The Top 10 Apps You Can Integrate with Kajabi Using Zapier

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on May 21, 2024

Kajabi has an impressive range of built-in integrations that let you connect multiple tools directly.

There are integrations for everything from analytics tools and email marketing tools to sales, customer service, and a whole host of other miscellaneous apps that allow you to work hand in hand with Kajabi.

However, if you want to add other tools that aren’t on Kajabi’s list of native integrations, you can use Zapier to connect over 500 third-party apps into your Kajabi ecosystem.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the top apps that you can integrate with Kajabi to help you streamline your business processes and boost productivity.

You can learn more about Kajabi’s features and functionalities in our full Kajabi review.

1. SMS and Text Messaging: ClickSend SMS

Kajabi doesn’t have native SMS or text capabilities, nor does it integrate directly with a third-party provider. Instead, you’ll have to use Kajabi and Zapier to connect an SMS service that will allow you to send out text notifications, reminders, and confirmations to your audience.

ClickSend SMS is one of the best text and SMS providers to use with your Kajabi account. It’s a cloud-based service that makes it easy for you to send and receive SMS, voice, email, fax, and even letters worldwide.

You’ll be able to save yourself the hassle of having to deal with mind-numbing, repetitive tasks like sending SMS messages to hundreds of users on a regular basis. 

You can use Kajabi text messages for a number of different triggers, including the following:

  • New purchase
  • New form submission
  • Tags added or removed
  • Assessment completion
  • Grant or revoke access to an offer

With this integration in place, a signal will be sent to Zapier when a user completes one of the above triggers. Zapier will then instruct ClickSend SMS to send out a text message to the user.

For instance, when a visitor completes and submits a form on your Kajabi website, this could signal a thank-you SMS to be sent. Or, when someone purchases an offer, it could signal for the order confirmation message to be sent.

There are many benefits to using an integration such as this one. You’ll be able to:

  • Save Money: It costs more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, so this integration will help you save money. Also, from a relationship-building point of view, it just makes better business sense to do that so you can accelerate profitable growth.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: In today’s world, customer experience eclipses every variable, and businesses that focus on improving customer experience have been shown to have higher year-on-year growth.
  • Boost Brand Recognition: Constantly communicating with your customers can help to increase brand recognition, making it easier for your customers to think of you first when faced with different options.
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2. CRM Platform: HubSpot

One of the main reasons marketers and business owners love Zapier is that it removes manual labor from tedious tasks. It shows important information in real time, and it has thousands of integrations with essential contact management apps. The Kajabi-HubSpot connection is one such integration.

HubSpot is a popular business platform for marketing, sales, and service. It’s used by many creators to grow traffic, convert leads, close more deals, and turn customers into loyal promoters.

You, too, can use it to grow your business by integrating it into your Kajabi website.

To get started using this app with Kajabi, all you have to do is sign up on HubSpot, authenticate the app on Kajabi, select a trigger, and then sit back and let the automation work on your behalf.

The image below shows an example of a trigger (new purchase) that you can set and Hubspot will automatically take action (create or update contact).

New Purchase Trigger box connecting to Create or Update Contact box
Two buttons
Start free with email
Start free with Google

You may be wondering why it’s necessary to connect these to powerful platforms. After all, Kajabi has effective customer relationship management tools built into the software. It also comes with excellent email marketing features to help you run successful campaigns and manage your leads effectively.

So why integrate the two? Well, HubSpot is a specialized marketing software that primarily focuses on increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. Compared to Kajabi, it has more robust tools that offer a broader range of features. This gives you more control in terms of how you connect with and convert your customers.

This integration helps you scale your business to the next level by providing you with more powerful marketing and sales capabilities. You can use it to manage leads and drive more traffic to your Kajabi website.

Another major pro of integrating Kajabi and HubSpot is that you get better management of automated workflows. You’ll also enjoy comprehensive customer management, as well as features to help you engage with your target market from the very first touch point.

3. Digital Distribution Platform: Hotmart

Hotmart is a complete digital distribution system with built-in solutions to promote and sell digital products online. You can use it for online courses, videos, ebooks, subscriptions, communities, events, and memberships.

This is a superb Zapier integration to automate your business. Whether you want to start a new creator business from scratch or give new life to some of your old ideas, you can use the Hotmart-Kajabi integration to monetize, manage, and grow your Kajabi products.

Hotmart lets you sign up for a free trial to test out the software and see if it’s a good fit for your business before committing to a paid plan.

All the features on the platform are designed to work seamlessly together to save you time and effort when creating content and managing your business.

