11 Best AI Video Generators And Editors For Creators

By Learning Revolution.  Last Updated on February 26, 2024

You’re probably watching dozens of AI videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok every day without even noticing it.

We already have realistic AI news presenters, TV show hosts, and even Instagram AI models with millions of followers. That’s how good AI videos have become.

And they’ll only get better from here.

But the big question is, if you’re a course seller, coach, or content creator, how can you best leverage AI videos?

If you haven’t used them, the first step is to find the best AI video-generation tools for business and include them in your content creation workflow.

In this article, we’ll solve both of these problems.

First, we’ll discuss ways you can use AI videos to grow your e-learning business. Then, we’ll share some of the most advanced AI video generation and editing tools for various video types and use cases.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what tools you should use to create engaging AI visual content for your business.

Let’s dive in.

Our Top Picks For The Best AI Video Editors And Generators

In a hurry? We shortlisted our top picks from this article for different use cases.

  • Pictory – Best for stock AI videos
  • Vidon AI – Best for scaling and automating AI video production
  • Synthesia – Best AI avatar generator
  • Filmora – Best video editor
  • invideo AI – Best value for money

However, we’ve covered many other excellent tools in this article, and we encourage you to try them before making a call.

What Is An AI Video Generator?

AI video generators use generative AI technology to create high-quality, lifelike videos based on user prompts and scripts without needing cameras, mics, or human presenters.

They’re highly efficient tools that analyze vast data sets to generate videos within minutes at a fraction of a conventional video’s production cost.

Here’s an example of an AI-generated video.

AI video generators are handy for anyone who is camera shy, lacks video creation skills, or wants to scale video production for YouTube or online courses. They’re user-friendly tools designed for users without technical experience, making video production more accessible.

You can also use them as dedicated AI voice generation tools because every AI video generator has an extensive library of AI voices, and some even offer voice cloning features.

In short, video creation is no longer a challenge with these tools. Instead, it’s an unprecedented opportunity for content creators to grow their audience and drive more sales.

Types Of AI Video Generators

Most AI video generators fall into one of the following categories.

Text-To-Video: These AI video generators transform your text script into a video using relevant stock visuals and AI voices.

AI Avatar: These advanced AI video generators show realistic human presenters deliver your content.

Animated AI Video Generators: These tools generate high-quality 2D and 3D animations based on your script and prompts.

How Online Course Sellers Can Use AI Video Generators

We all know video is the most engaging content format. But it’s also the most challenging to create.

A recent study shows the main reasons why marketers find it hard to make more videos.

Video Marketing Challenges Bar Graph with Lack of time to create video content in 1st place with 39%

If you look closely, AI video solves all those challenges.

You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars or dozens of hours to create high-quality videos. It can all be done in a few minutes with AI.

And this opens up numerous growth opportunities for your e-learning business.

For example, instead of typing long messages, you can share more videos with your community members and share more actionable advice.

Similarly, you can repurpose your existing content into videos and share them on YouTube and other video platforms to grow your audience.

As a full-time video creator, you can drastically speed up your channel’s growth by publishing more short-form content.

And, of course, you can create more videos for your courses and digital products.

The Best AI Video Generators And Editors For Content Creators

Let’s discuss the best AI video generators to help you leverage AI content in your online courses and digital products.

Our list includes video generators and editors powered by AI and designed for various use cases like marketing, sales, e-learning, and more.

We tested these tools extensively to understand their features and pros and cons, allowing us to give you a more actionable comparison and help you choose the right option for your business goals.

1.    Pictory

Pictory Homepage that says it can Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers with a video

Pictory is a robust, uncomplicated, and multipurpose AI video generator. It’s a text-to-video converter that generates engaging videos from your text script or published blog posts.

When you enter your script in Pictory, it analyzes the content and dives deep into its stock video library to find the most relevant clips that perfectly represent your content. It also generates an AI voiceover for your video and chooses a suitable background music track.

The result?

A high-quality video ready to publish on your website or social media profile.

Pictory is also a text-based video editor which allows you to edit videos like a text document. You can add/remove text sections from your script, which are automatically reflected in the video.

It’s ideal for growing a faceless YouTube channel or creating informational videos for your membership site or online courses. You can also use it to repurpose your blog posts or generate AI podcasts to grow your audience.

The best part? It’s as easy to use as writing an email or copying/pasting text from one document to another.

Read our complete Pictory review for a deeper analysis.

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2.    Descript

Descript homepage with a Get started for free and see product tour buttons

Descript is a powerful AI video editor and audio/video content generator for content marketers, YouTubers, and podcasters.

It automatically converts your text content into highly realistic AI voices that you can use in your videos or podcasts.

