The Market for Online Courses – 2019 and Beyond

Market for online courses - chart of 7 top trends

If you are in the business of selling online courses and/or other learning experiences – it pays to know what the market landscape looks like in the foreseeable future. Without that kind of foresight, it’s impossible to be strategic and plan effectively for the coming year.

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Truth Is, It’s Hard

My wife (also my business partner) and I recently ran a four-week online course on how to select a learning platform. This was designed mainly for trade and professional associations. We’ve run it before and were doing it this time mainly to pilot some new approaches in advance of making it into an on-demand course. It went well, but …

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Can you still make big money with online courses?

Photo of computer mouse on top of paper U.S. money

It’s a question I find myself pondering more and more lately.

We may have differing perspectives about what counts as “big money,” but for me, a course has to be capable of generating six figures annually before I will count it as big money. Even if your number is somewhat lower (and especially if it is higher), it’s worth considering that …

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5 Steps To Succeed As An Online Course Entrepreneur

If you have expertise in any topic or skill, one of the most exciting opportunities open to you these days is the opportunity to launch and grow an online course business.

The global market for e-learning is projected to grow to more than US $240 billion by 2023, and solo entrepreneurs and small training businesses are claiming a significant chunk of that market.  If you have ever been tempted to try your luck as a course entrepreneur, now is definitely the time.

In this post, I take a look at the process for creating a successful course business and provide tips to help you position yourself for success. [Read more…]

Are you capitalizing on this powerful channel?

40 percent of Americans over the age of 12 have done it.

67 million – just under a quarter of the U.S. 12+ population – did it last month.

Another 42 million did it last week – roughly five times the number who went movies.

“It” is listened to a podcast.

Benefits of podcasting - man listening to podcast on mobile phone

The numbers are huge, and they continue to grow at a very healthy clip according to the latest Infinite Dial report from Edison Research (free download).

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