Selling with Webinars – and Selling Webinars

Want to learultimate-webinarn more about how Webinars can help you generate more sales for your education business?

Looking for an example of hugely successful – and profitable – Webinar-based event?

If you have read, or are at least moderately familiar with Leading the Learning Revolution, you know that it talks quite a bit not only about selling Webinars as educational products but also about selling with Webinars – that is, using Webinars as a way to generate leads and convert them into customers.

You may also know that Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner was one of the many great people interviewed when writing Leading the Learning Revolution (Here’s Mike talking about virtual conferences.)

Well, in a recent edition of the fabulous Social Media Marketing Podcast, Mike Stelzner talks about Webinars with  Lewis Howes, author of The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide and host of the School of Greatness Podcast. I won’t provide a ton of detail here because you can simply go get the podcast and the extensive show notes at:

I will, however, add a bit of value.

Namely, while selling with Webinars is a powerful way to generate leads and get new customers, my strong recommendation when actually selling Webinars as a product is …

Don’t Call Them Webinars!

I’ve written about this in more detail over on the Tagoras site, but there are basically two reasons for avoiding “Webinar” in your product names:

1. Webinars at this point are either a marketing tool – as the Social Media Marketing podcast validates – or a commodity (sometimes both)
2. Language matters

Call it an online short course. Or a virtual workshop. Or, best of all, don’t talk about the format at all other than to say that it is online.

In fact, take a cue from Michael Stelzner himself. As he notes during the podcast, Webinars have always been a major product for Social Media Examiner, but they don’t call them Webinars, they call them things like the “Social Media Success Summit” – which is basically a bunch of Webinars organized and scheduled around a common theme.


So, whatever you do, stay away from “Webinar” in your actual product names  unless you want it to be perceived as something for which people expect to pay little, if anything.


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