There are no monthly fees, you only pay a percentage after you’ve made a sale which makes this a risk-free investment.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to all the essential building blocks for every stage of your business:

  • Build: Get innovative ways to craft your online products with simple drag-and-drop functionality and built-in content creation tools.
  • Monetize: Get your sales strategy up and running in then sit back and watch the tech go to work on your behalf. You can monetize your content with paid subscriptions, extra premium modules, communities, and events (online or in person). Use Hotmart’s flexible payment system to take care of currency conversions and ensure that affiliate commissions are paid automatically.
  • Grow: Access the tools you need to scale your business with no limits to hold you back. This includes one-click buying, built-in analytics, fully integrated global payment systems, and a network of affiliates to help you reach more potential buyers.
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4. Mobile App Builder: VidApp

There are lots of different benefits to having a mobile application for your business. Having a mobile app that fits your vision lets you stay up-to-date and on the leading edge of new technology.

It also enhances user experience, helps build brand loyalty, and improves client relationships.

VidApp is a mobile app builder that integrates seamlessly with Kajabi. It allows you to launch your branded apps complete with custom layouts. You can add premium features like secure downloads, auto-play videos, in-app calendars, push notifications, and Chromecast + AirPlay.

This is the perfect tool for creators and brands that want to provide an enhanced user experience and grow their membership by offering customers another way to interact with their brand.

Sign up on VidApp to get free access and test out the core features of the mobile app builder. No credit card is required and you can have the app connected to your Kajabi account in minutes.

You can sync your Kajabi courses, contacts, and offers. Members can sign into your app using their Kajabi credentials and there’s no need to upload content twice. Simply sync your app and you’re ready to go.

Once that’s done, you can choose a pre-made template, add your logo, and customize colors to match your brand. And just like that, you have an app that your members will love.

The VidApp interface is simple to navigate, as shown in the image below. Even complete beginners will be able to design, build, and launch their apps without the need to hire expensive developers.

Build My App screen with image of Tai Chi for Health in middle and images of sections you can add on right

5. Webinar Hosting: WebinarJam

WebinarJam is a leading webinar hosting platform that allows you to host virtual events like workshops, seminars, conferences, and training.

If you use live casting, event streaming, or webinar broadcasting in your business, then it’s worth considering this integration into your Kajabi account.

WebinarJam has built-in live chat features, and you can invite up to 6 co-presenters. There’s also an attendee spotlight feature that lets you invite any webinar attendee to join in on your presentation with the click of a button.

You can use the platform’s point-and-click page builder to design and manage your own webinar registration pages that are aligned with your brand.

The webinar hosting software also has multi-language functionality, replica replay, and in-depth analytics to provide you with actionable insights into your webinar’s performance. There are advanced features like IP matching technology and password management to ensure that your events are secure and protected.

Another standout feature of WebinarJam is the pre-uploaded content feature. Other webinar platforms like Zoom allow you to share your screen with attendees, but this can be challenging if there’s a problem with the network. Also, you may end up spending valuable time searching for content, which can significantly reduce the quality of your presentation.

These problems are solved with the pre-upload feature on WebinarJam. It allows you to upload various file types, such as videos, audio files, and presentations to your WebinarJam platform before you start your presentation.

You’ll be able to access these files while hosting the webinar which allows for smooth, uninterrupted webinars. Attendees can download the content easily after the webinar.

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6. Analytics: Zoho Analytics

Integrating your Kajabi account with an analytics app will essentially automate the process of putting the tracking code from the app into the header and footer of your website pages.

Zoho Analytics is an app that not only automates your tracking processes but also lets you create insightful dashboards for your Kajabi business.

It helps you connect, prepare, and analyze your data, compile stunning data visualizations, and easily discover hidden insights from your website information.

You can achieve all of this within minutes of setting up your Kajabi-Zoho Analytics integration.

Analytics screenshot with bar graph to show ROI by Google Ads, map of world to show ROI by location and ROI stats for Jan 2024

You can connect and blend data from a multitude of sources, including files and feeds, cloud or on-premise databases, popular business apps, and custom apps.

In minutes, you’ll be able to transform all your data into actionable insights to help you improve your business and products. Easily track your key metrics and identify trends, outliers, and future predictions with the simple-to-read reports.

Zoho Analytics lets you unify organizational data using pre-configured integrations across Kajabi and any other business applications you choose.

7. eCommerce: Shopify

Many creators who are living their passions manage to do so by leveraging the power of automation. Kajabi has all the automation tools you need for selling online courses and digital products, but if you need to sell physical items as well, then you need to invest in a different platform.

But, managing two separate systems can quickly become complicated and costly. The answer to this dilemma is to use the Zapier Kajabi connection to integrate an eCommerce app so you can sell physical products with ease and only manage a single platform.

Shopify allows you to expand your website’s functionality to sell physical products as well. You’ll get seamless integration of your Kajabi website with your Shopify page with minimal setup time.

Connecting Shopify to your Kajabi account will also help you reach a wider audience, increase sales, and grow your business. You’ll be able to use the power of automation to enjoy optimal business functionality

All of this is available to you at an affordable price. Zapier pricing starts from just $19.99/month. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial. You only need to pay for the Shopify Starter plan which costs $5/month. And, thanks to Shopify’s versatile checkout system, you’ll be able to offer more payment options for your customers’ convenience.