But unlike Pictory, Descript doesn’t automatically generate stock visuals. Instead, you must find the relevant video clips and pictures from its library for each form of your video. (Check out a full comparison of Pictory vs Descript.)

However, Descript excels at AI editing features, making it one of the best in the industry. Using its text editor, you can instantly change your video content as easily as editing a Word document.

It also gives you a wide range of effects, filters, and transitions to make your videos look more professional. For example, you can use AI green screens to add custom video backgrounds. AI eye contact is another cool feature that fixes your appearance and makes you look into the camera.

You can use Descript as a Loom alternative for product tutorials and guides, as it allows you to record your screen. It also lets you host multiple podcast guests on the same screen and auto-transcribes your videos, making it ideal for video podcasters.

AI voice cloning and dubbing are two of its best features, allowing you to generate AI audio using your voice and replace the voice in a video.

Overall, if you want to experience the power of AI editing without any complexities, Descript is an excellent option.

Read our complete Descript review.

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3.    SteveAI

Steve AI homepage with a Sign Up For Free button and video to see how it works

Steve AI is among the most versatile AI video generators we’ve seen. Whether you want to create explainer videos for a product, AI avatar videos to present a course lesson or animated videos for storytelling, Steve does it all.

Like the other tools on this list, Steve AI uses your AI script to generate different video formats. But its extensive feature range makes it superior to many other tools.

You can use it to generate videos with stock visuals, transcribe your clips accurately, or produce realistic AI voices.

Here’s an animated AI video created with Steve from a text script.

Owned by Animaker, Steve AI has custom AI character designing features, a wide range of editing tools, and a vast stock library. This gives you flexibility in choosing your video’s content and helps you cover a broader range of topics.

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4.    Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare homepage: Extraordinary Feature of Filmora with two buttons:
Try Free and Buy Now

Filmora is an advanced video editor for modern creators with many AI video creation and editing features.

It offers the best of both worlds with its full range of conventional multitrack video editing features, advanced filters, animations, and effects. In addition, its AI features allow you to generate videos and apply quick editing fixes like background removal, object removal, animated text, and in-video effects.

Filmora allows you to create animated, live-action, explainer, and social media videos from your text scripts and prompts. It also has an extensive video template library for mainstream industries and popular topics.

It also has a text editor which allows you to modify your video content by changing your script. Other handy features include an AI script generator and music creator for your videos.

In short, if you want professional-grade editing features with tons of AI capabilities, Filmora is a great option. However, it has a learning curve because of its extensive features.

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5.    Synthesia

Synthesia homepage:  turn your text into videos in minutes
with a Create a free AI video button

Calling Synthesia the poster child for AI video generators is pretty accurate.

With 140+ realistic avatars with unique AI voices, Synthesia is perfect for creating educational videos, lessons for online courses, engaging YouTube videos, and corporate presentations.

You can even create a custom avatar using your HD pictures and videos. You know what that means? You can create countless videos with your avatar as the presenter without getting in front of the camera or saying a word from your script.

Here’s an example of a custom avatar video created with Synthesia.

Like the other tools on this list, Synthesia relies primarily on your script to generate AI videos. However, it provides several advanced effects to make avatars look more realistic.

For example, you can add small gestures like a nod, raised eyebrow, or a subtle hand movement.

These features make Synthesia ideal for organizational training & development content and even regular e-learning professionals selling courses or memberships online.

Savvy internet users familiar with AI can recognize Synthesia videos. However, it’s hard for an ordinary internet user to tell the difference between a real presenter and an AI avatar.

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6.    Vidon.AI

Vidon.ai homepage with Create a Video button and Book demo link

Vidon is different from all the AI video generators we’ve discussed in this article because it is designed to automate video creation at scale.

Unlike other tools, it doesn’t rely solely on your script, although it has conventional text-to-video capabilities.

But even with a small prompt, it generates the script, narrates it with an AI voice, and generates a video for your chosen platform – all in a single click.

And it doesn’t stop here.

As a course creator and e-learning professional, you can use Vidon to massively boost your video production. Simply give it a topic, set the number of videos you want about it, and choose your publishing platform (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.).

For example, if you create courses about mental health, write a simple prompt for Vidon to “create a 7-part video series on post-pregnancy mental health issues for YouTube.”

Vidon will generate seven video ideas that align with each other, create their scripts, and transform them into YouTube videos with AI voice narration, stock visuals, and a suitable background soundtrack.

But instead of publishing it right away, Vidon will create a content calendar to help you plan your content release dates for maximum engagement.

Imagine the video generation possibilities with such automated processes.

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7.    TensorPix

screenshot of mountains with an online video enhancer

TensorPix is an AI-powered video editor and enhancer that helps you polish low-quality footage and recover lost details.

