Teachable AI Review: Is This the Best AI Suite to Drive Efficiency?

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on July 11, 2024

There’s a lot to be excited about in the fast-developing AI field. Whether or not you have started using AI in your business, there’s no denying that these tools have a lot to offer when it comes to content creation, content management, and online marketing.

If you are looking for a smarter, faster way to create content, Teachable AI is a great tool to consider.

It offers multiple ways to help course creators accelerate their businesses, and in this guide, we’ll look at all of its features to help you determine if it’s the right AI content creation tool for you.

If you want to learn more about Teachable as an all-in-one platform before diving into our Teachable AI review, check out our detailed Teachable review.

What is Teachable AI?

Teachable AI is a set of tools designed to help you manage your business-building responsibilities seamlessly. Each tool in Teachable’s AI hub has features designed to reshape how creators work.

For example, the AI Curriculum Outline Generator helps to drive efficiency by allowing you to create outlines for your online courses in just minutes while still maintaining control of your brand.

Teachable also has a built-in subtitle generator and translation tool that makes it easy for you to auto-generate subtitles for your video content, thereby making it accessible to even more learners worldwide.

There are plenty of other features, but suffice it to say that Teachable’s AI suite will help you handle all your content creation tasks, from brainstorming to building out course lessons, and beyond.

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Who is Teachable AI For?

Teachable’s machine learning models are ideal for creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners who want a fast, easy way to create content that allows them to tap into the value of expertise.

Here are some use cases to help you determine what Teachable AI can do for you:

  • Course Creators: You can use the Teachable AI tools to generate a complete course outline in minutes, saving you tons of time and effort.
  • Instructors, Coaches, & Consultants: Teachable AI has built-in educational tools to help you craft effective lessons with a click so you can spend more time doing what you love. Teachable also offers impressive features to streamline your coaching business, available on all paid plans.
  • Authors: Break through creative blocks with the power of AI. Use it to provide inspiration, eliminate writer’s block, and generate content quickly.
  • Content Marketers: Tackle tedious tasks quickly and easily with the suite of AI-powered tools designed to help you generate content from start to finish.

Whether you are a musician, financial advisor, yoga instructor, artist, outdoorsman, or life coach, Teachable AI tools can help you create machine learning models for more value-packed content for your audience and customers.

Features and Functionality of Teachable AI

Like most other AI software out there, Teachable AI strives to provide a range of tools to simplify the process of creating content for your online business.

For this Teachable AI review, let’s take a closer look at some of its most prominent features and functionality so you can see what’s possible with Teachable AI.

1. Ease of Use: Is Teachable AI Easy to Use?

The Teachable AI suite is part of Teachable’s comprehensive set of content tools and offers powerful ways to help content creators increase the accessibility of their products so they can reach more audiences worldwide.

Each tool aims to reshape the way content creators work and provide powerful resources to enhance their day-to-day processes using AI.

Here are some of the ways you can use Teachable AI to work smarter, and not harder:

  • Generate online course outlines
  • Generate course summaries
  • Generate lesson quizzes
  • Come up with lesson writing prompts for your projects
  • Auto-generate subtitles for videos
  • Automatically translate text into 72 languages

These are just a few ways Teachable AI helps you reclaim your time so you can focus more on what you love about your online business.

And the best part? All of it can be done with just a click, which means no tech experience is required – and you can start for free.

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2. AI Curriculum Outline Generator

If you have an idea for your new online course but are not sure what to include in it, or if you need help to structure your course the right way, the AI curriculum generator can help you.

You’ll be able to create a comprehensive course outline in just seconds. All you have to do is input a course title and add a brief description of your course into the curriculum generator, and the AI outline creator will come up with a complete outline in seconds.

Generate an outline screenshot showing menu and text box to describe your course

You have the option to edit and change any of the topics in the generated outline. Once you’re happy with it, simply save it, and the sections and lessons will be automatically transferred to your course curriculum page.

This saves you the hassle of having to create the sections and lessons manually.

Now you can just focus on creating awesome content for your course.

Curriculum AI screen

AI does a lot of the heavy lifting, but there are some things that you can do to ensure that you get quality outputs.

Below are a few tips to help you create effective online course curriculums.

Be Clear on Your Intention

For anyone who’s never used AI to create content before, it’s not easy to know what to expect. But, with the right prompts, you are more likely to get the content you want for your projects.

The first step is to be clear about your intention and have a specific goal in mind for the type of content you want to create. Remember, the integrated AI course generator is limited to the depth of instructions you provide.

