19+ Membership Site Examples Worth Emulating [2024]

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on March 16, 2023

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If you’re struggling to start a membership site despite having the necessary resources and content, you’re probably facing one of the following problems.

  • You can’t decide which membership site platform to use.
  • You’re struggling to imagine what your membership site should look like (its content model, membership mode, subscription tiers, etc.)

If that’s the case, learning from successful membership websites is an easy way to solve both problems.

So, in this article, we’ll share some of the best membership site examples to get your creative juices flowing and help you understand the success factors in this business model.

To make these examples more valuable, we’ll do the following:

Hopefully, these membership site examples will inspire you and give you a better idea of exactly how to get started.

Let’s dive in.

The Best Squarespace Membership Site Examples

Squarespace membership site home page

Squarespace is a world-class content management system (CMS) and website-building platform that allows you to create fully-responsive and multi-purpose websites without any coding skills.

Squarespace Member Area is a dedicated add-on for creating membership sites and subscription services. You can use it to create gated content, host video training, manage membership tiers, process payments, and offer an A-class membership experience to your customers.

Squarespace’s user-friendliness is among the top reasons why creative professionals and non-technical users prefer it for building their membership programs.

Here’s what you can do with Squarespace memberships.

  • Sell premium gated content
  • Host online courses
  • Build a community
  • Launch paid newsletters
  • Offer membership tiers
  • Accepted member payments
  • Upsell and cross-sell membership packages and add-ons

Here are a few Squarespace membership site examples to inspire you.

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Squarespace Membership Site Example #1: Vocal Kinesthetics

Vocal Kinesthetics home page

Kimberly Moller is a professional singer and certified voice trainer helping aspiring vocalists improve their skills. She uses Squarespace to host her website and manage her premium membership program called Vocal Kinesthetics.

She uses Squarespace for website design, hosting, membership landing pages, and payment processing.

Her membership program consists of a combination of fortnightly live one-on-one sessions, private community access, recorded lectures, and member-only events.

Squarespace Membership Site Example #2: Kanda Yoga School

Kanda Yoga School membership site home page

Kanda Yoga School is Alison Smith’s membership program offering various yoga and meditation courses. It is built entirely with Squarespace Member Area and has everything you need for a successful membership site.

For example, it has an eye-catching homepage with different sections explaining the core offer. Then there’s a dedicated course section on the homepage giving the visitors a preview of all the courses on offer.

The site offers multiple membership plans and tiers, including free and trial memberships. As members, Kanda School students can access online courses, one-on-one coaching, archive content, resources, and an exclusive member group.

Squarespace Membership Site Example #3: Yellow

Yellow co. membership site home page

Yellow is a vibrant community of current and aspiring female entrepreneurs helping each other to grow together. It offers multiple subscription plans to help women set up businesses, improve communication, master strategy, learn marketing, and grow as business owners.

Yellow’s members get access to hundreds of hours of video recordings, including interviews with hugely successful female entrepreneurs. They also get one-on-one coaching with experts, templates and documentation support, weekly Q&A office hours, member-only community access, and multiple online courses covering different aspects of entrepreneurship.

Members can choose from three subscription plans offering different levels of information access. All of this is built and managed with Squarespace.

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The Best Wix Membership Site Examples

Wix home page "Create a website without limits"

Wix is another leading website hosting and management platform that allows you to create modern, responsive, and multi-purpose websites for personal and business use. You can use it to set up various types of memberships, subscription services, and online communities

Apart from Wix’s default membership features, it comes with several apps for adding different types of member areas to your website, allowing you to serve gated content and charge members a recurring fee.

In addition, it seamlessly integrates with several third-party membership plugins, tools, and solutions, allowing you to build advanced membership sites easily.

Here’s a quick list of things you can do with Wix membership sites.

  • Create dedicated membership sites with sign-up and check-out pages
  • Turn any section of your site into gated content
  • Allow members to create profiles
  • Share files with members
  • Serve multimedia content such as video courses, audio files, and text
  • Create member-only discussion forums, groups, and communities
  • Offer membership tiers and multiple subscription plans
  • Sell online courses, one-on-one coaching, live content, and other types of digital products

Let’s examine a few active Wix membership site examples to better understand its offerings.

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Wix Membership Site Example #1: HERoines

Wix Membership Site Example #1: HERoines: "Why join Heroines Inc?"

