Ready to dramatically accelerate your success in building a business based on your unique expertise and experience? Whether your aim is to create and sell educational products, develop a successful consulting business, generate income through speaking and writing, or all of the above, I can help.

I’ve been an entrepreneur and consultant in the business of adult lifelong learning for more than fifteen years. I’ve built and sold a highly successful online education company, served as an executive in multiple other education companies, have published commercially multiple times, and I am currently a sought after advisor to large organizations globally for help with launching and growing their education businesses.

Through my mentoring program, individual subject matter entrepreneurs can gain access to my expertise and experience as a way to accelerate the growth of their education and training ventures and dramatically their chances of success. I offer three options for mentoring:*

Single Power Session

You will find through working with me that I think charging on an hourly basis is a lousy way to do business. The one exception I make is for people who are just not quite sure yet whether they want to make the leap into the kind of commitment to growth the programs listed below involve. Maybe they are just getting started, maybe they just need a little boost to get unstuck. If that describes you, I am available for up to one hour of phone consultation via The fee is $300 for a full hour, but the way Clarity works, you will only be charged for as much of the hour as you actually use.

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Standard Mentoring Program

My standard program provides for six months of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, fax, or in person, if convenient for both of us. I will help you with your strategy (what offerings to develop, how to target the right audience, how to position yourself, what to charge), and tactically (how to create your offerings, selecting the right platform, practical guidance on building your audience, etc.). It is up to you to initiate access when you feel you need it. I return all phone calls within two hours during normal business hours, and respond to all written correspondence within 24 hours.

The fee is $2,500, which distinguishes those who are serious about their business, and is easily recouped through increased business and/or the ability to charge more for your offerings. Admission is limited. If there are no openings, there is a “first come, first served” waiting list.

With this program and each of the following programs the fee is required to begin the process or to claim a place on the waiting list. The fee may be paid in installments, but the mentoring process doesn’t begin until payment is complete. The fee is non-refundable, no exceptions. However, you may call a “freeze” at any point, for up to two months at a time, at which time we stop the calendar until you’re ready to begin again.

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Guided Mentoring Program

The Guided Mentoring Program is for individuals who want a more structured relationship with additional accountability for meeting their goals. In this version of the program we choose those areas which are of highest priority and create:

  • A detailed game plan with specific completion dates, and
  • Formal, scheduled contact times to discuss accomplishments and any obstacles preventing short-term tasks from being completed.

I recommend the guided program to those who feel the need for increased structure, whose intellectual curiosity and talent cause them to wander from task to task prior to completion, or who are feeling significant urgency for creating results. This version of the mentoring program is available for $6,500.

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Immersion Mentoring Program

The immersion program is a great option for people who want to “jump start” the overall process of launching and growing an expertise-based business. The program consists of a full day with me (which may be split over two days) at my office to focus on your strategy and goals, and create plans to move forward. During this time together, I’ll also share key elements of my work processes and how I go about building and managing my own business.

You then enter the standard mentor for six months. The fee for total immersion including the six-month Mentor Program to follow is $9,500.

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* Note: These programs are intended for individual entrepreneurs and small consulting or training firms. Organizations seeking consulting help with their continuing education and professional development programs should contact me through my consulting firm, Tagoras.

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