The Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox – Create Online Education Products Today!

Essential Tools for Creating and Selling Online Education Products

Do you want to create and sell online courses or other online education products? Captivate and convert your audience with compelling educational content marketing? Then you won’t want to miss out on The Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox.

The toolbox is a free eBook I put together to accompany the full-fledged book Leading the Learning Revolution. It’s packed with a run down of all the tools you need to establish a home base and create a wide variety of educational content for your training and education business,content marketing efforts, or both. Here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • So, Let’s Get Started
  • Create and Manage a Home Base
  • Produce and Deliver Video
  • Record a Screencast
  • Produce and Deliver Audio
  • Create Images with Impact
  • Host a Webinar or Webcast
  • Sweat the Details on Documents
  • Tools for the Advanced Revolutionary
    • Rapid Course Creation Tools
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Some Hosted LMS Options
  • Sourcing and Outsourcing
  • Quick Wrap-Up and Feedback

To get it, just visit the Tools page for the download link. No e-mail or other info is required.

Writing for Content Marketing: 5 Tips for Cultivating the Habit

Writing in Notebook

Do you want to build an audience, have influence, sell, establish yourself as an authority, or grow your own business? (Or all of the above?) If you do, there is one skill that is arguably more important than any other you can possess.

You guessed it: the ability to write.

Even with the huge range of choices we now have for creating and consuming content, the written word is still at the core of the vast majority of our communication. We post it, Tweet it, use it to script out speeches, marketing campaigns, videos, games, and any number of personal profiles we share across the Web.  Search engines use it to find us – or not. We comment, and are commented upon.

Given how powerful writing is, it pays to cultivate it as a habit and make writing for content marketing one of your most powerful tactics. Pondering that thought, it occurred to me as I was practicing my own writing habit this morning that I should revisit and share some of what I have written on the topic before. So, what follows is an excerpt (slightly adapted) from Leading the Learning Revolution: The Expert’s Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market. It’s from a section called “Writing It Together” in Chapter 7 of the book, “Cultivating the Content-Context Habit.”

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Build Your Digital Empire with Chad Barr

Chad BarrDo you want to build a Web presence that will really convey the value you have to offer? That will build your brand and keep customers coming back over time?

Are you struggling with how to tame the “content beast” while still creating Web content that will have an impact?

We cover those questions and more in this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast with Chad Barr. Chad is an internet and business strategist and co-author, along with Alan Weiss, of Million Dollar Web Presence. He also specializes in helping experts and organizations create what he describes as a “digital empire.” You will get some great insights and tips in this show for how he does that and how, in general, you can build a much more consistent and high value presence across the Web.

Drawing on listener feedback, I also comment briefly in this show on why Learning Revolution does not tend to feature the “usual suspects” when it comes to talking about education and the education business.

So, click “Play” below, grab the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Radio, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Whatever you do, don’t miss this interview with Chad Barr!

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00:50 – Comments on feedback from Michael in Australia – it’s not just about the “usual suspects” here on Learning Revolution. I’d love to hear from you too. Just use the contact form to send me an e-mail, or use the voice mail option over to the right.

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How to Architect a Million-Dollar Community with Alan Weiss

Interested in building a global base of loyal fans who tell you the educational offerings they want and help you design them? Then you definitely want to listen in to this interview with Alan Weiss, the Million Dollar Consultant®.

I’ve counted myself among Alan’s fan base for many years now and was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with him as I was writing Leading the Learning Revolution. In this podcast, Alan discusses his approach to building successful professional communities, the keys to developing high-value, high-price point offerings, and how on earth he manages to produce as much as he does.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just for consultants: the advice and perspectives Alan offers in this episode apply to any entrepreneurial individual or organization that wants to take their education business to a whole new level this year. Enjoy it, and please also spread the word with a Tweet or by using the social links at the end of this post.

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02:05 – Introduction of Alan Weiss, the Million Dollar Consultant®.

02:30 – Discussion of the moniker “Architect of Professional Communities®” and what it means to Alan.  Alan believes communities are the future of professional groups and that traditional trade and professional associations are going to disappear.

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Boost Your Brand and Rocket Your Reputation with Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark - Branding Expert - PhotoWondering how to really stand out and create long-term customer loyalty in the competitive market for lifelong learning, continuing education, and training? Building brand and developing a rock-solid, trustworthy reputation have never been more important, and few people know more about how to do these things than my guest on this episode of the Learning Revolution Podcast: Dorie Clark.

Dorie is a branding and marketing expert who shares her insights regularly in well-traveled channels like the Harvard Business Review blog network and Forbes. Her new book, Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future – the focus of this podcast – was published by Harvard Business Press Books. Her most recent book – definitely relevant for anyone visiting this is site –  is Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It.

I knew Dorie was just the person to talk to when it came to exploring how education businesses – from training firms, to associations, to individual subject matter experts – can better manage their presence and impact in the market place. Listen in for some great insights and practical tips on how you can boost your brand and rocket your reputation.

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Show Notes

00:42 – Get the podcast on the free Instacast or Stitcher Radio apps to download or stream it to you mobile phone or tablet without having to connect to your computer to sync.

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