Before you get started, it is helpful to know the answers to questions such as:

  • What do you intend to teach with your online course?
  • What value will your learners gain from your course?
  • What specific skills will they walk away with after completing the course?

Be Specific

Once you’re clear on your intention, you can then share your intention with the AI course creator, and you need to be as specific as possible.

Specificity is the key to ensuring that the AI understands exactly what you are looking for.

For example, if you are looking to create online course content that helps people improve their finances, instead of writing a prompt like “Write a course outline about improving your finances”, you might consider something like “Write a detailed course outline that explains what financial freedom is, how it impacts your lifestyle, and the steps you can take to begin improving your finances starting right now”.

Add Plenty of Details

You probably have an idea of how long you want your online course to be. So, make sure to include subtopics that are essential to make up the required word count, as well as any niche-specific language that you need to include.

Give the AI as many details as you can in your prompts to ensure that your content is as relevant and helpful as possible.

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3. AI Quiz Generator

Studies have shown that there are several benefits to offering online quizzes for your learners. Quizzes are so much more than just assessment tools for learning. They not only provide you with summative information about your learners’ progress but also ensure that your learners are actively engaged in the subject material.

Quizzes are also a proven way to boost engagement, reduce stress, and increase motivation among learners. They help with revision, support differentiation, and allow learners to better recall information.

However, creating quizzes can be a time-consuming process. Many educators find themselves spending hours on end creating questions and writing answers for quizzes, trying to ensure that they’re including all the different content in their courses or programs.

With Teachable’s AI quiz generator, you can now do all of that really easily. You’ll be able to produce quizzes faster than ever just by clicking “Add content” within any lesson where you want your quiz to be.

Click the AI Quiz button, and the AI will pull in all of the content in that section of your course to quickly generate a multiple-choice quiz based on all the lessons.

AI quiz generator screen that has questions that were generated for editing or deleting

All of this happens in seconds, after which you will have a high-quality quiz with which you can test whether or not your learners have been understanding and retaining the content in that lesson.

After your quiz is created, you have the option to go in and make edits as necessary. You can even add image files and links to make your quizzes more engaging.

Once you’re happy with the result, simply save your quiz, and it will be automatically added to that lesson.

4. AI Summary Generator

This feature automatically generates content summaries of all your lessons and sections to provide your learners with the abridged version of your course.

As an educator, you know how important repetition is to learning. Creating a summary of your course not only makes learning stick but also helps to re-engage learners who might have gotten off track.

An AI lesson summary of your course is also a great tool to help you assess whether or not your learners are really absorbing the content in your course.

To generate a lesson summary, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Lesson Summary” button. The AI will start creating the summary in the background, and once it’s done, you’ll have the option to edit or save the content.

You can include the lesson summary at the beginning of the page by dragging and dropping the summary to the top of the page. This is a great way to let students know what they’re going to be learning in that lesson.

Teachable even allows you to create section summaries. Rather than have a single summary for the entire lesson, you can have different summaries for each section in your lesson.

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5. AI Lesson Writing Assistant

Any content creator who has ever dealt with writer’s block will appreciate Teachable’s lesson writing assistant.

This feature helps you get your writing on track by providing you with suggestions and prompts to get started creating lesson content. The AI writing assistant is built into the text block on your Teachable editor and looks something like this:

AI Assistant screen to help create lesson  with a place to put in a topic and save the content

Rather than spend time struggling to come up with lesson plans, you can now use that time to hone your skills and expertise, collaborate with partners to come up with new business ideas, or find ways to better engage your students.

But remember: Use AI as a complement, and not as a replacement for your efforts.

Yes, you can draw inspiration from AI, especially if you struggle with writer’s block. AI can be a powerful tool to get your creative juices flowing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that AI can be a bit generic, which means you have to infuse some of your own personality and voice in order to keep your content unique and aligned with your brand.

With a mindful approach to AI content creation and a bit of tweaking on your part, you’ll be able to create unique, value-packed content that’s trustworthy and authentic to your brand and ensure that – even with the help of AI – it’s the essence of your knowledge, thoughts, and opinions that end up on the page.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using the Teachable AI lesson writing assistant:

  • Always Fact-Check: Whether you’re creating blog posts, marketing copy, or your online course curriculum, make sure you conduct research to check the information so you can avoid confusing your learners with misinformation.
  • Conduct a Plagiarism Test: Once the AI has generated content for you, it’s always helpful to test for plagiarism. Most AI content generation tools will pull content from the web, which means you run the risk of using content that’s similar, or even identical to something that’s already been published elsewhere on the web. For this reason, you must always run your content through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape to ensure the authenticity of your lessons.
  • Edit Ruthlessly: Editing your AI-generated content will help to ensure that you are left with unique, high-quality copy. Take the time to sift through the “brain dump” of ideas provided by the AI at your request to find what’s truly relevant and essential to the topic. This is also the perfect opportunity to add your own opinions, ideas, and voice to complement whatever the AI has generated for your projects.

