Build Your Digital Empire with Chad Barr

Chad BarrDo you want to build a Web presence that will really convey the value you have to offer? That will build your brand and keep customers coming back over time?

Are you struggling with how to tame the “content beast” while still creating Web content that will have an impact?

We cover those questions and more in this episode of the Learning Revolution podcast with Chad Barr. Chad is an internet and business strategist and co-author, along with Alan Weiss, of Million Dollar Web Presence. He also specializes in helping experts and organizations create what he describes as a “digital empire.” You will get some great insights and tips in this show for how he does that and how, in general, you can build a much more consistent and high value presence across the Web.

Drawing on listener feedback, I also comment briefly in this show on why Learning Revolution does not tend to feature the “usual suspects” when it comes to talking about education and the education business.

So, click “Play” below, grab the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Radio, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Whatever you do, don’t miss this interview with Chad Barr!

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00:50 – Comments on feedback from Michael in Australia – it’s not just about the “usual suspects” here on Learning Revolution. I’d love to hear from you too. Just use the contact form to send me an e-mail, or use the voice mail option over to the right.

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