Shopify payments screen with images of payment methods and a view payouts and complete account setup button
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8. Landing Page Builder: LeadPages

Next on our list of the top 10 Zapier integrations is LeadPages, a powerful landing page builder with stunning templates and conversion-optimization tools to turn clicks into customers.

Kajabi has native integrations with ClickFunnels which offers many of the same features, but if you prefer to use LeadPages, you can connect it to your Kajabi website using Zapier.

When it comes to transforming your knowledge into a business, a platform like Kajabi provides you with everything you need, from creating and selling digital products to managing subscriptions, membership websites, and payments.

But, adding a tool like LeadPages to Kajabi can help to skyrocket your conversions by providing you with optimized landing pages. Kajabi has its own selection to choose from, but the templates are far less sophisticated compared to LeadPages.

Unlike most other integrations on this list, the Kajabi-LeadPages integration only works one way, from LeadPages into Kajabi.

This can be somewhat limiting, but it’s still extremely helpful for your online business because it helps to simplify the entire process of building beautiful popups or opt-in forms inside your webpages. You can then set up automations to trigger different actions within your Kajabi account.

New Form Submission in Leadpages screenshot where you can create an event and a blue continue button

So, for example, say you offer a free e-book to build your subscriber list. You can use the LeadPages integration to create a landing page for your e-book and then set up an automated workflow or “zap” that connects the apps and services together to seamlessly send subscriber data into Kajabi.

You can also use this landing page software integration to:

  • Grant access to an offer inside Kajabi;
  • Revoke access to an offer by removing the ability to log in to your Kajabi products; or
  • Create form submissions that allow you to track and segment your email leads.

You can even use the data in your email marketing campaigns to avoid having to manually transfer data from one software to the other.

9. Shopping Cart: ThriveCart

Zapier also serves as a middleman between Kajabi and ThriveCart. You can use Kajabi to host and manage your online courses, memberships, and coaching, and then connect ThriveCart to handle your funnel, checkouts, and affiliate management side of your business.

ThriveCart lets you embed your cart anywhere to capture more sales from your customers wherever they are. Since Zapier has a 99.9% uptime for businesses that use the platform, this gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your products and services will always be available to your customers.

The ThriveCart-Kajabi connection will allow you to easily have customers added or removed from your Kajabi offers based on the triggers you set, such as:

  • Product Purchase: Grants access to Kajabi offer
  • Refund: Revokes access to offer (typically used for single payment products with notary bills)
  • Recurring Payments Canceled: Revoke access to offer (normally for subscription-based products)

This is one of the best apps to maximize your website’s potential. The high-converting cart allows you to grow the income from your existing traffic.

In addition to creating high-converting cart pages, you’ll also be able to sell more with funnels designed to boost conversions straight out of the box.

You can also add one-page, modal, or embeddable, pop-up carts that are easily customizable with a drag-and-drop editor. Bring in additional revenue with ThriveCart’s “profit boosters” which include free trials, one-click upsell funnels, and eye-catching bump offers during the checkout process.

As a ThriveCart user, you’ll also get intelligent business insights from the built-in analytics and reporting feature, which includes real-time metrics, forecasting, and important traffic and conversion data to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your online business.

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10. Customer Reviews: TrustMary

Reviews can be used as a form of social proof to help build trust and credibility with your website visitors. They can influence your customer’s decision-making process, boost your conversion rates, and even shape the overall perception of your brand.

TrustMary is an all-in-one review solution that makes it easy for you to display reviews on your Kajabi website. You’ll be able to make a good first impression with your visitors and help stop your hard-earned website traffic from bouncing away.

You can also use TrustMary to manage all your social proof so you can handle everything from one single platform. You can get started for free and have reviews on your Kajabi website in under two minutes.

Once you set up the Kajabi-TrustMary integration, you can import reviews automatically from external review sites like Facebook, G2, Google, Capterra, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Easily add these to your website using expertly designed and customizable widgets that look something like this:

4 pop up windows with reviews in each, two have an image of person in a circle

You’ll also be able to collect new reviews on your site. Fresh reviews help increase trust by providing recent social proof.

TrustMary comes with tried and tested forms to request star reviews. These are fully customizable and even come with built-in features for customers to leave video reviews.

Best of all, TrustMary allows you to maximize your results by finding the best-performing reviews to help you reduce your manual workload. There’s a built-in A/B testing feature that identifies reviews and widgets that generate the best results.

You also get tools to automate your review collection process, and you can tap into customer-led growth with the NPS (net promoter score) survey feature which helps you gather feedback from customers that you can turn into reviews automatically.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. The 10 best Kajabi Zapier integrations to automate your workflows and help you run a successful business on Kajabi.

If you do a lot of repetitive tasks in your business, you’ll love the time-saving convenience and ease of using this powerful, problem-solving tool to integrate these and dozens of other third-party apps on your site.

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