These are just some of the ways to make AI work for you. You’ll find tons of other tips and tricks on how to stay true to your brand while using AI on the Teachable website blog.

6. Auto-Generated Subtitles and Translations

Subtitles are a great tool to help make your e-learning course videos accessible to all learners, regardless of their hearing or language abilities. Subtitles are also a valuable resource to help learners review the content at a later time.

Traditionally, adding subtitles and translations to your online course involved costly third-party subtitle services. However, with Teachable AI, you can now save money and time by creating subtitles and translations automatically on the platform.

As soon as you upload a video on Teachable, you can generate subtitles in one language and then translate them into 72 languages included on the platform – all of this is possible with the click of a button.

What otherwise would have cost you tons of money and taken hours to complete can now be achieved in minutes, and for free.

To create subtitles, click the gear icon next to any video in your course. Click “Add subtitles”, and you can select the audio language from multiple options available to you, including English, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Hit “Generate”, and just like that, the AI creates subtitles for your video. As soon as that’s done, you have the option to translate the subtitles into any of the 72 supported languages on the platform.

translate pop-up window with Chinese chosen

This is a great feature to have for any course creator whose audience speaks another language.

You can even translate your video into multiple languages at the same time.

You can also download the auto-generated subtitles if you want to take a look at them. This will allow you to review them, and make any changes you deem necessary. Once you’re happy, you can then re-upload the subtitles and they’ll reflect whatever changes you made.

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7. Third-Party Integrations

The AI tools are part of Teachable’s comprehensive offering of content creation and management tools.

However, if you need to integrate additional apps into your Teachable website to help you run your online business more efficiently, then you can do so using third-party integrations like the ones below:

Teachable AI Support

guy at a laptop with a search button for what can we help you with?

Teachable’s AI tools are designed to be as easy as possible for anyone to use, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

You’ll be able to create content and build products that your learners will love with no coding required.

However, if you still require assistance, Teachable has a well-stocked help center filled with articles on every conceivable topic, from how to get started setting up your account and creating products, to student guides, and tips for managing your online school.

There’s a handy search feature that allows you to find answers to your questions quickly. If you are already a Teachable customer, you can log into your account and contact support via email or live chat.

The platform’s support team is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. This way, you can get the help you need on whichever channel you prefer. Social media is the perfect medium for users to connect with other creators to get feedback, meet collaborators, and swap best practices.

Teachable AI Pricing

4 pricing tiers

Teachable has best-in-class features and straightforward pricing. There’s a free plan, and you can get started for free by signing up on the platform. No credit card is required, and you’ll get full access to all the platform’s AI tools, allowing you to start creating and earning before you pay.

There are three premium plans to choose from. Here are the features you get in each plan (in addition to the Teachable AI suite):

  • Free Plan: $0/Month: The free plan allows you to add one product of each type (online course, coaching, downloads, etc.). You also get a no-code course builder with multiple web pages. You can leverage the integrated payment processing feature, Teachable:Pay which allows you to start collecting payments globally. You’ll pay a $1 + 10% fee on each transaction, but that means the platform only gets paid when you do.
  • Basic Plan: $39/Month: This plan has foundational tools and support to help you build a successful online business. It comes with all the features in the Free plan, as well as 5% transaction fees. You can add 5 published products and one membership tier. You also get integrated email marketing, coupons, order bumps, custom domains, and live group coaching.
  • Pro Plan: $119/Month: This plan has advanced tools and additional support designed to help you scale your business to the next level. It includes all the basic plan features, + 0% transaction fee, 50 published products, unlimited membership tiers, and affiliate marketing. Teachable branding is removed, and you also get live chat support, public API access, and upsells to increase order value. You can add up to 5 admin and author seats.
  • Pro + Plan: $199/Month: The Pro + Plan includes more products and custom user roles designed to help fast-growing businesses streamline their daily processes. It includes all the Pro plan features, as well as the ability to add up to 200 courses, 200 coaching products, 200 digital downloads, and 200 bundles. You can also add custom user roles.
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Pros and Cons of Teachable AI

Like every other AI software tool out there, Teachable AI has its pros and cons. Here are some of its most prominent benefits and drawbacks to give you a better idea of what the platform’s capabilities and limitations are.

