
  • List pros and cons
  • Create journal prompts
  • Simply a concept
  • Write brief and clear learning objectives
  • Create glossary
  • Create text based on instructional theories
  • Explain the process in steps

This is just a glimpse into the extensive options available – it’s almost like a creative menu where you pick what suits your ebook style best.

Once you pick one option, you’ll be prompted to enter essential details about your ebook, which include defining your target audience, preferred tone of voice, text type, and more. Again, be as specific as possible. The more precise and detailed your information, the more customized and fitting the results will be for your ebook.

Once you enter your details and hit the “Generate” button, you’ll have your ebook content within seconds.

Content written by AI with 3 points from 3-5 showing and insert content button on bottom
Ebook created by LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant

Just like your course outline, you again get the flexibility to make changes as you like. You can either regenerate results, make minor tweaks, improve your prompt, or even expand or shorten the content.

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3. Crafting engaging quizzes and assessments

Merely creating a course to educate your audience isn’t enough. If you look at the prominent e-learning statistics, thousands of course creators are vying for attention in the market. You have to go out of your way to engage your students, so they stick to the course until the end without getting bored in the middle. Assessment also helps you evaluate whether your course audience is grasping the material properly or not.

That said, it’s not always a cakewalk to come up with assessment content.

LearnWorlds AI Assistant again comes in handy here by assisting you in creating assessments like quizzes, exams, and certifications with just a few clicks. Now, you can channel your energy more on your course design and educational aspects while the AI handles basic content.

You simply have to head over to your assessment builder screen and locate the “AI Assistant” option from the navigation bar at the top. You’ll find a bunch of quiz and assessment types waiting for you, along with a variety of AI-powered options to lend you a hand.

First, pick the type of assessment you want to create – from multiple choice questions to true/false questions and open-ended assignments to fill in the blanks questions.

Additionally, your LearnWorlds’ AI assistant offers a range of support for your assessment content needs. Here’s everything you can do:

  • Create questions for your assessments
  • Polish or rewrite the text
  • Shorten, expand, and summarize assessment questions
  • Make your assessment questions catchy, serious, or surprising
  • Translate to multiple languages
  • Change the tone of voice
  • Analyze for style, tone, and voice
Showing Red arrow to red box aound AI Assistant and list of how you can change tone

The AI tool will prompt you to specify details like the difficulty level of your assessment questions, tone of voice, any key terms, and other relevant factors based on the type of assessment you’re creating.

Once you enter all the details, the AI tool will take a few seconds to create assessments along with feedback for your audience, covering both right and wrong answers.

Showing what the AI assistant created based on what was entered
Assessment created by LearnWorlds AI assistant

If you don’t like the results, you can always regenerate or take advantage of plenty of other AI prompts to change your writing style.

4. Provide insightful feedback for assessments

Once you run quizzes and assessments, you have to provide insightful feedback to encourage the participants. LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant goes an extra mile here as well – it’s advanced enough to provide feedback for both incorrect and correct answers.

Simply navigate to the Review Center and choose the assessment you want to review. Look for the familiar AI Assistant icon, hit the “Generate Feedback” option, enter a few details, and you’ll have your feedback options within seconds.

To tailor your feedback, you can define the feedback type, include key points, mention the feedback length and level of strictness, and set the tone of voice. This will make your feedback to students more personalized despite it being created by AI.

showing AI assistant provided for feedback generation and hand tool pointing to Insert content button
Assessment feedback generated by LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant

How you use this feedback is up to you. You can either share it with your audience as it is or make modifications however you see fit.

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5. Create a landing page copy that sells

Creating course outlines and course-related content is just one aspect of LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant. It further helps you market and sell your courses by crafting engaging landing page content for your target audience.

Creating a comprehensive landing page can be a hassle, whether it’s due to writer’s block or a lack of copywriting skills. You have to find a way to bring all the information together and offer it in a way that target audiences find captivating enough to buy the course. 

Keeping this in mind, LearnWorlds’ AI writing assistant helps you craft catchy course titles, subtitles, value propositions, call-to-actions (CTAs), and overall landing page copy.

To begin, simply select the text on your landing page you want to improve and choose the pre-defined AI prompt, and the assistant will make the desired changes.

Some of our favorite AI prompts include the ability to:

  • Polish text
  • Make it catchy
  • Change tone
  • Translate it into over a dozen languages
AI Assitant menu highlighted up top wiht red bow and Edit Text options

What makes it even better? You’re not confined to the prompts LearnWorlds offers. You have the freedom to input your own prompts, providing specific details to get precisely what you need.

6. Engage your audiences with email newsletters 

Crafting an email copy that truly resonates with your audience is another part of launching a successful business. And if you’re planning to monetize your course, it’s even more important to keep your audiences engaged via emails.

Email serves as an important tool to not only market your course, but also to notify your students and establish a relationship with them.

LearnWorlds allows you to send automated notification emails to users after major events like course enrolment, renewal, registration, and course completion.

If you head to the “Course Emails” section, you’ll see plenty of pre-defined email templates tailored for different scenarios. You’ll find an AI icon above each template that will help you enhance your email or create one from scratch.

Two red arrows points to AI Content icons to generate emails using AI
LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant for emails

You have the option to provide specific details or use a custom prompt, and the AI will craft an email for you. If the initial result doesn’t quite hit the mark, there are 11 preset prompts available.

These prompts enable you to tweak the text, refine the language, or alter the writing style to better suit your preferences. All these options help you fine-tune your email copy until you get precisely what you’re looking for.

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7. Enhancing content using AI prompts

What ties together these AI assistants for various tasks – from outlining courses to crafting eBooks, assessments, landing page copy, and email newsletters – is their shared capability to refine and improve your content beyond the initial output.