HERoines is a membership program for women of all ages to feel at home, discuss their issues, and help each other resolve personal and professional challenges.

It is primarily a community-based membership program that offers access to member forums and discussion groups. In addition, the members get special discount offers on different products and services and invitations for member-only events.

HERoines also includes mentorship programs, virtual challenges, and exclusive member meetups.

The program is entirely built using Wix’s membership features. It uses various Wix Apps like forums and groups and integrates with payment processors to manage monthly member payments.

Wix Membership Site Example #2: Elevated

Wix Membership Site Example #2: Elevated home page

Elevated is dedicated to the well-being of teachers and educators and helps them excel in their personal and professional life through dialogue, mentorship, and network support.

Its membership programs offer one-on-one coaching, online courses, mentorship, and community groups.

It uses Wix for website design, landing pages, and checkout pages. But the membership features are managed by integrating Wix with MemberSpace, a dedicated membership platform.

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The Best WordPress Membership Site Examples

WordPress home page: "WordPress: Flex your freedom"

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), powering 43.2% of all websites on the internet. WordPress’s flexibility allows you to turn it into any type of eLearning platform or membership site. 

This is why some of the world’s best online universities, online course platforms, and membership programs use WordPress.

Although WordPress is not a membership platform, you can turn it into a world-class eLearning platform using the right membership plugins, such as MemberPress, LearnDash, LifterLMS, or AccessAlly. Using any of these plugins, you can create membership sites of all sizes offering any feature you want. 

Let me show you a few WordPress membership site examples to help you understand what’s possible on this platform.

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WordPress Membership Site Example #1: CopySchool

WordPress Membership Site Example #1: CopySchool home page

CopySchool has been a top copywriting membership program for several years with hundreds of students around the globe. Built using AccessAlly, a learning WordPress LMS plugin, CopySchool is an excellent example of what’s possible with WordPress.

It’s not a simple membership community or an online course. Instead, it comprises over a dozen premium training programs with numerous modules and video/audio lessons. In addition, most lessons come with PDFs, checklists, and supporting files users can download. 

Overall, it is a classic example of a high-ticket membership program that includes all kinds of content and membership perks.

And it is created entirely on WordPress.

WordPress Membership Site Example #2: CopyBlogger Academy

WordPress Membership Site Example #2: CopyBlogger Academy home page "We help writers succeed in the creator economy"

CopyBlogger is among the oldest copywriting and content marketing websites. CopyBlogger Academy’s premium membership program offers annual subscription plans containing hundreds of video training sessions, eBooks, downloadable resources, and one-on-one-on sessions.

It uses WordPress for its website, landing pages, internal membership pages, and all other stages of its marketing funnel. Since WordPress easily integrates with most marketing and eLearning tools, site owners can add any advanced features their standard LMS plugins don’t offer.

WordPress Membership Site Example #3: Nerd Fitness Prime

WordPress Membership Site Example #3: Nerd Fitness home page

Nerd Fitness is one of the world’s biggest online communities in the weight loss and fitness industry. With hundreds of thousands of members, Nerd Fitness runs an ultimate membership program that helps people achieve their fitness goals, stay motivated during weight loss, and build priceless relationships.

Nerd Fitness Prime, its flagship membership program, comes with hundreds of training videos, success stories, case studies, interviews, checklists, templates, resources, and a vibrant online forum for its members.

All of this is created on WordPress using different membership plugins, tools, and third-party integrations.

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The Best Kajabi Membership Site Examples

Kajabi memberships home page

Kajabi is an all-in-one eLearning platform ideal for selling online courses, membership programs, and online communities. It is a one-window solution for creating, managing, and marketing membership programs of any size.

Kajabi is packed with outstanding eLearning features and drag & drop options perfect for non-technical users looking to monetize their expertise with memberships.

For example, you can use Kajabi’s page builder to create landing pages for your membership program. Its content builder helps you create lessons with audio, video, and text content and allows you to publish them as modular courses.

In addition, Kajabi comes with sales funnels and email marketing features to help you engage your subscribers and increase your content consumption.

And finally, Kajabi integrates with several payment gateways and allows you to offer flat and recurring payments easily.

Overall, if you’re looking for a user-friendly membership platform for your site, Kajabi is worth checking out.

Here are a few Kajabi membership site examples to show you what it’s capable of.