Pros: What Teachable AI Does Well

  1. Easy to Use: All Teachable Creator AI tools are designed to be easy to use. No coding knowledge is required, and you can create the content you need with the click of a button.
  2. Free to Start: By joining Teachable’s free plan, you can start using all the AI tools on the platform, including the AI curriculum outline maker, summary generator, subtitle generator, translator, and AI lesson writing assistant.
  3. AI Quiz Generator: Teachable AI lets you generate quizzes in minutes, allowing you to give your students a chance to put what they’re learning into practice.

Cons: What Could Be Improved

  1. No Video Summaries: The platform doesn’t yet offer support for creating summaries for video lessons, although the developers are actively working on it. RIght now you can only get summaries for text content and not images, sounds, etc.

Teachable AI Alternatives

Teachable machine AI tools make it easier than ever to manage and grow your business. However, they aren’t the only AI tools available on the market. If you’re considering a Teachable alternative, there are plenty of other alternatives available to you, including Google Creative Lab, ChatGPT, Jasper, and more.

You can also check out our comprehensive list of the top generative AI tools.

With that in mind, here are three of Teachable AI’s top competitors to look at.

Teachable AI vs ChatGPT

Chat GPT is a popular web based tool used by creators to help them with everything from breaking creative blocks to finding inspiration for structuring content.

You can use ChatGPT’s machine learning model to source ideas to help you structure your content. Simply type in a prompt like “Create a comprehensive outline for a course on dog washing”, and the platform will crowd-source information from the internet and send back in-depth information to help you create value-packed products.

Teachable AI vs Copy.AI

As a creator, you know how challenging it can be to create website and digital product copy.

Copy.AI has features that are similar to Teachable, whereby you can simply input any information you want to create copy for, and the AI will provide you with tons of ideas and full-blown, on-brand copy for your website, blog, and digital products.

Like Teachable machine models, you can start using Copy.AI for free to see whether or not the AI software is right for you.

Teachable AI vs CourseAI

CourseAI is an online tool that streamlines the process of creating online courses. Like Teachable AI, it allows you to input prompts and get in-depth outlines, curriculums, lesson content, and summaries for your online courses.

You can either let the AI generate trending topics for you, or you can enter a topic you already have in mind. Either way, the AI software will create a course outline, including the overview, structure, and learning objectives.

The software can also generate course titles, course descriptions, and even a course audience persona.

Once your course outline is created, the AI can go even further to create the course module content for you. Like its competitor, the software can create AI model quizzes to help you assess the learner’s understanding of the content covered in each module.


The future of business is here. While AI cannot be a replacement, it’s a powerful tool to complement your workflows.

The Teachable AI Hub is a game-changer designed to help increase your efficiency while allowing you to stay in control of your business and brand.

All the tools in the AI suite are integrated directly into your Teachable website for a seamless experience and will help you knock out many of the tedious tasks in your business so you can focus on more important things.

And, with Teachable developers rapidly improving the AI features on the platform, you can be sure that there’ll be plenty more ways to leverage this powerful tool to streamline your processes as a content creator.

For example, the Teachable development team is currently working on an additional feature, AI Course Starter, which will allow you to take the next step after creating your curriculum. The tool will kickstart your creative process by providing you with key concepts and text for each lesson in your AI-generated course.

If you’re ready to work smarter and save time creating course content, sign up for a free trial to start using Teachable’s AI tools right away.

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What is Teachable AI?

Teachable AI is a suite of tools designed to help you tackle some of the most tedious tasks, such as creating course outlines, lesson summaries, etc. so you can free up valuable time to do more of what you love.

Is Teachable AI worth it?

One of the things that sets Teachable AI apart from the rest is that it’s designed to help you create content more effectively so you can save time and enrich your learners’ experience while staying true to your brand.

How does the Teachable AI quiz generator work?

The platform’s quiz generator incorporates AI into Teachable websites, allowing you to manage everything from your admin page. Simply select the text-based lesson you want to create a quiz for, click “Generate quiz”, and the AI will create a quiz for you based on the content in that lesson. Once you click save, the quiz is automatically added to the lesson page.

Can I stay true to my brand while using AI?

Teachable’s AI tools make it possible for you to embrace AI in your content creation and online marketing efforts while maintaining your voice and authenticity. The tool is merely an aid to help you come up with relevant content for your educational products, but you have the ability to edit everything to include your own personality and tone.

Is Teachable AI free to use?

Signing up for a free plan on Teachable gives you access to all the AI features, as well as additional tools to help you sell your knowledge online. You can build courses, and sell coaching services, and digital downloads, as well. The free plan also gives you access to payment processing, online course design templates, and student engagement tools.

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