Here are all the preset prompts LearnWorlds offers to help you enhance your content further:

  • Polish text
  • Rewrite text
  • Make it catchy
  • Make it surprising
  • Make it serious
  • Shorten
  • Expand
  • Summarize
  • Analyze the style, voice, and tone
  • Change tone (for example, you can change the tone to casual, empowering, formal, friendly, etc.
  • Translate (LearnWorlds allows you to translate the text to 30 different languages).
AI assistant email copy when you asked to make it longer
Content enhancement by LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant

You can continue to give different prompts and make edits as many times as you want until you’re satisfied with the result.

LearnWorlds AI Customer Support

If you’ve read our detailed LearnWorlds review, you already have an idea about their customer support standards.

While the AI Assistant is a fairly new addition, it’s pretty easy to use, so you’re unlikely to need extra support to navigate around the feature. Nonetheless, their blog and help center are populated with plenty of material on the topic to help you get started without any hassle. 

Additionally, LearnWorlds’ customer support varies based on your pricing tier. For example, you get 24/5 email support with the Starter plan and 24/7 email support and access to the LearnWorlds Academy with its Pro Trainer plan. With its more advanced plan, LearnWorlds gives you access to 24/7 priority email support and personalized onboarding.

Finally, you’ll get access to 24/7 priority email & phone support and a dedicated success manager with the custom plan.

LearnWorlds AI Assistant Pricing Plans

It’s apparent just how advanced LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant is. What makes it even special is how it’s available with all their pricing tiers, including the free trial.

However, there are limitations on the number of prompts you can use within each plan. This means that while the AI’s functionality is accessible to everyone, the number of times you can use the AI commands varies based on the pricing tier.

Here’s a quick overview of the pricing plans with the number of AI prompts:

  • Starter Plan: This plan starts at $29 per month and provides 300 AI prompts per month.
  • Pro Trainer Plan: It starts at $99 per month and provides 500 AI prompts per month.
  • Learning Center Plan: This plan starts at $299 per month and provides 1000 AI prompts per month.
  • High Volume & Corporate Plan: Custom plan.
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LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant Pros and Cons

Generative AI is truly a wonderful invention, and the way LearnWorlds incorporates it into the course-creation process is commendable. That said, it has its fair share of downsides as well. Let’s discover some of its major pros and cons:

LearnWorlds AI ProsLearnWorlds AI Cons
Time-saving: After you enter your details, the AI assistant takes only a few seconds to create the desired results. This saves you plenty of time that you can now spend focusing on your main course content.   Tailored to your writing style: LearnWorlds AI Assistant lets you pick from over a dozen writing styles. From friendly tones to professional, from catchy to serious, you can align your content with your brand or personal writing style.   Beyond course content: It goes well beyond course outlines and assessments by helping you create content throughout the customer buying journey.   No additional cost: The AI Assistant is available with all LearnWorlds’ plans without any additional fee. You can also try it for free for the first 30 days.Limited AI prompts: Each plan has limitations on the number of AI prompts you can use each month. You might have to subscribe to a higher-tier plan for more prompts.   Can’t replace human creativity: You can’t solely rely on the AI virtual assistant to create content for you. It can help you generate outlines and headings, but it can’t replace human creativity. The output might also turn out to be incorrect sometimes.

Streamline Course Creation with LearnWorlds’ AI Assistant

Artificial Intelligence is making a wave in the market, especially for content creation. While completely relying on AI technology will leave you with robotic, impersonal content, it can be useful to beat writer’s block, discover content ideas, create assessment questions, and make minor tweaks.

And that’s what LearnWorlds’ AI assistant helps you alleviate and help with. It lessens your burden by helping you create and improve course outlines, assessments, and marketing materials. What makes it even more special is its user-friendly interface and a 30-day free trial. This means you can try LearnWorlds for free before making a long commitment.

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20% off the first 6 months of a Pro Trainer plan or higher!

LearnWorlds AI Assistant FAQ

What exactly is LearnWorlds AI Assistant?

The all-in-one online course creation platform LearnWords recently introduced its AI Assistant, which is powered by the GPT-3.5 large language model from OpenAI. It assists course creators and businesses with course outlines and supporting content, so they can focus more on their main course content and design.

What are the main functionalities of the AI Assistant?

The AI Assistant helps you create and edit course outlines, different types of course assessments, ebooks, email copy, and landing page content, and even provide feedback to your audience. You can either use their preset prompts or give custom prompts to generate content that aligns the best with your course and target audience.

Can you customize AI-generated content?

Yes, you’re free to customize the AI-generated content however you want. You can either add your own text or use prompts to shorten, expand, and regenerate the results. You can also change its tone and style.

How easy is it to use the AI Assistant within LearnWorlds?

The AI Assistant is designed for ease of use. You can access it within the platform’s interface, follow step-by-step processes, select options based on your preferences, input course details, and receive generated content within seconds, making the entire experience user-friendly and efficient.

Is LearnWorlds AI Assistant free to use?

Yes, you can opt for LearnWorlds’ 30-day free trial to use the AI Assistant feature for free for the entire month. After that, you can use a specific number of prompts based on your pricing tier. For example, the Starter Plan provides 300 AI prompts per month, the Pro Trainer Plan offers 500, and the Learning Center Plan includes 1000 prompts per month.

Can the AI Assistant help you refine existing content?

Yes, the AI Assistant’s capabilities aren’t limited to just content creation. It also comes with pre-defined prompts like polishing text, rewriting, shortening, expanding, analyzing style and tone, changing tone, and translating content into different languages. These help you enhance and refine your already existing content.

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