Thinkific Updates Worth Noticing (Even If You Don’t Use Thinkific)

By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on September 23, 2022
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I don’t often write posts that highlight a specific platform vendor, but I think it is worth noting a couple of updates that Thinkific has made to its platform recently.

One addresses an issue I get asked about all the time by readers. Another supports what I think is probably the biggest revenue opportunity for many course sellers.

Both of these Thinkific updates speak to where I think platforms – and businesses – are headed in the edupreneur market.

Thinkific Groups

First, Thinkific introduced a “Groups” feature. This is designed to make it easier to sell online courses to organizations as packages (including reporting) and to sell to cohorts within your own audience based on criteria like date.

Selling to organizations had been one of the biggest wins for my clients in recent years. There’s a lot to be said for selling a whole bunch of seats at once (i.e., for all or a major chunk of a company’s employees), rather than one by one. And, I think that being able to run focused cohorts of learners is a great way to add value – and, of course, raise prices.

Promo image for Thinkific Groups

Thinkific Site Builder

Second, Thinkific introduced a new Site Builder feature. Basically, this amount to much stronger tools for using Thinkific to create your main website.

A lot of people write to me looking for this kind of solution. I used to recommend Rainmaker, but that’s now only accessible with a service contract that is beyond what most course sellers need. Kajabi is what I now recommend, but it’s course capabilities really aren’t anywhere near as strong as Thinkific’s. Finally, WordPress is a great option, but you have to know what you or doing (or have a staffer or contractor who does.)

So, the new Thinkific Site Builder functionality looks like a very solid option for those who want an “all-in-one” solution for their course business. You won’t get the full flexibility that you get with a WordPress site, but you do get what you need to put together an attractive web presence to support your course business. (One key drawback: there does not appear to be a blogging capability.)

I mentioned that even those who do not use Thinkific should be aware of these changes. Partly that’s because you may want to consider switching at some point in the future. In general, though, I think it is important to be aware of where the online course business is headed. I think all-in-one capabilities (web site/marketing/course platform) and organizational selling are going to be a bigger and bigger deal in this segment of the market. Thinkific is investing in the right ways – definitely a sign you want to see in a platform provider.

Thinkific pricing recently changed as well so make sure to check out their new plans.

So, you may want to check out these new capabilities and Thinkific in general. And, if you are already using them or start using them, please comment to share your experience.


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  1. Hi Jeff. I am looking for a streamlined solution for hosting an online course with some specific parameters. Ideally, I would like to be able to offer this course as an option to organizations, who could purchase a monthly subscription allowing them to enroll up to a certain number of unique users. Ideally, The organization would be given the ability to grant or revoke the individual accounts within their organization, as well as access reports demonstrating course completion and attendance without my needing to be directly involved. Are you aware of a program which is suited to this type of content management concept? Thank you so much for your insightful reviews as well as any further guidance you can offer.

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