It’s a simple tool to revive your old videos in three simple steps – upload the video, choose an enhancement, and download the enhanced video.

What types of enhancements can you apply with TensorPix?

  • Upscale video resolution to 4K
  • Bring clarity to blurred footage
  • Remove flickering
  • Reduce color noise
  • Restore colors
  • Apply slow-motion effects

TensorPix is a browser-based tool, so you don’t need to install any application on your computer. If you have old course videos or low-quality recordings that you want to use in your digital products or YouTube channel, TensorPix is an ideal tool to revive your videos.

Try TensorPix Now button

8.    Veed.io

homepage with a create a video with AI button and a video

VEED is another popular video editor that has recently added a wide range of AI features. It was already a leading online video editor. But with AI video generation features, it’s now a much more helpful tool for course sellers and content creators.

VEED lets you create AI videos from your text script and edit scenes like a Word document. It gives you the option to create AI videos with realistic avatars, stock videos, or a combination of both.

For example, if you create an informational video about SEO, you can use your avatar while switching between stock footage and the presenter. In addition, you can also add your own video clips to the mix, making your content more comprehensive and valuable.

VEED’s AI editing features are also quite handy.

For example, applying the filler word filter can make your video more engaging. Similarly, you can add captions in different text styles and colors to retain your audience’s attention.

Overall, VEED is a handy AI video solution, considering its core editing features and ease of use.


9.    DeepBrain

Deepbrain AI homepage with a create a free AI studios video button

DeepBrain AI is another super impressive video generator that creates videos from your text script, ChatGPT prompts, live URLs, and even presentation files.

It dramatically accelerates your video creation process by integrating directly with ChatGPT and generating complete videos from one-line prompts.

For example, if you enter the prompt “create a video on the benefits of eating almonds”, DeepBrain automatically generates a video script on this topic, lets you choose your AI avatar and background, and generates a high-quality video.

Similarly, you can upload a PowerPoint presentation file or share the URL of a blog post to transform it into an AI video instantly.

DeepBrain’s AI avatars are quite realistic, making it an excellent alternative to Synthesia.

Here’s an example video.

The avatar and voice in this video are AI-generated. The user only provided the text script and chose a background.

DeepBrain supports 80+ languages, so you can repurpose your existing content for multiple target audiences or start dedicated YouTube channels for different regions.

In addition, it offers extensive editing features and effects in an intuitive user interface, making it a choice for course creators, coaches, membership site owners, or anyone looking to build an audience using videos.

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10.                   invideo AI

homepage with create videos with text prompts and a try invideo AI button

invdeo AI is designed for the modern content creator looking for a quick solution to video generation without losing editorial control.

With InVideo, you can instantly generate high-quality, engaging videos from your text prompts. But what makes it different is the level of detail. For example, you can choose your preferred accents, describe your target audience, set the voice tone, and create content for different moods.

InVideo’s prompt-to-video feature writes your video script, generates its audio voiceover, and creates a publish-ready video using relevant stock visuals.

From there, you can edit the video frame by frame, changing images and visuals, adding more details to the script, or using different animations and effects to make your content more engaging.

Plus, its collaboration features allow you to add team members to the editing process and communicate in real-time to finalize your content.

InVideo also has an avatar app that lets you create videos with realistic avatars. However, it is in beta and cannot be compared with DeepBrain on Synthesia until it’s fully out.

But overall, if you’re looking for an instant AI video generator with detailed editing controls, InVideo is an excellent choice.

Try invideo AI Now

11.                   HeyGen

hompeage with get started for free utton in purple

Don’t underestimate HeyGen just because it is way down our list. It is one of the most impressive AI video generators that can be compared with Synthesia and DeepBrain.

It offers 100+ realistic avatars and surprisingly fluent AI voiceovers to let you create videos for your marketing funnel, sales outreach, product tutorials, or online course lessons.

HeyGen gives you greater control over your avatar’s appearance than most other tools. You can change your avatar’s clothes, place them in different background settings, and apply different accents to your content.

Plus, it is designed for scalability through direct integration with ChatGPT. To generate an AI video, simply enter your prompt, and HeyGen will write your script and create a video you can edit before using.

To make your job easier, it has a huge template library with pre-designed animations, backgrounds, and text styles for different use cases.

In short, if you’re looking to create AI avatar videos, you should definitely check out HeyGen.

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Which AI Video Generators And Editors Should You Choose?

It’s hard to handpick tools from this list because they’re all excellent and ever-improving products.

However, your choice should mainly depend on the type of video you want and where you plan to use it in your marketing funnel.

But based on features and overall value for money, we have shortlisted the following tools.

The other tools in the list are also very impressive, and since most of them offer a free trial or free plan, we encourage you to sign up and try them yourself before making the final call.

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