Read our full review of Kajabi to learn more.

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Kajabi Membership Site Example #1: Denisedt

Kajabi Membership Site Example #1: Denisedt home page

Denise Duffield Thomas is a well-known mindset coach and author on entrepreneurship. She runs a community of thousands of successful and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for mindset help and ways to grow their businesses.

With Kajabi, she’s created an eye-catching website and a high-converting long-form sales page to turn her website visitors into leads and customers. In addition, she uses Kajabi’s online course features to sell hundreds of hours of video training programs, PDFs, eBooks, checklists, and various other resources.

Her membership plans also include an exclusive member-only community to encourage idea exchange and networking between members.

Kajabi Membership Site Example #2: AllasYummyFood

Kajabi Membership Site Example #2: AllasYummyFood: "Free Strawberry Coconut mousse cake masterclass"

Alla, a professional chef, runs a successful membership site containing thousands of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. Apart from Alla’s membership program, she has created her main website, blog, and landing pages using Kajabi.

She offers three subscription plans containing hundreds of recipe videos, eBooks, downloadable resources, and live cooking classes. In addition, higher-tier members can also access a member community to exchange ideas, get help, and grow together. 

Members can pay a monthly fee or get additional discounts by choosing the annual subscription.

Thanks to Kajabi, Alla didn’t have to use a dozen tools to create this membership site. Instead, she made everything from her website and membership program to email sequences and member groups using Kajabi’s all-in-one eLearning features.

Kajabi Membership Site Example #3: Brian Dixon Academy

Kajabi Membership Site Example #3: Brian Dixon Academy home page

Brian Dixon’s academy is another excellent example of what is possible with Kajabi’s membership features. He has created everything from his site’s homepage, lead magnets, and blog to landing pages, member area, and course content in Kajabi.

His Academy offers multiple subscription plans for aspiring online marketers and entrepreneurs. Members can access a dedicated membership community, training videos, and numerous helpful resources.

Brian also uses Kajabi’s email marketing features to generate leads, attract subscribers, and deliver automated email sequences.

This one-stop marketing solution is precisely why many non-technical users prefer Kajabi for their membership programs.

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The Best Thinkific Membership Site Examples

Thinkfiic memberships home page "Turning your expertise into revenue just got a lot easier"

Thinkific is among the most popular platforms for creating, managing, and selling online courses, membership sites, and eLearning programs.

Its biggest strengths are ease of use and advanced content creation features using which anyone can monetize their knowledge and sell digital products.

Thinkific also offers members, subscriptions, and community-building features allowing knowledge entrepreneurs to turn their online course business into a full-fledged membership program.

Thinkific’s student engagement features, like quizzes, assignments, and completion certificates, allow membership site owners to create a better learning experience. In addition, its drag & drop course and page builders help non-technical professionals quickly build courses and digital products without seeking outside help.

Here are a few Thinkific membership site examples to help you understand what it offers.

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Thinkific Membership Site Example #1: Rachel’s English Academy

Thinkific Membership Site Example #1: Rachel’s English Academy home page

Rachel’s English Academy is a membership site helping people speak English like Americans. It is a comprehensive language program targeting non-natives looking to improve their English-speaking skills and grow in the US market.

Built on Thinkific, this membership site has a long-form sales page as its homepage, listing its key deliverables and features.

The program owner, Rachel, offers two subscription plans with monthly and annual billing options. The core membership offer includes live classes, mentorship, one-on-one coaching, numerous recorded lectures, activities, exercises, and community access.

It uses Thinkific online course creation features to deliver video lectures, eBooks, files, and other resources. In addition, its courses include assignments and tests to evaluate student performance.

Overall, Rachel’s Academy offers a premium eLearning experience where students can use self-learning and mentorship to improve their language skills.

Thinkific Membership Site Example #2: Peak Freelance

Thinkific Membership Site Example #2: Peak Freelance home page

Peak Freelance is an awesome membership community helping professional freelance writers become more confident professionals, improve their writing skills, and find better work opportunities.

Established by Elise and Michael, Peak Freelance has helped thousands of aspiring and established writers grow their businesses and professional networks.

But it started as a simple blog and free community. But as their members grew, the Peak Freelance team moved to Thinkific to offer a more structured learning experience.

Peak Freelance uses Thinkific for its membership area, where the members can access live training, recorded videos, and a discussion forum. Thinkific has also enabled Peak Freelance founders to offer their customers monthly and annual payment plans.

