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By Jeff Cobb.  Last Updated on December 14, 2023

Want to build a successful, high-impact expertise-based business – including creating and selling online courses? 

Do you want to create a loyal community of learners who are eager for ongoing access to the expertise you or your organization offer?

This is the book that shows you how.

Leading the Learning Revolution: The Expert’s Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market is the go-to resource for experts –  speakers, consultants, trainers, authors – and entrepreneurial organizations that see how the global need and demand for lifelong learning is shifting.

This book gives a fantastic overview of the learning landscape as technology is shaping it.  For those of us who are using the “old school” model of traveling to live speaking engagements, this is the perfect tool to help us update and broaden our offerings. Jeff works closely with many organizations and has a great understanding of the speaking and training business.  His book is a Godsend for those of us running as far as we can and struggling not to fall behind.  Thank you Jeff!!

Denise Ryan
President, FireStar Speaking

What’s So Revolutionary?

I think there is a learning “revolution” going on because:

  • We live in a world that is more connected and changes dramatically faster than has ever been the case before
  • As a result, the need and demand for lifelong learning has never been higher, and
  • Technology now makes it possible for pretty much anyone with expertise or access to expertise to connect with an  audience and – just as important – that audience is now ready and willing.

If you are in, or want to be in, the training, education, or lifelong learning business, the opportunity is huge.

In fact, I’d argue that the opportunity for any business to leverage educational content as a marketing approach or a new revenue stream is huge. Leading the Learning Revolution is your guide to capitalizing on this tremendous opportunity. You can get it from any of the “usual suspect” booksellers – like, of course, Amazon – check out the reviews.

Leading the Learning Revolution shows how to provide real learning—and hence real value—to your intended audience. The book not only gives readers a good grounding in the fundamentals, but also practical steps to help build and maintain a solid slate of opportunities for adult learners. It is a thoughtful, well-researched and pragmatic—a must read for those looking to create successful learning programs.

Tobin Conley
Past Chair
American Society of Association Executives
Professional Development Section

More About Leading the Learning Revolution

Here’s what the book jacket says:

With more than half of working adults taking webinars, webcasts, in-house training, continuing education classes, and more, the lifelong education market has exploded—and competition among learning providers is fierce. Small entrepreneurial companies and solo experts are grabbing huge chunks of this multibillion-dollar business away from traditional players such as trade associations, training firms, and departments of continuing education.Leading the Learning Revolution shows you how to get in the game by building a successful life­long education business—or how to stay in the game crowded with agile newcomers.

Written by a respected consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author on the topic of lifelong learning, the book explains essential principles and approaches as well as practical strategies needed to bring them to life, including:

  • The critical role that lifelong learning plays in a flat, global economy
  • New business models for the evolving learning landscape, including the P2 Community Model and the Virtual Conference Model
  • The “value continuum” concept of providing a range of options, at varying price points and value levels
  • Seven rules for creating high-quality experiences and rising far above the “junk” learning that floods the market
  • Hands-on tools for managing a “home base” learning site, creating digital video and audio, leveraging webinars, and using learning management systems
  • Research and writing techniques that help you create an ongoing body of compell­ing, original content
  • How free content, email, search terms, social media, and effective landing pages can convert prospects into customers
  • Why a “beta mentality” works well for educational entrepreneurs, whereas a technology-over-value approach can spell trouble

The web is littered with content from innumerable competitors, but few have the solid foundation required for building a sustainable business. Leading the Learning Revolution helps you weave together nimble technology, educational best practices, subject matter expertise, and a consistent focus on value to create unique, irreplaceable learning experiences that build strong con­­­­­­­nections with users—for a lifetime. Here’s the publisher’s press release for Leading the Learning Revolution.

The Fifth Discipline (Peter Senge) and the Living Company (Arie de Guess) were two landmark books that significantly influenced how people and organizations learn.  Leading the Learning Revolution (Jeff Cobb) stands along side these books as the most insightful and pragmatic look at how to address the growing complexities of learning.  Well done Jeff!

Dan Norenberg
Managing Director & Senior Partner
N Vision Learning Solutions GmbH
Munich, Germany

We now live in a learning economy.  This may well be the best book written on the tremendous business opportunity that represents.  As a futurist I always look for leading edge thinkers.  Jeff Cobb is certainly in that category.

David Houle
Futurist & Author of Entering the Shift Age

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