Thinkific Membership Site Example #3: KeyToPictures

Thinkific Membership Site Example #3: KeyToPictures home page

Key to Pictures Academy is a membership program by seasoned photographer Katie Evans offering beginner to advanced-level training in professional photography.

It covers everything from photography gear and camera settings to lighting and composition. In addition, it includes a dedicated model for establishing a photography business and branding your services to get better clients.

Hosted on Thinkific, this membership program consists of online courses, mentorship, one-on-one sessions, quizzes, assignments, and a dedicated community.

It is based entirely on Thinkific and uses the platform for its homepage, landing pages, and course delivery sections.

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The Best Teachable Membership Site Examples

Teachable home page "Monetize your knowledge with best-in-class features"

Teachable is considered one of the best online course and membership platforms, helping hundreds of thousands of creative professionals monetize their skills and information.

It is a one-window solution for digital product sellers and eLearning professionals. For example, it allows you to create stunning course websites, landing pages, and marketing material. Plus, you can integrate it with different marketing tools, such as email popups and lead generation platforms, to convert visitors into subscribers.

Compared to Thinkific, Teachable is a more advanced eLearning platform designed for greater customization, more robust course creation and student management features, and a wider range of audience-building features ideal for established businesses and marketers.

This is why many established, and well-known e-learning companies in different niches trust Teachable for selling online courses and memberships.

Teachable Membership Site Example #1: UI Dev

Teachable Membership Site Example #1: UI Dev home page

UI.Dev is a multi-million-dollar membership program that has helped hundreds of thousands of computer science students and IT professionals learn Javascript.

It is a premium membership program covering all aspects of the Javascript ecosystem and helping students go from complete beginners to advanced users.

And it is entirely built on Teachable.

UI. Dev uses Teachable for its website, landing pages, and delivering membership content. Inside, the members can access dozens of hours of recorded lectures, tailored learning tracks, personalized support, and numerous resources and practical exercises for learning Javascript.

It is the perfect advertisement for Teachable and gives you a fair idea of what’s possible with this membership platform.

Teachable Membership Site Example #2: Learning Photoshop

Teachable Membership Site Example #2: Learning Photoshop home page

Learning Photoshop is an exclusive membership program by Dave Cross, a seasoned graphic designer and Photoshop expert who has worked with some of the world’s biggest tech organizations.

It offers new weekly videos, access to video tutorial archives, live Q&A sessions, in-depth courses, and a private members group. To make all the information more user-friendly, the program offers dedicated learning tracks to help students achieve specific goals.

Using Teachable page builder, Dave has created the homepage, sign-up page, and members area of his program. In addition, his students can opt into monthly or annual subscriptions to access the member area.

Teachable Membership Site Example #3: Harmonica School

Teachable Membership Site Example #3: Harmonica School home page

Harmonica School uses a delightful website design and engaging content to attract members for its membership program designed for harmonica enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

Created by Tomlin Leckie, a renowned harmonica artist who has trained nearly 200K students, Harmonica School offers video tutorials, live weekly Q&A sessions, and monthly live seminars on various aspects of playing and using a harmonica.

Using Teachable, Harmonica School offers students an annual subscription plan with a 14-day free trial to encourage sign-ups.

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What Did You Learn From These Membership Site Examples?

There’s a lot to learn if you look closely.

For example, notice that most of these sites are run by non-technical users who’re experts in their domains but have little tech knowledge. Still, they’re able to run hugely profitable memberships thanks to these membership platforms.

So, what’s stopping you?

Another common success factor in these sites is the composition of their membership plans. Most of the established sites offer a combination of recorded and live content, plus exclusive membership communities. So, if you’re planning a membership program, remember this.

And finally, most memberships offer both annual and monthly subscriptions. Yearly or quarterly memberships guarantee that members will stay longer in your program, which is critical for your program’s growth and worth doing even if you have to offer discounts.

What else did you learn from these membership site examples? I’d love to know in the comments section.


Learning Revolution founder Jeff Cobb is an expert in online education and the business of adult lifelong learning. Over the past 20+ years he has built a thriving career based on that expertise – as an entrepreneur, a consultant, an author, and a speaker. Learning Revolution is a place where Jeff curates tips, insights, and resources to help you build a thriving expertise-based business.

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